Sunday, 4 July 2010

Haul & Swatches: Too Faced Glamour Gloss & 17 Mirror Shine On

Finally I have my Boots haul pictures for you. Yay! Lot's of GWP's and fabulous products, so I'll crack on.
First up; my Too Faced Glamour Gloss in First Time a caramel nude and Pillow Talk, which TF describe as mauve shimmer. Personally I don't think there's enough purple in it to be called mauve, it's more a dirty pink and yes it does contain some fine shimmer. I'm completely obsessed with this gloss, it has a gorgeous cooling, minty action-rather than burning like most plumpers. If you liked Pout Plump, you'll love this-although TF is even better because it doesn't have any taste and is totally non sticky. It's ultra shiny finish gives the illusion of bigger lips and I haven't stopped wearing Pillow Talk since I got it! The packaging is very 'Princess' with a jewel on the end and the applicator is a small brush.
I was a little surprised by the size of the gwp makeup bag-it's tiny! Big enough for some pencils and gloss or lipstick though-just not for powder. The teeny tube of Shadow Insurance is probably one of the cutest things I've seen! Check out my original post for details of how to get this gwp, the other gifts mentioned here and prices.
^to give an idea of the bag size (not much bigger than the Glamour Gloss)The Soap & Glory gift was much more substantial, nay fabulous! You got this free for spending only £7! It is fully lined, with an inside pocket, zip closure with large tassel and detachable strap/handle-love it! I bought more Hand Food and Heel Genius, two of my faves.
^plenty of room to store your S&G goodies
I bought this 17 Nautical But Nice gwp for only £1.50 because I missed out on the gift (read 'actually managed to resist wasting £6 on products that I didn't need for once') last time. The GWP offer this time round is the cute packaged Wish You Were Here set (which I now have 2 of). Remember I had to order Beehive Mirror Shine On Lipstick because they didn't have it instore? Plus I got Cookie and I've also taken pictures and swatches (on lips too) of the other two I previously purchased (Belle and Nudist Peach). Like I thought and said before, don't be scared of the dark colours in the tube. Look at Cookie, it looks like dark chocolate yet on the lips it's a very pretty, sheer shade with only a hint of brown. I can see why these have become so popular though, because they feel lovely and are so glossy. So long as you realise that they are very sheer and you don't buy them expecting them too look like they do in the tube.

As always, click pics to enlarge and don't steal 'em. Enjoy!

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