Friday, 27 March 2009

Harajuku Lovers Doll Globe Pictures

Eeek, so excited today when a massive box arrived for me. When I opened it, I found a large Harajuku Lovers Doll Globe. I had been thinking it was never going to come as it was supposed to have been sent on the 1st March and the email had said it may take up to 2 weeks to arrive (long overdue). For some reason when I saw the box, I forgot it could be the globe. Anyway, it is spectacular. It rotates and is much bigger than I anticipated. I quickly collected all my dolly fragrances and took pictures for you to see them in their new home! Can you tell, I'm uber excited by this? All images should enlarge (excuse my reflection in most of the pics)!
the globe
the globe in motion
L'il Angel
close-ups of front and back:
L'il Angel
I also took an image of the fabulous charm bracelet, just because it is so cute.
Click the following links if you missed how you can get the HL Doll Globe or other free gifts including the bracelet. I'm starving now, so off to get some lunch, enjoy!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Which Shoes?

It was pleasant to wake up this morning without rushing to take painkillers. I'm still not back to eating properly, but it's wonderful to not be suffering toothache. Anyway, I decided to try and photograph my wedding outfit for you. It was actually really difficult as it's black and doesn't come across well in photos, so I had to lighten it a lot for you to see the layers. If I remember correctly it comes to just below my knee at the lowest point and just above my knee at the shorter length. It's stretchy underneath with the chiffon layers over the top, so incredibly comfortable. The cape looks removable or like I've added that part myself, but it is all one. The little diamante clasp detail is a lovely finishing touch. It isn't really appealing in these pictures though is it? It is lovely on though and really flattering and concealing of my large bust!I've been searching through my shoes to try and narrow down a selection and to ask your opinions. Obviously because the dress is black, practically every shoe goes with that, so it's been a struggle. As for the rest of the accessories, I may wear tights (depending on which shoes I pick), I'll probably wear my black net veil fascinator and my black hard clutch from Accessorize. My Mum was telling me about large corsages at her work, that are cream (or maybe lemon), orangey-red or bright pink, so I could always get one of them (again depending on which shoes I go for) and either wear it on me or in my hair instead of the fascinator. I'm a little wary of looking too colour co-ordinated and being all black/pink, so maybe it would be nice to incorporate another colour?

So here are the shoe pictures, I've edited them so they enlarge when clicked. I'm already disregarding some from seeing the pics and looking at the dress again, so we'll see what you think too. The wedding and meal/party are all being held in the same place (actually a converted barn!), so I'm a little disappointed that I don't get to prance around the town/church showing off my outfit (lol). It's maybe just me, but it also doesn't seem such a dressy occasion when the ceremony is held in the same place as the party...I know it's still a 'real' wedding but it feels more like a family gathering to me! Anyhow, I've taken views from the front and back and side so you get an idea of heel height etc.
Office purple suede, peep-toe with flower detail. I really like these, but I have worn them lots and can wear them with everyday outfits, so they don't feel super-dressed up to me. They have a nice heel height though and are very comfortable. They are slightly darker in real life than the pic. Irregular Choice Kitty Princess, fabulous, really 'wow' shoes, but they do have a very clumpy heel so perhaps too heavy for this dress. I love that they are unique and the range of colours in the suede mean I don't look too 'matchy'. The jewel button closure is so cute and I've only worn these once (and they were expensive), so I'd like to get some more wear out of them. (The suede platform looks dirty in the image, but it must be the light/shadow). Irregular Choice Whitney, similar shape to above, in a burgundy shade with stitched detail at the heel and flat bow front. I should have said that the front shape of these two are very flattering though and don't look clumpy even although the heels are. Pale pink leather piped edges. These are gorgeous...Barratts shoes (don't they look expensive?), the heels are like knitting needles, super high and thin! They are red (which I wouldn't usually wear with pink hair), however it's a more subdued, deep shade, so I might be able to get away with it. Satin fabric with plush velvet bow at the front.

I'm already disregarding this first pair. They are Miss Sixty, not overly comfortable and to be honest I think I've only worn them once (never seem to find the right outfit for them). They have gold details throughout though which would clash with the silver diamante clasp on my dress (I'm fussy about my silver and golds!), lovely sandals though...the little twisty bits at the end of the ties are really weighty!This next pair are probably not likely to make the shortlist either. I doubt I could wear them all day as they are quite a tight fit, plus they are the type of shoe you could wear anyday, so not overly special. I've worn these ASOS Pucci-style print sandals a few times. They aren't too exciting from the front, but the back feature this beautiful oversized bow and zip up. They are blue though and although they wouldn't clash, I'm not too keen on mixing with the black. I think they would really 'lift' the dress though. You know how much I want to wear these Topshop Boutique Pout pom-pom shoes! I lusted after them for months, then bought them and have never found an outfit for them to go with. Could this be it? I love the so-now platform and skinny heel, I like the pom-pom and plush velvet, however I don't know if they are 'wow'. I'm not sure people would notice them, perhaps it's the deep shade, but it's not until you look close-up that you can see their beauty.

More pinks, this time a leopard print version of the other IC pair. So again probably not the most exciting pair for the shortlist and with gold detailing too, cute though. These are Faith, bright pink satin (didn't photograph very well), double ankle-strap with huge YSL Tribute-esque platform. Mega high but actually really comfortable, I wore them for my Dads birthday tea earlier this year (the wedding is my Mums side of the family, so nobody will have seen these), could be a real contender if I want to go down the black and pink route. These really haven't photographed well. The bow isn't tacky looking like it is there (it looks like it's made from shell-suit material doesn't it? lol), if you want a better image, they are from Shoemissy. Simple black peep-toe, the bow is very wow though. I wore these to my friends wedding last year. Topshop suede deep pink peep-toes with black and pink satin ribbons which cross over your foot and then tie around your ankle (several times) and then I usually wear the bow to the front, hanging down (couldn't photograph that without wearing them). These are probably the lowest heel here, comfy but they don't feel very 'dressy'.

My Terry De Havilland metallic green and black lace booties. Stunning shoes and when I wore them to my nephews christening, the staff at the hotel afterwards were hauled out of the kitchen by the waitress who just had to show them my boots (so my Mum tells me, I was oblivious to the whole thing). They look different on than in the picture, the front lace-up bit exposes more of your leg/foot (the two sides don't meet). They are boots though, so not as dressy and the length of the dress may look awkward with them...I would definitely have to try these on. They are show-stoppers though and I want to wear them again!I love the heel on these Irregular Choice Dance the Night Away shoes. I have another couple of similar styles, but the colours wouldn't match my dress. These are cream with brightish, cherry red detailing. As I've said, I'm not keen on red with my hair, but would maybe get away with them as the majority is cream. Really cute front with rosette detail. My Lady Dragon VW Anglomania/Melissa peep-toes. These could be good if this corsage my Mum told me about is lemon. I don't think these would work with tights though and do you think they are dressy enough, when they are jelly shoes? I like that the heart is black to match my dress, I just don't know if they are too summer-shoe looking. Smell of wonderful bubblegum though (sniff, sniff) and are comfortable...not too high a heel. Last lot...Head Over Heels, a very pale pinky-nude satin with kitsch black swallow print. I love that these are elegant and the bow/peep-toe front is pretty, but do they look special? I could probably wear these everyday. These Lotus Hallmark sandals are so sexy. The patent heel is chunky enough without looking casual and they look mega high when you wear them. The slingback sits so comfortably around your heel and your foot just slips into the curved shape. The little bow on the back is cute too, but there's quite a lot of brown in the print and I've worn them lots, so I don't know if they feel dress to me. These Shellys lace shoes are beautiful. I lusted after them for so long and was ecstatic when I finally bought them. They've been well worn, although I haven't had them on for ages. The slingback features a pretty bow and they have a little frill all around them, a cute rounded toe and silver sole!These are pretty and I don't get to wear them enough, but I think they are too heavy and not dressy enough for this dress. Patent leopard print with criss-cross straps, small platform and skinny heel.

So that's your lot! I hope you enjoyed this little look into some of my shoe collection and please feel free to leave comments on your favourites or email me at I know it can be difficult to decide without seeing them on me and with the dress, but perhaps when I narrow it down I can take more pics.


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