Saturday, 17 July 2010

Irregular Choice Autumn/Winter 2010

Possibly the store that I get most excited about seeing Autumn/Winter previews from is of course, Irregular Choice. The collection has a definite autumnal feel with lots of dark colours, black, brown, moss green and plum. It's Irregular Choice though, so dark definitely doesn't mean boring. The perspex carved, chunky heel is here to stay (yay) on Tickling Loris (love the patent mint shade) and Golden Girl with dice trim. The diamond shaped heel is back (yipee) on Swordmaker and the glittery Stitched Up (my favourite if it weren't for the dangling pieces of fabric that look out of place). My current animal obsession can now stretch to footwear with little deer danglers on La-Va Lee (how cool is that name?), fluffy cat brooches on I'm In Vegas, knitted teddy print on Petunia Pie and large soft bears are the main focus of Little Fish and Little Bears Picnic.
There's also a lot of fur-a massive trend from the A/W shows, which I'm hoping in this case is all fake-although some look freakishly authentic. I'm not keen on the furry all-over Pink Goff boot but the lovely green Apple Turnover fur trimmed ankle boot really caught my eye. If that's a little too extreme for you then perhaps a couple of pom poms are more your thing. Carol Rocks and Low Level Danger are brogues with pom pom laces while Proper English Gent are detachable and can hang from the top of the heel. And what a heel it is! The new carved, wooden, spiral features on several other styles including the leopard Bangers And Mash and twisted leather She Sells Sea Shells while many other styles include a mid-height, smooth curved wooden heel.
I'll definitely be hoping to buy Stitched Up and consequently remove the hanging fabric swatches from it's ankle strap and the turquoise Tickling Loris with knitted sweetie charm and possibly the striped wedge La-Va-Lee, Little Fish ankle boots (metallic green perhaps?), I'm In Vegas and the green Apple Turnover ankle boots. Anything catching your eye?


  1. I'm very much taken with La-Va-Lee. But let's be honest, I wouldn't say no to any of them!

  2. OH-MY-GOD!

    It is absolutely impossible for me to live without the Daisy Girls! What a beautiful colour! How funny they have the word Daisy in their name as I love everything to do with's totally fate, no use trying to deny fate haha

    I also quite like Tickling Loris, but they're a bit summery I think!

    I'm not to keen on the rest to be honest...I'm not into the (faux)fur trend at all, I'm actually quite worried my big shopping spree's will be over because the stuff I'm really into won't be mainstream fashion anymore so there will be a lot less good stuff to be found for me.

    But I'm deff getting the Daisy Girls...I love em! Any idea when the collection will hit the stores/online?

  3. Daisy Girls are also available in black with striped cuff, although I much prefer the floral.

    Yeah Tickling Loris really stood out to me, being such a light colour, but I really like them. They are also available in red or black.

    I notice the IC sale is on now, so I assume sometime in august the new stuff should start coming out.


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