Sunday, 18 July 2010

Topshop Jewellery & Accessories

Various bits and bobs from Topshop that I've collected over the past couple of weeks. The sale fascinators that I forgot to photograph last time. I was so lucky to purchase the first two, because all of the Arcadia sites were playing up this day-due to their new layouts I reckon. Sometimes it would work, then it would say 'page cannot be displayed' and all that rubbish. There was only one of each and I was sure someone else would get them, but I prevailed (for hours) and they're mine! Haha! Just a shame they aren't dressy enough for my friends wedding this month-they just wouldn't really look right with my outfit either.

Pale pink heart box hat on hairband with net veil £10 (was £28)
Striped, satin bow fascinator £4 (was £22)
Emma Fielden large (you're not kidding) diamante bow headband £5 (was £28), look at the size comparison with the stripy one!
My typewriter necklace (non sale £10) that I had to repurchase due to the damaged one I received online-still not pleased with the service or lack of!
and the huge corsage, chain and pearl necklace that I've been eyeing since it was full price months ago. It was £16.50, reduced to £8, but I still waited in the hope they would further reduce it. My sister got the last one in Edinburgh for me at £4! My typewriter looks tiny next to it!
Finally my 'pretty bird on branch' ring-you knew I couldn't resist it! Non sale £10.

Click images to enlarge and do not steal them-thank you!


  1. I adore absolutely everything, you have impeccable taste x


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