Friday, 27 October 2017

Irregular Choice Disney Muppets: Fierce Piggy

dressing room table with mirror and lights and Irregular Choice Disney Muppets leopard print boots
I was elated when I heard the 7th collaboration between Disney and Irregular Choice was going to be The Muppets. I'm by no means the biggest Muppets fan, but the characters are such characters, with strong identities and lots of bright colours and wild textures, which I just knew IC would do justice. There's been pieces I've loved from every Disney release thus far, but this collection definitely appeals most to my tastes and I knew it would be a little a more 'out there' than previous offerings. Truthfully, Irregular Choice have gone beyond what I hoped for in their interpretations. There's lots of colour, furry fabrics, embellishments, glitter and sequins, lights and something I've spent years wishing for; an outfit changing character heel! They've managed to merge some classic styles (or some we've been recently introduced to) with instantly recognisable Muppets characters to produce this exciting and fresh blend which will hopefully appeal to Muppets fans as well as Irregular Choice followers. I think the pairing between the two brands is absolutely perfect and I'm just so thankful such a bonkers collection of shoes and accessories exists. This is exactly why I fell in love with Irregular Choice all those years ago and why I continue to be such a loyal devotee. dressing room scene with Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots

Irregular Choice: Disney Muppets Shoe Box

It's always fun to see the box and tissue paper designs for each Irregular Choice collection as well as the soles and linings. So I thought you'd be interested in a sneak peek at the Disney Muppets box, if you're waiting for yours to arrive.  It is as beautiful as ever. Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Shoe Box on dressing table with mirror and lights

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Irregular Choice: Disney Muppets Preview 3

I have the third and final teaser preview for you today of the Irregular Choice Disney Muppets collection, launching on Friday at 12pm! Muppets Kermit sequins purse and shoes being held in promotional image

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Irregular Choice Birdcage: Maya Boots

To say it's been an expensive start to AW17 at Irregular Choice would be an understatement. There's been tonnes of releases so far that are right up my street. Gorgeous mainline stuff, my beloved perspex heels restyled, brand new heel concepts and of course the Disney Muppets collection launching on Friday!! The angel winged Eros were a surprise hit for me, then I thought the macaron heeled boots were the best concept heel we'd see this season, then came the adorable cut-outs which sent me bankrupt (Kir Royal in mint are one of the most beautiful pairs of shoes I've ever worn) and then these.  A modification of the perspex, music box heel into a birdcage. Needless to say, I was sold! It was quite a big launch with 3 colours of the oriental inspired mary-jane, Ava's Aviary (red, blue and black). The Ornate Agador courts came in deep plum or mint/green and there was a matching birdcage bag for the plum pair. Finally, a boot called Maya in black and red or blue and pink. You had me at "boot". I was love hearts in the eyes, open mouth drooling, emoji face over these. They are beautiful! Irregular Choice boots with birdcage heel and birdcage in garden

Friday, 20 October 2017

Irregular Choice: Disney Muppets Preview 2

irregular choice miss piggy shoes held in hand and miss piggy disney bag
This week, I bring you more exciting reveals from the upcoming Irregular Choice and Disney Muppets collection. Last week we had the very loud Animal and this time, it's fashion diva, Miss Piggy.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Irregular Choice: Bee Delicious (Pink)

irregular choice bee delicious pink macaron heeled boot on gingham picnic blanket
It's been a while, but last time if you recall, I showed you the blue Bee Delicious from the Irregular Choice macaron heel launch. I mentioned there that I bought two colours to compare and decide which one to keep in person. I opted to keep the blue (see the beauties at home on their shelf here) and sent back this pair, the pink.  However, I took photos before doing so. I really wanted to, because they differed so much from the stock images online. Little did I know that they were sneaky, little boots that like to masquerade as pastel pink on camera and in print. Oh yes indeedy, but in reality, they have a warmer tone, are brighter, bolder with quite a neon flash. I had the same issues with the pink Trixy unicorns a while ago and so I've really had to play around editing these to a more realistic tone. From memory, they are still brighter than this (definitely more fluorescent toned), but the colour was starting to get a little too saturated, so this was as close as I could get. It's definitely something to be aware of if you aren't buying in person. No matter how many pastel pink 'real' photos you see online, that's not what you'll get in the flesh.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Irregular Choice: Disney Muppets Preview 1

Irregular Choice Muppets Animal heels and handbag being held with branded frame
After the announcement last week, I'm delighted to share with you a sneak peek of the newest Irregular Choice Disney collaboration, The Muppets! We've been told to expect "glamorous shoes and fabulous bags featuring the one and only Miss Piggy, the world’s most famous frog Kermit, The Great Gonzo, Animal and other much loved characters". I'm struggling to contain my excitement to be honest, it's such a terrific pairing between the two brands and we definitely should expect wonderful things. Starting with drumming extraordinaire, Animal.