Thursday, 31 December 2009

Update on my Sale Buys

Dayum! My Ashish Topshop wedges just arrived and there is no way I'm getting my foot in there. Why did nobody tell me they are small? The zip opening placement doesn't actually aid in getting the shoes on, it just opens without widening the space to get your foot in. I had the same issue with the Emma Cook ruffle shoes, perhaps Topshop designers shoes are smaller made? Or maybe I just don't have a scrawny enough foot! Anyway, I'm beyond disappointed...I could spew. The Chris Kane bag I also ordered is gorge though, yay!

My Limited Edition New Look pair came today as well and the middle strap is fully elasticated (sorry no pics, camera battery died today), which if it hadn't been, my foot wouldn't have ever gotten in. I think after a few hours though the blood circulation may stop in my foot, but they are gorgeous, really bright and fun.

River Island boots are still on their way, but I've a horrible feeling they aren't even going to look at me! *UPDATE: My thigh high RI boots arrived later this afternoon and are absolutely adorable. They have a full length centre-back zip, side split and very generous elasticated section, so I actually fit them! So happy!* Kurt Geiger delivered my gorgeous Airtight shoes yesterday, they actually look really expensive which I'm pleased about. They are not for the faint-hearted though. I'm a seasoned high heel walker, but these? My goodness they are huge. A 5 1/2" heel, big platform and hardly any sole to balance on. They are slippy as hell too, so I envisage a broken ankle or neck, whichever hits the ground first!

Finally, because I don't like to write posts without pictures, here are my Kill Doll ankle boots that I ordered from Office just before Christmas. Love the sole, the box, everything. They even come with a free little soft toy keyring which my sister stole out the box the minute I opened it. I'm sure that should cover interest from the money she keeps lending me! Have a good New Year everyone!

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Primark Fringed Boots

Mum has almost become as much of a recluse as myself during this bad weather, but she decided to take a trip to the sales this week with my Dad. She asked if I needed anything and I had just spotted the Primark fringed, knee-high, Louboutin-a-like boots in a magazine, so asked her to look out for them. Now I've spoken before about how awful the footwear department is in my nearest Primark. How long did it take me to get those Gucci style studded sandals? An eternity. These boots however have supposedly been instore for a good few months, so you would suspect (hope) they had maybe landed near me by now! I was in luck, they actually had them...note my surprise as I really expected they wouldn't!

The only prob was they didn't have my size, but Mum thought they had a stubby shaped toe and the size up would probably fit better in the leg as well. They just zip up and no more, the foot length doesn't seem too big either, so pretty perfect! My only issue is that horrible 'cheap shoe' smell they have, they really stink. So I'm spritzing a (no longer fragrant) handbag shaped clothes hanger thingy with YSL Elle perfume and dangling that inside!

I had also been checking out a similar style boot from Dune which is reduced to £105, I think the Louboutin version were around £900 and Primark? £24.47 to be exact, fabioso! I feel like a big, shaggy animal in them, they have so much fringing and movement! I saw on another blog that they are apparently available in a reddish pink shade, but I'm not sure if that would be overkill!

I apologize for the crappy photo, I've come to the conclusion that black suede is the hardest thing to photograph.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Who's That Girl?

My Mum was raving about a stunning coat that a woman was wearing whilst out shopping in Dundee recently. She didn't want to appear too 'stalkerish' and ask where she got it-but she thought I'd love it. Mum definitely got more than a good look though because she described in great detail the amazing-ness of the garment. 'You would love's so you, damn I should've asked her where she got it from...', however the minute she started describing it 'sparkly buttons...blah, blah', I knew the exact coat. It's by Desigual and available from Shrinking Violet (one of my fave quirky clothing stores).
The unique (and all different) buttons and blue-haired woman across the back are what really attracted my Mum to the coat (she knows me well), it's absolutely beautiful and apparently even more gorgeous in the flesh. This particular style is called Queenie and costs £175, unfortunately it's only available in sizes 10 and 12, so wouldn't fit me-which is a huge disappointment. I think I'll do a seperate post on the stunning dresses from Shrinking Violet too (I don't know why I haven't posted them before), I love clothes that feature kitsch prints.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Presents

As promised, here are some pics of my fave pressies.

These hand warmers contain gel and a little piece of metal (which you can see in the image from the back), you click the metal disc and magically the liquid turns hard and is mega-hot! Magical and all the more sweet, given that they are unicorn and fairy shaped!!
My red, mary-jane sticky tape dispenser, who said heels weren't practical?
The fabulous Barbie book, which contains special pull out booklets, letters, fan club card, sketches etc as well as amazing images of Barbie over the past 50 years. I've also ordered the lovely 'Generations of Dreams' Barbie doll wearing a dress covered in iconic doll images (shown below).
They sure don't make them like they used to! I love these dolls wearing 'real' fashions, before Barbie was completely plastic-fantastic with metallic pink, tacky outfits!A vintage looking brooch and velvet, leopard print bag.
Blythe purse
Magnetic dress-up doll with vintage clothes
She comes with background scenes to inspire your look!

Hope Santa was good to you!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

My Sale Spending Spree

Buying online during sale time is definitely the way to go. No braving the cold weather, queueing for hours and fighting with someone for the last pair of size 5's, just click and go! I've already spent a fortune pre-Christmas on sale goodies, but this little lot will be winging it's way to me shortly.
Carvela Airtight grey platforms £59 (£170), been eyeing these for ages but they were always out of stock, thankfully Kurt Geiger got more in for sale time!
New Look Limited Edition triple bow court shoes in Barbie pink £20 (£40). I just bought the ASOS black suede version of the fabulous Chloe style and couldn't resist this pretty pink pair.
I've spotted these boots in several magazines and completely drooled over them. Louis Vuitton eat your heart out! River Island haven't stocked them for very long but they're already in the sale for £50 (£119). Pray they fit my legs!
My sis also very kindly loaned me some money ('a lot' actually) for these Ashish leopard print wedges (not in the sale) which I've been stalking every day since they were re-released at Topshop. When I realised they only had 4 pairs left in my size, I quickly added them to my basket and now they are sold out, phew! I also picked up this Christopher Kane bag reduced to £20 with some Christmas money I had. My sensible head won when I wanted the matching boots for a fabulous £45, however I already own the mesh pair, so decided against them! I think I may be paying for the Ashish until Easter anyway!

Christmas Day FOTD

Hello, hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas. Santa spoiled me as usual-I must take photos to show you. My favourite presents other than the shoes I already knew about, were fairy and unicorn magical hand warmers from my little sis (so cute) and a sticky tape dispenser which is a bright red shoe (she always finds unusual gifts), a Barbie 50th Anniversary book from my older sister which I've almost read cover to cover already and a magnetic dress-up doll, from Santa, complete with fashions from the 20's, 30's and 40's (my favourite decades). I spent most of Christmas night playing with it and my Mum says I haven't changed since I was little when I played with my new Sindy dolls for hours!
I wore a blue silk dress with these fabulous Irregular Choice shoes. My bright pink cameo jewellery and oversized bow hairband from Miss Selfridge. I decided I wanted a dark lip and to keep the rest of my face simple. I didn't have much time to take photos before I left, so they are a little hurried. My hair was curly, although it looks fuzzy in the photos-it's just from resizing the images, it was smooth in real life!
Makeup: YSL Matt Touch fdnt (shade 1), No7 Quick Cover Concealer (02 Extra Fair), L'Oreal Infallible Powder fdnt (015 Porcelain) and MAC Beauty Powder Blush in True Romantic. Hard Candy Eye Candy e/s in Peppermint Patty, The Body Shop Eye Definer in Black and The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara in Black. 17 lip pencil in Morticia, NYX Round l/s in 503 Medusa blotted with NYX Goddess of The Night gloss in 106 Dream on top.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

I Want This...

I'm dreaming about this dress. Silk, floral print, full skirt and I just love that graduated hem. I'm thinking of toughening it up with black, shiny leggings or going granny-chic with black lacey, floral tights. £45 from ASOS, available in sizes 6-20.

Office Sale Bargains

I've put my back out today and I don't know how it happened. I'm waddling around like an old Granny and can only pick things up when bending my knees and lowering myself slowly and even then I'm wincing in pain! I'm doing everything at a snails pace. I feel it just needs to 'click' back into place, but that's not happening.

Anyway, as I was saying the sales have started early which has it advantages and disadvantages. I seem to get screwed every time I purchase shoes lately, they either don't fit, sell out or like I realised on Friday, get reduced! I desperately wanted the Irregular Choice Diamontina boots and after they disappeared from the IC site, I was told they would only be sold in their London shop (not much use to me in Scotland). ASOS had sold out of the size 5 and although Office sold them online, I really wanted a discount code to get the £125 price down to a more reasonable £100 say and Office hardly ever offer discounts. I thought I lucked out last weekend when ASOS got more stock (of all sizes) and had a 20% offer on. As you know Santa purchased the boots and I was one happy bunny. Until Friday, when I check the Office sale and they are half price at £62.50!!!! Ouch! Soooo, unfair. I wouldn't mind if it had been after Christmas, when I was expecting it, but I haven't even worn the boots (obviously). I could return the ASOS pair, but I'm not sure how that would work with the discount in regards to the rest of my order (you had to spend £200 to qualify for 20% off and the boots were a huge chunk of that). My Mum says not to return them because of my bad luck's just so damned annoying!
That said, the Office sale is fantabulous and I would highly recommend the Diamontina boots (available in black or red). I ordered these Kill Doll 'Face Up To It' ankle boots which I've had my eye on for months (£50, now £35), also available in a court shoe, although I much prefer the boot.
If it's knee high boots you're looking for I love, Chamois (black leather or suede), Come Hither and Celine Stud (brown or black), all down to £80.
While these 'Shimmy' court shoes from Irregular Choice feature the same diamond shaped heel as my boots and are £42.50 reduced from £85 (also available in black). Many Miss L Fire styles are reduced and I like this tan, strappy 'Da Vinci' pair for £60 (was £105), also in black.
If it's super high platforms you are after then these 'Party All Night' peep toes are £40 instead of £85 and I love the leopard print 'Sole Survivor' reduced from £90 to £40.
Finally, I've bought several pairs from the Designer Clearance section over this past year. I'm not sure if many people are familiar with it, but there are many designer brands for a fraction of the retail price, often just with one pair, so it pays to get in quick. If you are a size 3 there is one pair left of these pink, frilled courts from Emporio Armani for an unbelievable £70, what an amazing Christmas present they would be. Size 7's (2 pairs) and 8's (1 pair) should definitely pick up these Eley Kishimoto strapped brogues for £60. There are many more great bargains and they are often updated, so it's always worth checking out this section.