Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I Want This...

I want this, really I do. I love bird cages and it's so unusual to see the design transferred to a ring (£10). However Topshop are really annoying me just now. I mentioned before that I received a broken necklace from them and their customer service isn't as good as it could be. I had to go to the hassle of returning the necklace, waiting for a refund and if I wanted a replacement, I had to make a new order. Obviously I didn't want to pay another delivery charge, but they gave me the option of emailing them after I placed the new order so they could refund my postage! So I would have to wait again for the money back in my account and it was more hassle for me (when it was their problem)! As it turned out my sister managed to find the necklace and I didn't have to re-order, although it meant my initial order included £4 delivery for just one ring! Then they got the beautiful bird on a branch ring in and I felt compelled to buy that-another separate order.
Last week, I was super excited to see the jewelled parrot ring I'd wanted months ago, back in stock and in the sale, so I promptly ordered that and a few other cheap sale things to justify yet another £4 delivery charge. Did Topshop not eventually email me my dispatch note and sneakily haven't charged me for the ring, because it's out of stock? No apology, nothing, just a '0' in the quantity box (even although there were 4 in stock when I ordered). Had I realised I wouldn't be getting the ring, I wouldn't have ordered the other stuff, but too late now. Another £4 delivery wasted. So this long story is all saying, I'm not about to spend another £4 to get this ring, even if it does mean I'm going to miss out because it'll go out of stock. There's such a thing as cutting off your nose to spite your face, I know, but it's just been one hassle after another with them lately. The whole point of me ordering online is because I can't get to my nearest (crap) Topshop often anyway, so I rely on the online stock and service. I'm not impressed.


  1. I'm feeling your pain...the Topshop order that was dispatched on the 29th of June has still not arrived! I emailed them again yesterday because I obviously want a refund (as 2 of the 3 items have now sold out), but haven't heard from them. If they don't email soon they'll totally be getting 3 - 300 emails each day telling them to give me my money back.
    Seriously, I don't understand why they don't use recorded delivery. Although that bit me in the butt a while ago when ordering somewhere else, they used recorded delivery but I never received the order...according to them the order had been delivered, but it wasn't delivered to me! Probably somewhere else and the people weren't honest enough to give it back. Thankfully the company was kind enough to send it out again, but it wasn't fun.
    The Topshop order was for GBP59 so I'll REALLY be wanting that refund!!!

  2. Gah, they're really bugging me! That order should be with you by now-look how quickly my parcel arrived-regular airmail! £59 is a lot of money too.

    I barely got an apology for the disgraceful package I received, it was horrendous. If that were my company I would be appalled to know they were sending customers orders like that. I do really want the birdcage ring though-haha!


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