Monday, 5 July 2010

Review: Peacocks Pearl Lowe Part 3

My online Peacocks order of lovely Pearl Lowe dresses arrived on Saturday. Overall I don't think I'm as in love with them as my previous order, but they are still wonderful, unusual dresses that I'm glad to have in my wardrobe. Like the last range, the fit is very generous and those people between sizes, should probably go for the smaller size. I found the (last) gingham dress true to size for me (but I have a very large bust).
I wondered what was going on with the neckline of this bird print dress (below). I couldn't make it out in any of the images I saw, but it's actually got a little bow on each side and is just a deep v-neck with slight crossover. I hope you can make it out in the images here. Lovely print, nice lace detail around the neck and as with the previous collection, beautifully made with proper interfacings and hems. 100% cotton with a concealed side zip and I forgot to check the length, but I think it sits just on the knee, the skirt is a-line shaped.
This spotty dress was my favourite from the images I saw, but I'm not entirely convinced of it on me. It's 100% viscose and drapes beautifully, however I'm not used to wearing a light coloured, floaty fabric and I feel it's a little clingy around my tummy. It's by no means sheer, but because it's light, black leggings will shine through, so I'll have to experiment and see if this will work without looking silly. I think I'll feel a little self conscious in it (breath in), but it's such a cute dress that I'm willing it to work. The peter pan collar is cute and the coloured polka dot print is unusual in these colours-I think it sits just on or above the knee and features a concealed side zip.
I had the opposite opinion of this floral gingham dress. It wasn't one of my favourites from the images, yet I find this the most flattering. It's got a really twirly, circle skirt and I worried that my boobs wouldn't fit into the designated 'bust area' on the dress, but they actually do (just). I do look quite 'booby' in it, but with a cardigan I'm sure it will look fine. The fabric belt has eyelets and a real buckle which is good, because I can never keep the belt fastened on the blue polka dot dress from the last collection (it slips out every time I move or breath). 100% cotton with a centre back zip.
Another great collection-I'm already planning on buying another couple of dresses later.

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