Sunday, 31 October 2010

Eyeko Ambassador Haul

As I mentioned recently, I am now an Eyeko Ambassador, which is really exciting. I've been a fan of their products for years, since they first started in fact, so it seemed obvious that I sign up. Every time any of you spend £10 on the Eyeko site and enter my unique ambassador code (E11752), found to the right of the page, you'll get a free gift with your order. How cool is that?
Shipping on all orders is free within the UK and EU and on all orders over $55 (anywhere). Eyeko also run special offers on their website with free gift deals etc (please note these cannot be used with the ambassador code, so choose your gift carefully!). *Update: you can still enter my ambassador code with a gift code, although you will not receive my free gift in addition to the gift you've selected in the comments section-but please still input my code so that Eyeko know you've been recommended by me* During checkout you'll find a page that has boxes for comments, discounts or an ambassador code and that's where you enter it.
I received one of their new lipglosses (London Lips, limited edition, £6.50) as an introduction to my 'ambassador status', swatches below. I have to say I was a little disappointed that I didn't receive the t-shirt purely because I promised my sister she would get it. However not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am happy with my lipgloss. The shade is Mayfair and is one of the cream colours, so although it can be sheered out, it has more pigment than the sheer ones. It's a terracotta brown as you can see in the images. It comes in really funky packaging covered with London images and feels lovely and smooth (not sticky) and moisturising on the lips.
I also placed an order for some of their nail polishes (£3.50) which are ridiculously cute. I love how they theme the style and packaging around each colour. If you read the previous post, you will see I used Rain in my pastel manicure, it's a gorgeous dusky greyish, pale blue with shimmer in the bottle that isn't so noticeable on the nail. Tres unique. I also got the cool taupe Posh Polish and the sparkly Vampira which I'm dying to try.
My sister bought the Eyeko tote bag, because she loves the image of the cute Eyeko girl. The bag was much bigger than we imagined, enough to carry all your shopping! I'm already hooked and planning my next order...definitely going to get more polish and maybe try the eye pencils too. Let me know if you purchase anything or have any recommendations. I'll keep you updated with any future orders I place!!

Barry M Instant Nail Effects: Pastel Manicure

Thanks to everyone who has watched my Barry M Instant Nail Effects video. I was planning a proper 'speaking' video today but I've been suffering from a sore throat all week and completely lost my voice today : ( The phone rang earlier and obviously I couldn't answer it, so I was banging on the wall to get my sister downstairs to do it, heehee!
Anyway, there were a few things I wanted to add about that nail art if you were still contemplating buying it. First of all, for anyone who was wondering which red nail polish I was wearing in the video for my ladybird style nails (above), it was Bourjois 1 Seconde in 7 Rouge Cerise.
-Instant Nail Effects really works best on brighter or paler colours-you need contrast to the black. When I first got it home, I was already wearing Mushroom and just painted the Nail Effects quickly over the top, but the effect wasn't as good, because you couldn't really see it. I tried pastel nails this week and love the outcome. The nail art really brings the different colours together and a couple of people have already stopped me and asked what I'm wearing on my nails. For info on what I used, see the bottom of this post. I'm already planning using some brights next time (orange, turquoise, bold green, fuchsia etc). White would also look stunning I reckon, so I'm on the lookout for a white polish now.
-Instant Nail Effects is one of the fastest drying polishes I have ever used. Once it's turned matte and crackled, it's dry, which is really brilliant.
-Sometimes it can look very matte, so that can be quite annoying if it's not the look you're going for. As I mentioned in the video though, all you need is a layer of top coat over it. I didn't use it in the video, just because I was being quick for filming purposes. I also haven't used it this week on my pastel manicure, but I actually found it didn't look matte this time.
-You can use this over any nail polish. My Mum always wear a glittery topcoat and when I tried it on her (over that), it crackled to an almost giraffe print look, which looked really great.
All in all, I think it's a fabulous product for giving show-stopping nails with no effort. I'm hoping Barry M will start producing it in other colours, seeing as it's proved popular.
Pastel manicure shades, shown in order (from pinky to thumb); No7 Stay Perfect in Pearly Pink 30, Eyeko Rain Polish (my new favourite), Barry M Nail Paint in 304 Mint Green, 17 Lasting Fix in Sherbet Lemon and Topshop Nails in Parma Violet. My nails are super short just now because ever since I fell down the stairs months ago, I can't grow them to a decent length without them breaking which sucks : (

Saturday, 30 October 2010

More Cupcake Treats!

Mum took a little trip to Bibi's Bakery today to pick us up a little treat (fast becoming a weekly occurrence)! She was buying 4, then spotted 2 more she had to have so we got; the chocolate orange again, a double chocolate (with flake on top, which I ate, sickly, but yummy), a smarties one for Breast Cancer and vanilla one. Click images to enlarge and drool!
In the other box is lemon and a victoria sponge (which I really wanted, but my sister ate). Yum, yum!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

New Season Primark

I'm sorry for neglecting you a bit this week, it's been horrendous in all honesty! I've been babysitting my nephews for 2 days and it's knackering work! Even if I were more able bodied, I still reckon I'd be pooped after a day with them. My Auntie was also involved in a really bad car accident yesterday (as if her partner and mother both dying from cancer wasn't enough!). The car is a write off and ended up on it's roof with smoke coming out of it and her and the doggy upside down trapped inside. Miraculously she wasn't badly hurt (doggy was badly shaken), but it's the last thing my Dad and her need right now and the shock and pain has really hit her today. We're keeping it from Granny for now as she was taken into hospital earlier this week after constantly developing new symptoms and her heart just won't take that news. So yeah, it's been really tiring on all levels.

I did manage to the Christmas event at Boots on Thursday, which was actually quite stressful given that it was busy and with me in the wheelchair it meant you had to 'give way' to everybody (seriously, the elderly, pushchairs, youngsters, everyone thinks they have more right than me to look at gifts and glittery stuff!). I managed to spend over £100, getting half the Christmas presents I need (yay) and earned myself £24 in points (yipee). There are still Soap&Glory things I want for myself, so I'll get them next time. I didn't have time to do any other shopping (nope, not even Primark), but hopefully I'll be back next week. There are some things I'll be looking out for...
I didn't see any of these items last time I was in, but I don't know if they are instore now (maybe it's just my local that's crap!). I doubt any of the above outfits would suit or fit me, but they're quite cute. I really love the first dress below (hoping I find that and can squeeze my boobies in it). The second dress is stunning too, but the kimono style sleeves may not be flatter me. Finally, I reckon this coat is the most expensive thing Primark have ever made. It's cashmere and features this wonderful fur collar and is in the hottest shade of the season, camel! I actually really like it, I'd have to see it on, but I probably could be persuaded to spend that amount of money on it. I've bought at least 10 good jackets and coats over the years from Primark and their quality has always been good.

I promise more posts next week and maybe over the weekend. I did a fabulous manicure using the Barry M Instant Nail Effects this week, so took pics to show you.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Topshop Crystal Leggings

My Topshop order arrived today leggings fit! They are mesh like and not quite as thick as leggings but not as thin as tights. My only criticism would be that the legs are too long. I think Topshop made them for 6ft tall ladies and that isn't me! They are really comfortable around my hips and waist, although a little tight on my thighs. At first I really didn't think they would fit, so I'm pleasantly surprised.
The crystals are stunning, really sparkly. They reach all the way up the thighs (although are more sporadic the higher they get), so I'm sure I'll lose some of them with wear. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to style them, because they do feel very glitzy, party type leggings. I'm already trying to talk myself out of buying the black version too though!
The image below shows the hem folded under. I was never quite sure of the cuff, even from the online pictures, I think they would look great tucked into boots or some sort of cuffed shoe or sandal where that section would be hidden. What do you think, would you wear them? Did I achieve my dream Britney legs? Heehee. Pics to follow tomorrow of the rings I got too-super, super cool!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Ramblings of a Pink Haired Princess

Hi Ladies! The blogging world moves so fast and I always have tonnes of reviews to write and photos to edit, then I feel I don't get the time to just sit and ramble about nonsense! So I thought I'd do a little summary post of such rubbish...!

*Haven't seen pics of me for ages have you? This is relatively recent...the lipstick is an old Calvin Klein one, really dark but I like it. Been feeling pretty 'bleugh' with my whole appearance lately if I'm honest, probably the reason for the lack of FOTD's etc.*Super pissed that Shoesone muddled my order and that I have to wait (again) for the correct pairs to be sent (as well as having the hassle of returning the incorrect pair I got). I'm suspicious as to why their English gets worse the madder I get?

*Thinking of going to the Boots Xmas event next week. Don't know if I *need* anything, but £12 worth of points for spending £50 is always so enticing.

*Spent almost the entire day on Thursday trying to place an order with Topshop. Kept getting an error code after completing checkout, it finally went through on the 100th attempt or something like that! Got the nude crystal mesh leggings (hope they fit) and a few sale items (jewellery) although most things were already sold out.

*So excited that the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style fragrances are in the shops now...question is, to buy now (at the Boots event) or wait in the hope of a GWP? Have also seen a gift set on Sephora of non fuzzy head versions (the smaller size), hope the UK will get them too!

*I bought not one but two pairs of designer heels this week. Wished I didn't always feel so guilty after doing so! These vintage look, Prada satin sandals were an absolute steal from Flannels though....*The other pair are Dolce & Gabbana wedges from BrandAlley. I had a really hard time deciding which colour to get from the choices below...I've always wanted the sequin pair but really how versatile or practical will they be? I finally decided on the black suede with gold and silver leaf detail.
*Speaking of BrandAlley, I'm still waiting on some Anna Lou necklaces I ordered back in August, one of which has been refunded this week : ( That's the downside to the great prices, having to wait weeks and weeks sometimes for your order. I've also purchased a 50th Anniversary reproduction 1962 bubble hair cut Barbie!

*I was babysitting my nephews on Friday and spotted an advert on the kids channel for Lalaloopsy dolls-absolutely adorable, pink haired dolls? Yes, please!*I'm still trying to track down Lagoona Blue from Monster High, she's proving to be very elusive in Scotland. *I'm so pleased that I've resumed posting on The Shoe Girl Diaries again-I've really missed it and have tonnes of new shoes to show too! Just have to sort out the backlog from the past few days.

*Is Cheryls L'Oreal hair dye not selling well, that she felt the need to colour 3 of her 4 acts with red hair this week? Katie on the otherhand doesn't seem to notice the couple of inch regrowth on her own head-wish I could get away with roots like that!

*Was bemused at the footage of the X-Factor contestants shopping in Topshop. In particular Mary...she came out laden with bags, but as a curvy lady I have no idea how she fits into the small made size 16's (maybe she just bought accessories)! Either way it's pretty cruel to be surrounded by temptation when you know you won't fit anything (speaking from experience here). Btw her black jumpsuit last week was from Evans.

*I've been running out of moisturiser for weeks and they don't seem to stock it anymore. I wasn't overly keen on it, but it is the only one I've tried that doesn't cause me breakouts-back to the 6 page list of 'ingredients to avoid' to find an alternative I suppose!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pearl Lowe Peacocks Christmas Collection

Holy crappola! Look at these images of the new Christmas Pearl Lowe collection for Peacocks! Hot, hot, hot! Will I say it's the best yet? Perhaps, although I'm trying not to get too carried away because I was excited about the last collection, then so disappointed when half of it looked ridiculous on me. You'll see the lace dress that I blogged about ages ago (3rd from left), I'm still ridiculously in love with it and the lace one that Pearl is wearing is gorgeous too-just look at the way the hem hangs. Gothic style lace is always a winner for me!
I also love this white dress that Daisy is wearing although I tend not to wear light colours (not the most flattering on a fatshionista). The thing I'm not sure about though is the seam below the black waist detail. What is it and why is it there? Doesn't look necessary to me (and is a distraction from the pretty parts) and I fear it will just make my stomach look bigger. Plus will my boobies really fit in that little section they're supposed to?
The other dresses shown; the pink has such a lovely fluted hem, not sure how the waist detail will look on me though. The gold metallic dress is a big no-no for me, I'm not a fan of this type of fabric, it just always looks cheap. Are we thinking the leopard print fur coat is in the collection too? Looks cute. Another black tea dress, not all that unlike the long sleeved one from the latest range and finally a gold knitted or crochet style dress. Very 1920's. Again I doubt this will flatter the mega curvy, although it's still pretty. If you can't find your perfect Christmas party dress here, then there's something wrong!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Swatches: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick

A few weeks ago I received the repackaged, new formulation Lasting Finish lipsticks from Rimmel. I photographed them at the time but haven't had a chance to blog about them until now. Previous lip items sent to me by Rimmel have failed to impress due to the colours they picked, but these looked much more promising. The new formulation promises up to 8 hours wear (that's 50% longer wearing colour boost pigments) and 25% more colour impact supposedly. I can't say I've found anywhere near 8 hours of colour without the need for retouches. The colour can remain (like a stain), but it's slightly patchy without reapplication. The shades I was sent included one of my all-time favourites, Asia 077. I've bought around 4 or 5 of these over the years, back when it was labelled as 040 Asia. I still have a couple in my collection, so I've photographed them too, because there is a very slight difference in colour between batches.
The other shade they sent was 084 Amethyst Shimmer which is a bright fuchsia purple. I wore this one today with a Givenchy bright pink liner underneath and it came out very pink with no purple. It does have a metallic finish which I'm not entirely in love with, a little too 80's for me.
swatches are shown with flash (above) and without (below).
Asia, is a really difficult colour to describe. It's a nudeish brown shade but not one of your light, concealer looking nudes, it's got some weight to it. The formula is a heavy, cream satin with no shimmer, frost or metallic finish. Some lipsticks can make your lips look thinner, but this finish makes them fuller and that's one of the reasons that I've bought it time and time again. It does have pink undertones and this was especially noticeable in the newer version. Whereas I found the older ones more peachy or neutral. I have to be honest and say I do prefer it, the more earthy it looks, but I've not tried the new version on my lips yet, so I'll have to see how it turns out.

Lasting Finish lipsticks are available in 20 shades and are currently on offer in Boots for £3.99 (usual price £4.99).