Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Very Gorgeous

I reckon the Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton ranges at Very get better each season. Two dresses in particular caught my eye from Fearne's range. The gorgeous polka dot dress is simply stunning-it's just a shame about the very low V back, it's the only thing that's putting me off purchasing. I otherwise really, really love it; the print, the draping, tulip shaped skirt and the fact that it has sleeves are all bonus points for me. It's £69 and available in sizes 6-20.
The other is this wrapover dress, a similar style I suppose but in this strange but somewhat appealing insect pattern. I'm not at all keen on bugs, but this still caught my eye. It's very Alexander McQueen. It does have a strange hitched hem detail, not sure if that would annoy me (or 'bug' me). Also available in sizes 6-20 (although currently out of stock in size 8) for £59.

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  1. ooh, yeah the spotty one is gorgeous! Could be a little on the lady garden skimming side at the front but that remains to be, er, seen!


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