Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Iron Fist Care Bears Tote Bag

iron fist clouds of caring care bear tote bag
Remember my Iron Fist Care Bear shoes post a while back? Well in the background of those photos I used the Clouds Of Caring oversized tote bag I'd won in an Instagram competition, but I thought I'd post it separately here, so you could see it in more detail.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Disney Frozen Colour Match Bag

I won this Disney Frozen Colour Match Bag in a competition last month and I don't exactly have much need for a plastic toy bag, but the box was too bashed to donate as a gift. I'll likely give it to one of my friends who have girls, next time I see them, though if my nephews see it first, I'm sure they'll be off with it! disney frozen colour match bag

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Schuh Crazy Glitter Shoes

Schuh Crazy Glitter Shoe
Hello lovelies, it's been shoes galore recently, hasn't it? If you can manage high heels, then these are your Christmas shoes sorted. Glitter-tastic!

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Soap & Glory It's The Whole She Bang

soap and glory the whole she bang set
I thought you might be interested in seeing my Soap & Glory It's The Whole She-Bang set I got yesterday, rather than stock photos. I wrote about the contents in this post the other day so shan't repeat all the details here, but it's the Star Gift of the week at Boots until Thursday.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Irregular Choice Christmas Heel Comparison

Today is the final part of my review for the Christmas character heel releases from Irregular Choice. I'll be comparing the green Trixy unicorn, white Bunnykins bunny and Rudy or Rudolph reindeer Santa heels. For more details on each shoe, see those individual posts, but I thought it might be helpful to see them alongside each other. irregular choice christmas character heels

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Irregular Choice Trixy Christmas Unicorn Heels

In the final part of my Irregular Choice Christmas character heel haul, I'm looking at the Trixy unicorn heels. If you've missed them, here are the links to Bunnykins bunny heels and Rudy Santa heels. Trixy are a style we've previously seen when the gold mirrored unicorn heels launched. They came in coral, black or turquoise. This time there was two colours to choose from, each with a different heel. The purple pair came with that same gold heel, whereas the green pair I bought featured a completely new 'colour changing' heel. Irregular Choice Christmas Trixy Unicorn Heels

Soap & Glory Half Price Star Gift

Calling all Soap & Glory fans, it's that time of year we've been waiting for. You'll probably be able to guess from that intro before I say anything else, but if not, the BIG S&G gift set will be half price in Boots this week as their 'Star Gift'. Read on for all the details. soap & glory the whole she bang vanity case

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Irregular Choice Bunnykins Bunny Heels

In the second part of my Irregular Choice Christmas shoe haul, I'm looking at the Bunnykins bunny heels. These came in a choice of two colours, black or white, I got the latter. You can see my previous review of the Rudy or Rudolph Santa heels in this post. Irregular Choice white Bunnykins bunny heels

Monday, 7 December 2015

Irregular Choice Rudolph Santa Heels

irregular choice rudy rudolph reindeer santa shoes
I'm over the head with work just now, so rather than make you wait days for these photos and reviews (which I know you're dying to see), I've split them into more manageable, separate posts and will blog one each day. I took the photos yesterday when my order arrived, but as I began the always daunting task of whittling them down and editing them, it became apparent I wasn't going to get it all done today (I'm sure you can imagine), so I'm beginning with Rudy or Rudolph (more on that later).

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Irregular Choice Christmas 2015 Release

On Friday Irregular Choice released several limited edition character heeled shoes for Christmas. Santa was back in the form of Rudy, with brown furry Rudolph reindeer uppers, complete with antlers, shiny red nose and googly eyes. The original and much loved bunny was also back as Bunnykins, reinvented in black or white glitter. The uppers in coordinating lace with a sparkling bow. The Trixy unicorn heels also made a return in green or purple with a sequins bow. The green pair feature a brand new heel colour, in two tone metallic, shifting from purple to green in the light, with a gold glitter horn. The purple pair have the gold mirror metallic heel and the sequins on the bow can be turned over from matte black to shiny pinks and purples. irregular choice trixy unicorn rudy rudolph bunnykins bunny heels

Bratz: Selfiesnaps Cloe

You probably haven't heard of Bratz for some time now (and there's good reason for that), but I bought one a couple of months ago. I wouldn't call myself a big Bratz follower, but I do own quite a few Yasmin dolls. I felt they were geared more towards a younger audience and were a bit 'kiddy' for me. My sister loves cutesy stuff, so she collects Jade and has practically every one, as well as a few others (literally hundreds). As I said, they took a break and this was due to a bitter beef between Barbie and Bratz (well Mattel v MGA), which concluded with a massive court battle costing several hundred million dollars, that took 8 years. I'll be honest and say I thought the whole thing was ridiculous. The short version is, an employee at Mattel left and started up Bratz and Mattel felt they 'owned' the concept because the designer had thought it up when he worked for Mattel and thus they were entitled to the millions Bratz had made. That's how it started, but it escalated into stolen "secrets" and confidential information, spies (from Mattel), counter-claims, court decisions which were reversed, reversed again and again and a whole lot of mud-slinging. My take is that Bratz were this completely new concept, as un-Barbie-ish as you could get at that point, with their exaggerated features, huge shoes and denim, black or camouflage clothing. There was nothing remotely resembling the taller, older and pinker than pink Barbie. Bratz were based around a group of friends (with different skin and hair colours) and came with pets and nicknames. They were 'cool' and hip and of the time and I think there was a little resentment there from Mattel. Anyway Bratz took a break and tweaked a few things and are back with several new releases this year.