Thursday, 1 July 2010

CSN Stores Review

I was recently contacted by CSN Stores and they kindly offered to let me choose something from any one of their sites. I was really spoilt for choice, as I mentioned before they stock everything from tableware to lights to furniture. I picked these beautiful floral plates, yep my floral fantasy continues throughout everything in my life-not just dresses! They are Victoria & Albert and are supposedly inspired by the museum archives-they certainly look vintage. The dinner plates (£6.99 each) are slightly lighter in colour than they look on the website (very pale cream) and I swithered with these because I like a plate with a design in the centre too. I don't know why because obviously you don't see it, once the food is on the plate, but I just think it looks nicer. These are printed around the edge, but plain in the middle. However I was over the moon when they arrived and they actually do feature some flowers in the centre-bonus!
I also picked these side plates (below) which come in a set of 4, £19.99. They would make a fabulous gift as they come in this cute little box. All too often these days I see wedding lists of plain tableware, white on white on white! Although that's obviously to the couples taste (or lack of), I personally would adore if someone got me a set as cute and pretty and unique as this. The pale blue floral design is so fashionable yet classic and I love that it compliments the dinner plates but doesn't properly match. My Dad reckons they are vile (what does he know?), he actually thought we had found some truly vintage plates (yay, that was the look I was aiming for). My Mum is thrilled with them and takes great delight in showing them off to everyone. She also assures me that they are great stackers! By that she means, they take up much less room than our old plates as they stack really flat and fit into one another well.
I hope you've had something to eat before looking at the rest of these images! My Mum wanted to bake to show off the plates. We have the yummiest rocky road I've ever tasted and lots of cupcakes. I should also mention the quality of the plates, they are really good, don't seem to scratch easily and are really smooth along the base. I now find myself lusting after things I wouldn't even use like matching sugar bowls, teapots and cake stands. There's a whole site of wonderful things, so be sure to check it out. I'll also include the links to their other websites below. I also qualified for free delivery (when spending £40) and ordered my plates from the Cookware site-some of the sites offer free delivery on any purchase (it usually tells you at the top of the page).
CSN Stores
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Cookware by CSN
Furniture by CSN
Lighting by CSN
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  1. these are ADORABLE! Though I definitely prefer the blue ones x


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