Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: The Little Mermaid Teaser 2

disney the little mermaid character water globe heeled boots
Last week Irregular Choice announced their 5th in the Disney Princesses line as Ariel and I have more (amazing) teasers for you this week. Once IC were a few Disney collections in, I started to think of what I'd most like to see. The Little Mermaid topped my list as that's my favourite film and my vision was for a water globe heel with Ariel sitting inside (that scene on the rock right before Sebastian launches into Under The Sea-I wanted them to play music too!). Last year when the carousel and snow globe heels launched, I got super excited as I realised it was possible to create a wearable globe heel and I hoped and hoped for an Ariel release and here she is and the heel is almost exactly as I imagined (sadly no song)! Just Me & The Sea are a brand new character heel, similar to those I just mentioned with the large wedge containing liquid and multi-coloured flecks.

Friday, 22 November 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: The Little Mermaid Teaser

It's here, time to meet the 5th Disney Princess! Irregular Choice told us months ago that we would be visiting 6 princesses before the end of the year.  So far we've had collections from Snow White and Mulan, then Jasmine from Aladdin and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and now it's time to go under the sea, for my favourite, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I was so, so excited when I realised she was going to be included in this series and today I have the first teaser, which isn't quite Ariel...
We're starting with the villain of the story, Ursula. I think this will please those that were seeking a more villainous theme, but weren't satisfied with the 'sharing' in most items from the last collection (Maleficent with Sleeping Beauty). Here's Ursula all on her own in the Elegant Evil shoe.

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Irregular Choice Collection: Square Bags

I've been in the process of doing collective Irregular Choice bag posts for ages now. Honestly I have folders of photos from years ago and every time I take a group shot, I either forget to include something or buy a new one, so feel I need an updated photo and months later I do that and the same happens again! I've finally found the energy to compile this post and I'm starting with an easy one, as this is a newer bag shape, so I don't have that many of them.  I'm calling this the 'square bag', it's ever so slightly off being a square (maybe 1cm taller than wide) measuring around 24cm and it's 10.5cm deep.  4 irregular choice square shaped bags front facing on floor
So the thing with this bag shape is, the front is one big, interrupted, clean space which allows a really decent sized image or applique to be the focal point without any flaps, fastenings or oddly shaped bits getting in the way. That also means that inside, you can fill that whole space, there's nothing encroaching on the storage of these ones and I really like the size. As with most IC bags, they come with a short fixed handle on top (my preference) and a longer strap is included which can be attached to D-rings either side of this. The only negative is I find the opening fiddly. The zip unzips maybe 3/4 of the bag, but the flap then doesn't open very widely. I feel I'd like a gusset at the sides, not only to stop contents falling out, but to have that extra pull so it's easier to get my hand in. I'd also prefer a double zip pull than just the one (the round bags tend to have gussets and a double zipper), that's just a minor gripe though. For that reason it isn't my most favourite shape, but I like it enough that I've bought most of the variations it's come in and I have to say every colour or theme I've bought, I really love, they are gorgeous.