Sunday, 29 May 2011

Swatches: Urban Decay Bride Kit

My gorgeous Urban Decay Bride Kit arrived from Debenhams the other day. The box is much larger than I expected it to be, it's a very substantial set for £25. Empty, it would make a great keepsake box, because it's pretty sturdy and roomy.
I haven't had the chance to try anything out yet, but I've swatched the Marshmallow powder (and licked a bit) and the Lip Junkie (Midnight Cowboy) gloss. The powder swatch is straight out of the box, not blended at all-it's super sparkly and pretty. The gloss has little colour, but is nice and shimmery and would work well over lipsticks or on it's own for glossy nude lips.
The Supercurl mascara brush looks quite nice, it's not overly big and has a curved head.
The Razor Sharp powder comes in one of those sponge applicator attached type thingies. There's a mirror on the lid and you can close the powder off, so it won't be 'puffing' away in the lid in your bag! Anyone else bought this yet? It's instore (exclusive to Debenhams) tomorrow.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Birthday Shoes

Posting may be a little erratic this weekend and early next week with my eBay sales and packaging them all up. Here's the link if you're interested (shoes size 5/38 or 6/39 FYI and tonnes of cosmetics too). Anyway, my birthday shoes arrived yesterday! I tried on a few pairs of Irregular Choice in Schuh the other week when my Mum was purchasing shoes for herself (not IC BTW). They mostly had size 6's out on the shelf and the blue 'Lucite Lovely' (really are lovely) were too big, so just take your regular size in them. I was so disappointed that they reduced the red pair in Schuh but not the blue-I'm definitely going to get them at some point because they're really pretty. 'I'm Bossy'-I thought the 6 were ok on me (I'm always worried that I need a bigger size for the strap across-it's a stud fastening, so it has to fit), but these were the pair I chose for my b'day and the 6 are slightly too big now that I have them home! I've just re-ordered a 5 to see if they'll be better (I forgot to use my Treat Street/Boots card the 1st time anyway-I find it sooo difficult to remember that and have just realised I didn't use it on New Look last night either).
I kinda prefer the turquoise, but Mum liked the black and I suppose they'd be more versatile and it was her paying for them (plus I bought them from ASOS and they only have the black). Hopefully after summer I'll get the turquoise in the sale! I also tried, 'Cant Touch This' and if I remember correctly they were a 5 and fitted fine and the 'Woof' courts in a 6 were massive, so again just go for your regular size. Do you think IC are finally sorting out their notorious sizing issues?

New Look/LCF Limited Edition Shoes

Another design collab, this time from New Look with London College of Fashion. To be honest, I'm only really in love with one pair, everything else is a little too 'regular New Look' line for me and just nothing worth shouting about. The denim on the pairs above and below are not my thing at all. The detail on the strappy pair add a little interest (although I'm still not sure I even like it) plus the mid-heel and frumpy shape detract from that anyway. The mules below, well they are just too 80's, too frayed, too mule and just too euch! I mean how would you style them? I'm at a loss.
From the previews, I had expected to like these 'fascinator' heels in black or ivory. Looking at the online product images though they just came across as looking a little too cheap. I like the shape and I like the t-bar detail but the materials don't do them justice and this pair look like they'd belong in the regular line because of that and I wouldn't shell out £39.99 for them.
This next style, I don't really have anything bad to say about them...or good. They're just an ok shoe. Strappy with a mix of suede and leather but nothing to write home about.
I saved the best til last though. What about these wedges? This is what I want to see from a design school collaboration, something new and innovative and exciting. Something a little different from what you'd normally expect to see in New Look but still in keeping with their 'look'. I seem to be alone in my thinking though after a nosey at what people were saying about these on Facebook, out of 70 comments, maybe only 3 or 4 actually like them. 'Ugly' and 'Gaga' seemed to be the most popular phrases (and not Lady Gaga in a good way apparently), but there were also murmurs of horrible, hideous, awful, unfortunate, vile, nasty, gross, freaky, horrific and some that made me laugh...
Excuse the direct quotes in 'down with the kids/facebook talk, wassuuup people'!

"Yeh nice.. if you want to look like you're wearing noddy's car on you feet!" btw, I like Noddys car-always super shiny and isn't it red anyway?
"that's pretty...awful. Only gaga could dare walk in this" You've never seen my blog then!
"U-G-L-Y, that pair of shoes has no alibi, its UGLY" I thought my sister, Mum and I were the only ones still immature enough to sing that song! And now it's going to be in my head all day!
"nasty unless ur a humpa lumpa" what the hell? Does she mean an oompa loompa? And fyi, they're orange not yellow!
"UGLY new look is meant to be fashionable not gwenny" I have no idea what 'gwenny' means? Gwen Stefani? Gwyneth Paltrow?
"I would prefer to wear croc's" Surely nottt!!
"There like brats doll shoes!" It's 'they're' and 'Bratz' with a Z and thank God, I love Bratz shoes!

So I immediately purchased the yellow wedges online (before I'd seen the comments and it wouldn't have changed my opinion any)! They're £49.99 but I used a 20% off code (NLVCTWJ) and delivery was free (I bought a dress I've had my eye on for a while too). I just hope they fit! The heel is apparently 7.3"-haha, insane! I've been getting a different perspective with me 'walking' when shopping recently rather than taking the wheelchair and I never realised how tall I was! I'm towering above everyone and can reach everything! In my family I'm classed as a giant, even taller than the men, but then it's because I'm always in heels. I've always had really tall friends though, so at 5 ft 5 1/2" I've felt really short beside them. Anyhow, I couldn't give a rats arse about how ugly people think these shoes are-even I would agree they're not "pretty" shoes, but a statement pair. I'm keen to know what you think though, U G L Y, they ain't got no alibi, they ugly, hey, hey?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Amazing Irregular Choice

Ok, so I heard that Irregular Choice had a special 'limited edition' collection launching this week. It was in partnership with London College of Fashion and saw two winners designs come to life. Beforehand, I was quite curious to see the designs but not necessarily thinking I'd want them. Boy, was I wrong! I squealed when I saw them and they're all I can think about just now!
I'll start with Rosanna Gault, who has the Rosanna bootie and Rosy shoe. Rosanna, £240 is available in bright turquoise patent with peach/brown floral (below) or brown patent with pale blue and white floral trims (above). There's so much going on this boot, it's over the top bordering on a harajuku style influence, but right up my street! You have the large platform (floral on the turquoise, striped on the brown) and an amazing heart cut-out heel (with stripes inside) and I think the two work well together balancing each other out (cute versus tough). The frilly lace trim and large bow scream girly and they remind me of an even more show-stopping version of IC's Abigail's Party. At the moment I don't think I can be pushed as to which colour is my favourite.
Then there's the Rosy shoe £240, perhaps a more wearable version of Rosanna? It comes in white with either red or turquoise stripes and feels fabulous for summer. Again you have a platform and that heart detail on the heel. The frilled cuff with large bow and heart buttons is detachable and when 'off', completely transforms it into an 'almost' regular court shoe! I love little details like strange cuffs, but have to admit the shoe is just as stunning as a plain shoe without it. I think maybe the turquoise shade has it for me currently, just because I'm obsessed with that colour right now and usually veer away from red.
Next we have a design from So-Yeon Sarah and at first I wondered why this was considerably more than the first two designs, as it seemed like a simple enough court shoe. Now I don't know if I'm mistaken but I thought these were priced around £285 the other day but are now £345-or was that just wishful thinking on my part? Anyway they come in two colourways and the reason for their price becomes apparent when you look at the details. This shoe has attachments which transform to give 6 different looks. For me, this is the way forward for footwear-I absolutely love the idea and the diversity of attachments and the versatility they will provide. I'm absolutely torn with the colours though. I try to avoid red shoes because of my hair colour but I wish the black had a little more colour on the shoe itself. Here's what you get;
A bow and charm assortment-both colours are equal for me on this.
An ankle cuff, feather effect. I'm not overly keen on this one, but I'd probably prefer the pastel colours on the black.
Puffy rings and a heart which will go probably mid-calf. Again, I like both-the pastels are cute and on the red the navy and white give a fabulous nautical look.
A tall feather and heart clip on, this isn't one of my favourite styles and I couldn't pick which colour I prefer, both work I think.
Finally, my all time favourite-leg spatz!! I love this design, the little fold down cuff at the top, the open front, frog fastenings down the centre and a little bow are just stunning. I like it in black with the turquoise accents, it's bold and pretty but on the red shoe with the white and navy, it absolutely makes it. I'm completely in love. I would buy this shoe for that one attachment alone!
The court shoe itself features a kooky embroidered eye detail (very IC) and a nice layered puffy heel and 70's feel platform. As I said the black is mainly black suede and the heel is pewter with a more purpley pewter segment but there's not enough of a contrast in colour there for me, even the top of the heel is black suede and I'd have liked this to be turquoise or something. The red shoe is half navy and the heel bronze and red, so you're getting more of a difference in colours there.
When I first saw these shoes, I was so excited, because I just wanted to purchase them right there and then. Then I saw the price and it did make me stop and think. I do think it's reasonable for the unique designs themselves and the fact that they are not just part of the regular IC line. You're getting the chance to own something pretty special and reasonably rare. Now personally, I don't ever have that sort of money just lying around for a 'rainy day' or nice pair of shoes! So, once I get over my own fears of spending that amount on one pair of shoes (I pretty much always feel some sort of guilt spending upwards of £100, even if it's a 'bargain' price, it's still a lot for money for me), I just don't have that and I'm at the stage I'm trying to figure out what I can do to scrape together that amount because I want them so badly! The downfall is, there's never enough time for something like this is there? Already most of the size 38's have gone and it's only been a couple of days. I want one of each pair but will have to 'settle' for just one and I think I want it to be So-Yeon Sarah's! With what little money I have and my eBay sales this weekend, will I succeed in raising £345 before the 39's (I'm going to be forced to take a size up) sell out? I'm seriously doubting it! Then there's the decision of the colour, do I go for the black because they'll go with more and with me but the red with white spatz are my favourite look out of all the designs and seem more eye-catching generally. Somehow I think the decision will be taken out of hands anyway, there are obviously very, very few of each style given that some have gone already and I think I'll get the money together too late : (
*update-in the time it's taken me to write this post, the last 2 designs have been taken off the site altogether and the others are showing as out of stock in all sizes. I guess it's pay day and everyone has gone crazy and bought them-I'm gutted!*

Urban Decay Bride Kit at Debenhams

I'm getting all twitchy because there are so many posts I want to write and my little fingers won't type fast enough! I had a little birthday money to spend and it was that awkward amount-probably not enough for a decent pair of shoes, too much for a little thing like jewellery and if I didn't spend the exact amount I know I'd just put it into my bank account and never remember exactly what it went towards. So by some freaky coincidence, Debenhams had written on their Facebook page that day about the new Urban Decay Bride Kit (exclusive to them) which isn't instore until 30th May but available online now (although I can see it taking until the 30th or after to be delivered with this bank holiday weekend). It was exactly £25, the amount I had to spend, so it seemed like fate. Now I'm not a bride or bridesmaid, in fact I don't have any weddings coming up for the foreseeable future, but this little kit is filled with products for a flawless skin and fresh makeup look, it looked reasonably prices plus I thought it looked cute, so I didn't really care about who it was intended for. It would however make the perfect hen night gift for the bride or perhaps the bride would love to give this to her bridesmaids.
It comes in a lovely box and I know there are certain people who will want this for that alone! It contains: 'Razor Sharp Ultra-Definition Finishing Powder' to diffuse lines for a flawless airbrushed look. Sounds fabulous and haven't tried this before.

Urban Decay's best-selling original formula, 'Eyeshadow Primer Potion', this is full size, so £14.50 on it's own. I've been alternating between using this and Too Faced Shadow Insurance for months now, although I think I prefer UD PP. Shame I'm now wanting the new squeezy tube and this is the original (annoying) bottle though.

'Supercurl Curling Mascara', this is supposed to look fabulous even without using curlers.

'Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Midnight Cowboy' to give bare and lightly colored lips a sensual, come-hither shine or electrify darker lipcolor with more texture. A nude, minty fresh lipgloss? I'm already there! Can't wait to try this one.

'All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray' to ensure your look stays put for 16 incredible hours. Doubt I'd ever get to try out the 16 hour theory, but it sounds like it could become a staple product in warmer weather.

'Marshmallow Sparkling Lickable Body Powder'-probably the item I'm least excited with and could have done without, although their shimmer powders are pretty (I just don't have the occasion to use them enough).

What's even better is Debenhams have a special points event until June 12th, where if you spend £25, you get a bonus 500 points (£5) on your beauty card (limited to once per customer per day). Plus there's always free delivery for beauty card customers online with code SHBC. Does this seem like the type of set that could tempt you? As a sidenote, you'll perhaps have noticed UD have pulled out of Boots (stores and online), they are apparently wanting to streamline their UK operations and are keen to be a 'proper counter'/department store type brand here. It's a pity because my nearest larger Boots did stock UD, yet the Debenhams doesn't, so it's back to purchasing online 'unseen' for me. I'll get proper product images and swatches up when my parcel arrives.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sale Shoes!

As I mentioned, I was busy last weekend listing on eBay and all the auctions finish on Saturday and Sunday. A whole load of makeup items again and a good few pairs of shoes. You can find the link to my items here. I've basically got my footwear collection down to the pairs I really, really love, so it is harder to find some to sell but I'm trying to be ruthless because I just don't have the space for any more. If I had my own house it would be different, but this trying to cram 2-300 pairs in my bedroom is just getting ridiculous.
There's a couple of Irregular Choice pairs up for grabs. The Grace Lace (below) are really pretty but not high enough for me (BNIB) and Princess Lilani (above), I love but they don't love me back!
For some reason my lovely LAMB 'Faith' booties (BNIB) fitted when I first bought them and haven't since, so I've never had the chance to wear them.
Then there's my lovely Glace Cherry crystal platforms by Kandee, I got the other week, again BNIB. I've oohed and ahhed about whether or not to pass them on, but I have to be realistic. They are too tight on me and I probably wouldn't get much wear out of them anyway. Plus they are red, which clashes with my hair and although I always, always fall for red shoes-I rarely wear them. They are absolutely beautiful and I hope they go to a good home and are well loved. Plus I also have...
Shoemissy 'Winehouse' sequin leopard courts (BNIB), below my gorgeous black suede ASOS shoes (below).
Another lovely ASOS pair that I just don't wear enough!
Then the New Look polka dot frill booties that I've never worn.
Finally, these gorgeous bright suede platforms from Peacocks. Good luck if you decide to bid-I ship internationally and offer a postal discount for combined purchases. Any questions, just ask ; )

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Haul & Swatches: Topshop Makeup

I quickly tried to edit the video I promised to show you next. It featured the gorgeous green nail polish I've been wearing recently, but instead I've decided to go back to my original plan of the images I took (and had previously been holding off showing-such a procrastinator), because the video is kinda crap (I'll see what I can salvage from it next week).
A fortnight ago I went shopping because I needed some Lancome things and wanted the gift in Debenhams. I also noticed Topshop had a cool makeup GWP on their site, so I managed to get myself along to the store too rather than buying online without swatching first. With 3 makeup purchases you get a 'festival kit' (me at a festival, laughable I know!) and it comes in this little drawstring baggy, you get a full pack of wipes (worked wonderfully removing these swatches from my hand, but I have to admit I wasn't so keen on them on my face-felt like it dragged a bit), a packet of colourful kirby grips-always need them! Then a Topshop Liner, a felt pen style liquid liner (I like this, although not as much as Lancome Artliner/L'Oreal Superliner which have a slightly more flexible tip). All in all, a nice little gift though-very practical! I was actually pretty impressed with my cool 'Topshop' swatch of the liner, my sister mistook it for a tattoo (probably because the pen took over and wrote nicely rather than my usual scrawl).
So what did I get? Well, I had my eye on a couple of their new lipstick colours. One was Muted and although it was pretty in the flesh, it wasn't entirely unique in my collection (a light tan mocha) and I decided against buying it. I really, really wanted Nevada though and I know you're going to say that's definitely not a stand-out lippie among my collection of nudes, but it's me+nudes, there's no way I was walking out of the shop without this! It's absolutely glorious, not an in your face colour, not too light to wash me out or make me look deathly, just a nice, pretty neutral light nude. It doesn't have that strong orangey, peachy quality that Desert has either. Let's just say I've used it tonnes already and will continue to do so! I also checked out On The Town, a pinky lilac-the tester was truly manky and so it was really hard to swatch and get an idea of how it would look un-gunked. It wasn't anything I didn't already own from MAC though.
Then I noticed this beautiful shadow (Duo Eyeshadow in Solar Cell) from the current Sandstorm collection. A baked formula with the two colours in the pan (there was another colour Meteoric which I wasn't as taken with) and it can be used wet or dry. It's super shimmery and one of these that the more you use it, the more glitter you uncover. The tester, because it had been quite well played with was superb and had me sold immediately. In the swatches (I've only used it dry), I've picked out (from L to R) the pale blue side, the black and then finally mixed together.
The nail colours, wow! There was an entire side of the stand dedicated to nails and I honestly want every single one. I already own a couple (Big Smoke and Parma Violet), but after careful consideration, I got 101 Green Room (currently OOS online), the stunning bright green I've been wearing on my fingers and toes all week, that has had sooo many compliments! Now to put it bluntly, it's a bitch to photograph, like seriously impossible, even Topshop struggled with their online images. I've tried different camera settings, different backgrounds, different lights and still couldn't get a realistic colour. My images are coming out blue-ish, even through the lens I can see a totally different colour than the naked eye. On video, it was slightly better but still looked mint green. It is actually a bright green, really, really bright (thus causing the issues). Obviously the last image of it on my hand is not good lighting, but possibly the closest colour match-just imagine it amplified in good lighting!
Finally all the swatches, with and without flash. The shimmer in the lipstick is only caused by the flash, there's no shimmer in the tube or on the lips as far as I can see. Fyi, I would also recommend the Cheek Duo in Desert Sun, very soft and pretty.