Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bones & Studs

I was just talking today about how I never thought these shoes would make it into production. They are absolutely crazy and fabulous and that usually means some watered down version for retail or none at all. Thankfully DSquared2 are going all the way on this one and the shoes and boots are available now on LuisaViaRoma (pre-order for sept. 30th). Usually I'd be a little freaked out by bone things, but I think these look like they'd belong in a museum (dinosaur exhibit maybe!), because they really are a work of art and I just adore them.
Statement and unusual heels have always been my thing and I have to admit that the oversized platform and relatively simple shape of the rest of the shoe works so well and just adds to this unique design. Available in thigh high boot £1056.08, strappy sandal £817 and my two favourites (shown here), the peep toe £817 and ankle boot £954.60. Just stunning.
If you are a little afraid of the full on bone look, then perhaps gold bones are a little less scary. Sandal £617.48, also available in silver heeled shoe boot £533.20.
I also decided to have a wee browse of the DSquared2 online shop and honestly died a little when I saw these-my jaw hit the floor! How did I manage to miss this seasons footwear (now in the sale)? These shoes make my Christopher Kane for Topshop boots look like babies shoes. They are fierce and a half. So fierce, they even feature studded soles. Studded freaking soles! I'm screaming a little now for any one of these. Perspex studded ankle boots £881 and sandals £505, studded boots £956.


  1. I love these shoes as well! I can't decide if I'd wear them or just put them on display the whole time in my house. Wish they were a bit more affordable though.

  2. I know-I wonder how robust or fragile that heel is? I'd be all over them if they were more affordable for sure!


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