Thursday, 8 July 2010

H&M Online Store Coming Soon

All I can say is about time! Finally H&M will be launching their UK online store on the 16th September. Hopefully it'll be filled with all the wonderful items that I seem to spot on other people or in magazines that my local store never stocks. Also no more horrid instore customer service, yay!


  1. HOORAY! I hope it's not anything like the website now, as it's so hard to navigate around, its appauling :(

  2. Absolutely, it's horrible! Thanks for commenting Chloe!

  3. Oh excellent news! I can't bear the layout of H&M shops in general and find them so offputting. Might get some nice bits and bobs now it's all online.

  4. Ooh, I am so looking forward to this! H&M is miles from me right now and I never find anything that in my size that I love, maybe the website will be better

  5. oh myyyyy the UK doesn't have H&M online?? hehe...finally something I have that you don't ;) Although I never ever EVER order from H&M...absolutely everyone wears H&M, it's so boring! I'd rather just order from the UK shops we don't have over here,r that way it's much easier to stay a little original :)

  6. Alex-they all must be the same then, in Dundee I get lost and stuck in places I can't get out of, it's all set out very strange and I can't just say 'oh this section is my type of stuff', it's dotted about all over the place.

    Rai-I too struggle to find anything in my size, it always seems like there's only one or two left of the thing I like.

    Marlein-I know how crappy and slow is that? I reckon they are practically the only high-street shop that doesn't have an online store. I always think I like H&M but then when I go in, I rarely see anything I like and it's never in my size. I like their kids clothes though-I'm always buying Hello Kitty clothes for my friends daughter!


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