Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Another way to shop

You can now shop at Matalan online, yay! They have a selection of clothing from their Et Vous, Soon and Rogers & Rogers collections. If you need to return an item, you can either post it back or return to a store. My pick has to be this gorgeous purple prom dress, £35. It's beautiful and just what I need for the party season. If only they'd get their shoes on the site too, I'd never have to go out of my way to visit the store!

MAC Hello Kitty Confirmed

The beauty world is abuzz with the news that MAC are collaborating with Hello Kitty. It's a partnership that has long been talked about and I know a lot of ladies that can't wait to get their hands on everything!

The release scheduled for February/March time is a much anticipated slot, with the 2008 Fafi and 2007 Barbie collections being huge. From what I've seen and heard the range is split into an affordable line (Hello Kitty Colour Collection) and more exclusive, high-end (Hello Kitty Kouture).

The Colour Collection (available everywhere) includes, six lipsticks with names like Fashion Mews and Strayin’, six lipglass shades and two tinted lip conditioners. Two quad eyeshadow palettes in Lucky Tom and Too Dolly, two shades of pigment and two Reflects Glitter stockkeeping units one blue, one pink (?). Four Glitter Eye Liners, two shades of Beauty Powder, three shades of nail polish, a black mascara and false lashes. There is also petite and medium makeup bags

While the Kitty Kouture (available in US at and MAC stores only) includes two Dazzleglass shades, each feature a reusable silver chain pendant with Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals on black with a pink crystal bow. Three shades of Sheer Mystery Powder, packaged in a silver powder compact with Hello Kitty outlined in white Swarovski crystals with a pink crystal bow on a black background. A plush doll, compact mirror and 3-brush set will be available (in the US from MAC stores, Nordstrom and only). A mirrored key clip and beaded bracelet (in US from MAC stores or only) and a tote bag and soft vanity case (US only). It has not been said if or where the Kitty Kouture line will be available internationally. I do hope we get this range too, perhaps it will be exclusive to online or a certain store though.
My opinion on the collaboration is; I was a little disappointed at the released pictures. I'm not as keen on this black kitty look and when anticiapting the range, I imagined lots of white and pink, rather than sombre black. It's cute enough, but I'm not ecstatic. I'm also not keen on the bright pink and orange lips, it's a colour range MAC have been opting for a lot lately and it's a little cheap looking (on me anyway). I love nudes and even the odd brown lippie, but not orange! Good things, seem to be the accessories. I love that chunky beaded charm bracelet and the (not mentioned) large Kitty bangle, gorgeous! The Sheer Mystery Powder is extremely covetable for the compact alone, but has a US price of $90, so it's likely to cost say £50 here, which is a lot. I'm not sure if this collection is one where you are going to be able to buy everything, as the prices and number of items may just bankrupt you.

(info & pics wwd)

Scale new heights for L.A.M.B.

I keep telling myself that the day will come when I own a pair of L.A.M.B. shoes. I fall in love with at least a couple of pairs every season and drool over them until ASOS get around to reducing them in their sale. This is when I try to persuade myself that the new price of £100+ isn't really that much money considering they have already been reduced by that much. During this battle between my bank and my heart, my size is usually sold out and the decision out of my hands. Then the next week ASOS start stocking a whole new collection for me to repeat the process.
So when I saw these lush new booties on the site, I was more determined than ever to let my heart win the battle. Each pair cost £289, so I'll definitely need a drastic reduction before I can justify spending on them. I think I (just by a tiny bit) prefer the peep toe version with scale-like frills all over. The suede pairs feature a smaller version of the scales down the front, concealed platform and contrast stitch detail, all pairs zip up the back. Aren't they just gorgeous?

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lancome Blues

The beautiful new Lancome colour collection is out now. It's based around deep blue, silver and red. I adore the Diva Magic Powder £28, it looks so sparkly in the promo image (above), so I'll definitely be checking that out in real life.
There is a new 4 eyeshadow Color Focus Palette £30.50 in Blue Enigma as well as 2 new single Color Design eyeshadows (above) £12 in 510 Holly Blue (deep denim blue) or 509 Silver Forever (light simmery grey).
Juicy Tubes have been revamped as 'Juicy Black' £13.50 in shades 52 Sparkling Ava (shimmering silver) or 50 Red Gilda (holiday red). I've heard there are also 2 new shades of Color Fever lipstick, although there are no details of that on the Lancome site.
As well as this, the rare Le Magnetique nail polish £15 (that magnetically creates a star pattern on the nail after application) has been produced in a gorgeous shimmering dark blue 02 Blue Enigma, a must-have. The collection should be available now at counters nationwide. Unfortunately the range is not available for purchase directly from Lancome and although the products are showing up on Debenhams, Boots and Garden Pharmacy, they too are unavailable for purchase.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wilbur & Gussie Charlie Clutch

Look at these cute Wilbur & Gussie 'Charlie' bags from Koodos. I love the simple shape adorned with a brooch fastening, plus they come in an array of colours and prints (pink polka dot is my fave), so you could have a different one for every day of the week. You are saving £35 of the rrp of £130, so they are £95 each, plus there is an extra 10% off all handbags on the site just now (automaticlly deducted at checkout).

My skincare woes

I'm rather depressed today. My skin has been behaving badly again and I've been researching various treatments and the more I read, the more depressed I get. I am simply overwelmed by the advice and lists of comedogenic ingredients to avoid. I thought I had pretty much managed to find a skincare routine that was working for me and knew what items irritated my condition. However, my skin doesn't seem to be clearing up even although I considered myself to be realitively careful about what I put on it these days.

I have printed off a 5-page ingredient list which I will have to take shopping with me, not exactly practical I know. Most ingredients in the UK are 'hidden' on products, so I'm not sure how the shop assistants will feel about me peeling back labels to compare with my huge print-out! The problem is I really don't know what I am looking for. I am literally just avoiding anything that appears on this list, without knowing what the ingredients mean or do.

I haven't put on any make-up today as I know it's such a big task to go through all the items I already own and check if they irritate acne. I am completely paranoid about making the situation worse by using something that isn't right for my skin. It's a huge blow to my confidence and I can see me avoiding using any skincare or cosmetics for the forseeable future, which in turn will result in me not leaving the house (I wouldn't leave un made-up with perfect skin, never mind this).

I would urge companies to start thinking about what they put in their products. Take the sudden influx of mineral make-up from high-end to high-street. On closer inspection many of them do contain other ingredients and aren't completely mineral or natural. It's just a trendy word to use to sell more products. Similarily whilst doing my research I've found many items that state they are 'non-comedogenic' (non pore clogging), then a quick look at the ingredients proves otherwise. It can be very misleading for the general public and as I'm finding, mind-boggling. Please share your views via the comments below and if you have any non-comedogenic skincare/cosmetics recommendations, I would gladly appreciate it.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Fabulous Shoemissy!

I know I've said this before, but I really recommend you try Shoemissy if you're looking for something that little bit different. Anna hand-finishes each shoe with the most gorgeous trims. Two new styles on the site D'Lish £45 (lace, below) and Immodesty £45 (pink, above) are inspired by her favourite burlesque acts. I bought Immodesty the other week and they are stunning, real Minnie Mouse shoes!
The service is superb. Shipping within the UK is free and each item comes beautifully wrapped and boxed, with a hand-written note inside. This seasons collection has been great, with a real pin-up, nautical vibe. I've bought French Maid £55, Bobbie £55 and Starlet £50 (hot pink). I've also had a sneak peek at some of the Spring/Summer range, which again looks stunning. Plus if you're looking for something one-of-a-kind, you can contact Anna, who is really friendly and accomodating and I'm sure she can sort you out with those special shoes!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Free delivery at ASOS

Buy a coat today from ASOS and receive free standard delivery for your whole order. Just order between 12pm-2pm, add your coat to your order and enter the code WINTERCOAT in the discount box.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Irregular Choice Charm Boot

I remember these old style Irregular Choice boots. They were available in metallic pink or green with the kitsch charm bracelet around the ankle. I thought they were absolutely amazing. I really regret that I didn't buy them when they were reduced in the ASOS sale years ago. I can't remember the price exactly, but I think it was around £30. At the time it still seemed like a lot of money, when I didn't have much, so I never bought them. Nowadays of course, I'm so obsessed with IC, that I would probably have paid double for them.
So imagine my surprise when I notice them on the Schuh website yesterday. IC have re-released this style (in pink) for £104.99 (Schuh only). So if, like me, you missed out on this fabulous boot, now's your chance. They're cute huh?

I wish for...

Topshop are killing me with their shoes. I've spoken before about how I think the prices at Topshop are a little high for a 'high-street' brand and that perhaps the celebrity following and 'cool factor' of the store have added to the prices. So I try not to look at the gorgeous shoes they have on their site as I know I can't afford them. The real problem is, I don't want just one pair...I want a lot. Really a lot.

So, I tormented myself today and browsed their site. Here's my Topshop wishlist;
Samba £65

Angel (pink, top and black) £75Regal £65

Panther £85

Pout (green, pink and purple) £85Sugar £60Phoenix £85Serena £65Poirot £90Prowess £85Pelle £80Perth £100

Prestige £80

Superb £65Peta £80Agatha £75So the grand total comes to £1485! I think I could buy a decent car for that price! Of course, if I'm serious I could probably live without Peta, Regal and Panther (they aren't really 'everyday' wear') and Superb and Prestige (I could probably find similar for cheaper), but if I choose absolute must-haves (all Pout colours, pink and black Angel, Samba, Phoenix, Prowess, Pelle and Perth), it still comes to £565. My point is, for the shoe obsessed it's very easy to total up big amounts of money just for a few pairs of shoes. I realise that they aren't going to reduce them to Matalan and Primark prices of £12 a pair (could you imagaine how fabulous that would be?), so I think my wishlist will have to remain as that. A wish...that I can never have. "I love you little pink Angel boots!"

Monday, 10 November 2008

Ruffles at Karen Millen

Wowza, check out these spectacular 'Flirtatious' ruffle shoes (£120) from Karen Millen. In gorgeous blue, the pleats at the side of the shoe make their way around to the heel in a big ruffle. I'm not too fussed about the peep-toe front so would walk backwards to show them off (what do you mean that wouldn't work?). If ruffles tickle your fancy then you could also opt for the matching bag (£80), 'Dramatic Fan' corset top (£99) or dress (£160).

Friday, 7 November 2008

Merry Manish Go Round

Wow, check out this amazing fantasy dress by Manish Arora that Katy Perry wore as host of last nights MTV EMA's. Ok, so it's hardly practical (how would you sit down?), but it's amazing! The bright colours, detailed bodice, asymmetric sleeve and nipped in waist are fabulous enough, before you even get started on the skirt. I love fashion like this, it's so fun and fitting for the event, plus it perfectly meets the current circus trend. I'd love to play with all the little things on the merry-go-round.

New Giles range at New Look

The new Gold Collection by Giles Deacon has arrived at New Look. There's more pieces that I like from this than previous ranges, here's my picks;

Platform corsage shoes £35
Red sequin trim dress £55
White girl print t-shirt £14
Double strap metallic shoes £35
Metallic croc dress £50