Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Day I Cried Over Shoes

Ok, I have to put this in a blog post because it's too long for Facebook and I'll feel better after off-loading! Stick with it, because it's so ridiculous, you couldn't make it up! So Friday was the day we'd been waiting for, the Irregular Choice 'Alice In Wonderland' collection launching at 12pm. Some of you know I'd been invited to London to view (and buy) the collection. Like seriously, how freakin' awesome would that be? I'd have LOVED to go. Health-wise I'm absolutely nowhere near ready to do something so huge (it would've been quite the trip even in full health), so I unfortunately had to decline. Over the 14 years I've been ill, I've obviously had to let people down a lot and deal with the mental impact of doing so (it's no fun for me either) and honestly it never gets any easier. There's the obvious practicalities of buying instore; getting to see them in the flesh rather than stock photos, trying them on and getting the size right and just that security of knowing you're (most likely) definitely going to get the styles you want. I knew buying online would be stressful, I've had a gut feeling from the start, though I couldn't have predicted how bad it was going to go. This is important to mention (because I've seen a lot of hateful comments over the past few days that I feel are rash and somewhat harsh), but throughout the whole thing I've never blamed anyone or even been angry. It's been upsetting and stressful and an unfortunate set of circumstances, but I'm not mad about it.

One of my many concerns was that unlike previous character heel releases, I wasn't buying one or two pairs, I wanted a LOT (more on that later)! That means going back and forth between the shoes and adding the correct sizes to my basket, whilst other people are probably already checking out with one or two pairs and by the time I'd finished, they'd be gone. It's not like I'm inexperienced in battling virtually for limited edition shoes, but I'd never attempted it on such a grand scale.  So I prepared for this event with the seriousness of someone hoping to qualify for The Olympics. Like my life depended on it! I spent more hours than I should probably admit to, sussing out sneaky photos of the styles long before any official teasers were shown. Infact, I'd managed to find 12 of the 17 styles beforehand. Yeah, the fact I found out there were 5 'unseen' pairs happened late in the game and blew my mind and plan, but I coped (more on that later too)! I find it difficult to choose between pretty things at the best of times, but this was only further hampered by the fact this was such a strong collection (I'd expect no less from Dan Sullivan and Irregular Choice by now). I didn't want them all just for the sake of it or to be greedy, I simply fell in love with everything I saw. irregular choice alice in wonderland all mad here boots

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Irregular Choice Flamingo Heels

irregular choice flamingo concept statement heels
I took these photos last month when I bought the Irregular Choice Blushing Bird and Roseus flamingo heels. I had my extravagant kitsch setting planned (Blushing Bird here and Roseus here), but I've been desperate to put my vintage birdcage to use (for years) and it didn't quite fit in with that scene (literally and aesthetically). So I shot an alternative setting, with the birdcage and a leopard print backdrop. It worked really well and I was able to fit the shoes inside (not the boots though) with the flamingo peeking out. I was originally going to share these images on Facebook, but I know some of you aren't on there (fyi my account is public now, so follow away if you are), so I'm posting them here instead. It's going to be unusual because I don't have anything to add that I didn't already mention in my original posts. Me not talking, I know, it's crazy! You can get all the details about fit and heel heights and close-up detailed photos in those posts or see how the Roseus ankle boots look on the foot over on The Shoe Girl Diaries. I'll likely be featuring the Blushing Bird shoes on Shoesday Tuesday this coming week, so look out for that. That's all from me for now (seriously?), how do you like this setting?

Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Dolly & Dotty Hazel Cherry Dress

Have you heard of Dolly And Dotty? They have a website bursting full of affordable, retro, rockabilly dresses, skirts, tops and accessories. I can't see anything over £40 and they cater for a broad range of sizes, 6-24. They very kindly sent me a lovely package; a dress and headband to review (the latter I stupidly forgot to photograph)! I was spoilt for choice on the website actually, there's swing dresses, wiggle styles and in the prints you'd expect from vintage-esque, pin-up clothing; polka dots, cherries, florals and stripes, all in a plethora of colours. If you fall in love with either a shape of dress or print, then you'll find it in many other colours/prints or styles. dolly and dotty

Sunday, 14 February 2016

8 Irregular Choice Valentine's Day Shoes

irregular choice pink valentines ss16 shoes
The SS16 Irregular Choice collection is in full swing, with lots of lovely new season styles appearing over the past few weeks. After a quick browse of the bright, fun colours and lively prints, you'll be wishing for warmer, sunnier days, tossing off your tights and relegating that winter coat to the back of your wardrobe! One colour that is rather prominent in this range is pink, so to coincide with Valentine's Day (Happy V Day everyone), I thought I'd look at 8 of my favourites.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Review: BioTrue Rewetting Drops

Bausch and Lomb BioTrue Rewetting Drops box
For the past couple of weeks, I've been using these Bausch & Lomb BioTrue rewetting eye drops*. Not a product I normally use, but I'm finding them invaluable and could be converted! They are a fantastic product for bloggers or anyone that spends a lot of time concentrating in front of a computer screen. Indoor heating, air condition systems and outdoor wind can also play their part in drying out your peepers. These drops are designed to instantly sooth and hydrate eyes, which is exactly what they do. Like I say, it's not something I've previously used, but I do find my eyes get tight and dry (I can feel it beneath my eyelids) and after a drop of this, they feel refreshed and the tightness has gone.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Irregular Choice Roseus Flamingo Heels

Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo heel boots
Following on from my post last night, I have the second pair of Irregular Choice flamingo heels I bought, black Roseus. Firstly, I was really excited to see an ankle boot in this range. It's unusual we get treated to anything that goes further up the foot than a shoe-boot in character heels!  I picked the black because I thought they were a 'go with anything' type boot and I liked that the flamingo heel was a stark contrast against the uppers.  At times in these photos you'd be forgiven for thinking the boot was heel-less as your eye is drawn to the uppers while the flamingo blends into the backdrop!  They definitely have a very different feel to the Blushing Bird courts (not better or worse, just different).

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Irregular Choice Blushing Bird Flamingo Heels

It's time for another character heel release from Irregular Choice, the first (of many) this year. I had no inclination of what they were going to be, but IC picked one of my favourite things, flamingos. The graceful, pink birds were the heel of Roseus, a floral mesh ankle boot in black or cream, Flamenco a patterned mary-jane in black or gold and Blushing Bird a floral court with lace bow in orange, grey or turquoise. I bought the black Roseus and turquoise Blushing Bird, with the intention of returning the pair I liked least or that didn't fit. Tonight, I'm looking at the court shoe. irregular choice turquoise blushing bird flamingo shoes