Friday, 2 July 2010

Recent Hauls

I've been ordering online like a crazy woman these past few days. It's probably to make up from a lack of 'real' shopping lately or even being outdoors at all. I need some fresh air! It was actually pretty funny because "shorts man" (he wears shorts all year round) delivered my Irregular Choice shoes yesterday from Schuh and said "back on the shoe trail are you?", because he often brings me shoe box sized parcels (I've no clue who they are for?). Anyway did he not have to be the one to bring my asos order this afternoon? "You must be the best dressed person in Fife" he says-he doesn't even know the half of the parcels that come here! All the delivery guys and posties are on a first name basis with me and my Mum and we have nicknames for them all! So anyway, I mutter something about it being 'sale time' and sign that stupid computer thing and he says "bye, see you Monday!" Cheeky, cheeky! Thankfully my next Schuh order came later in the day and it wasn't shorts man that delivered that. I got Irregular Choice Making Moves-visit The Shoe Girl Diaries for a quick photo and brief description. I ordered a bigger size but they are still quite tight across the foot. I also managed to get Fantasy Flower (below), again in the sale from Schuh. I got my usual size expecting them to fit fine, because I already have Rocko (which are actually slightly too big), in true IC fashion though, they are completely different. Slightly too tight and although I applaud them for featuring 2 stud positions for those of us with slightly wider feet, I'm struggling to get it fastened on one foot. I'm pretty gutted that I'm probably going to have to return them.
You also already know about my Peacocks dresses and my Topshop order (monkey ring and typewriter necklace), which was dispatched on the 30th June and I've still not received it (think the delivery guy is watching Wimbledon instead)! I also ordered the Primavera courts that I've been after for months from asos. Remember I featured them on 'I Want This' back in January? I am over the moon with them, they are just stunning. They were reduced to £45 (bargain) and just feel very luxurious and designer-esque. They are slightly too tight though, so I've ordered a bigger size and will get them tomorrow and see if they are any better (got to love free next day shipping with the asos premier account). Ignore the strap marks from me trying on the IC shoes beforehand!
Oh and I forgot, I also ordered from MAC yesterday. I'm already dreading when the VAT increase comes in January, MAC will be so expensive and I'll really have to curtail my spending. Anyway I placed a very restrained order yesterday, which still came to £56 though! I'm trying so hard to not just buy everything I like the look of. If I have something very similar and/or don't think I'll use it much I'm avoiding it. It's hard though isn't it? From In The Groove I got Call My Bluff lipstick, You've Got It and Fashion Whim Cremesheen Glass and Tunnel Of Love from Superglass. I know I still have the UD haul and Miss Selfridge/Topshop jewellery hauls and my Feud boots and my order to show you, but I've got loads going on just now and I'm trying very hard to get through all the photos for you. More soon, I promise. XOXO


  1. I love your blog I just stumbled across it! I can't believe you haven't got more followers!!!


  2. Thanks Adele and welcome! Also check out The Shoe Girl Diaries (link at the top of the page), my online shoe diary and challenge to wear a different pair every day!


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