Wednesday, 7 July 2010

MAC Lip Swatches: In The Groove & Superglass

My gorgeous MAC In The Groove and Superglass order arrived on Monday, so here are some really stunning pics and swatches of it all.
I make no secret of how much I love Cremesheen lipsticks, definitely my favourite MAC finish. Call My Bluff is actually really buildable as you can see from the swatches; apply one slick for a sheer finish or intensify the colour with multiple layers. I felt this was maybe less pigmented than previous Cremesheens-maybe I would need to familiarise myself with the colours again though. Creme D'Nude is also in this collection-I already have it and didn't bother to swatch it as I'm pretty sure every girl that wants a nude lippie, already owns this!
As far as I remember I was a little disappointed with the Cremesheen Glass the first time round. The colours were gorgeous, but they applied quite streaky and sheer. However I have to admit to neglecting my MAC lip products and I can't remember a time that I've worn them recently or even which colours I own. Actually is Boy Bait a CSG? I wear that quite a lot, I'm sure it is. Anyway, I really couldn't resist these 'wear anytime, anywhere' colours. Fashion Whim is a clean bright peachy nude while You've Got It is mocha coloured with a really unusual fine green shimmer in it-the camera didn't always pick this up. The latter is most sheer as you can see in the swatch, but I found Fashion Whim quite pigmented.
Finally, I wanted more of these but just opted for Tunnel Of Love, the new Superglass. I haven't had the chance to test this out and compare it to Dazzleglass (both are very glittery), but as far as I know the difference is that Superglass contain different sized sparkles (small, medium and large)-I'm pretty sure it didn't feel quite as sticky as Dazzleglass on my hand, but then I only applied a small section. I quite like the new shaped tube and this applies with a brush (the Cremesheen Glass btw are a doe-foot sponge applicator). Aren't they all lovely? Click pics to enlarge and do not steal-thank you.


  1. Ooo I love the lipstick and two cremesheens! ♥

  2. They're lovely aren't they? Thanks for commenting Sara : )


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