Saturday, 30 January 2010

Soap & Glory Addict

Am I the biggest Soap & Glory fan ever? I just had to take these pictures of my current stash, when I realised the amount of products I had amassed. There are so many favourites in there and lots of new things I can't wait to try out. My staples are the heavenly Glow Lotion, Clean on Me shower gel, fantabulous Hand Food, Righteous Butter, Flake Away exfoliator and indulgent baths with Calm One, Calm All. Sexy Mother Pucker does wonders for my lips and I admit I've become slightly obsessed with its plumping, tingling sensation. I'm a complete convert to the luxurious Heel Genius and I can't rave enough for Hair Supply. For faking fresh and fabulous skin I use the totally unique Glow Job and my puffy eyes are banished with the cooling Supereyes, Supereyes.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Animal Madness

I've recently become quite obsessed with animal themed jewellery. Aside from kitsch horse or unicorn stuff, I've never been all that interested in those snake bangles or tiger necklaces, however I've now developed quite an obsession and can't get enough of them! I love my unicorn shaped ring from Topshop and was gutted to miss out on this cute giraffe one they had on the site last week, I knew it would go quickly! There is also a swan version and a (more expensive) parrot (super cute) and loads of other animal necklaces etc. I bought this lovely vintage looking kitten necklace and brooch from Plastic Bat the other week. The colours are gorgeous and although I'm not a cat lover, I love the graphic and adore the lace detail on the brooch.
After coming home with nothing from the shops on Tuesday, I headed online to purchase these from ASOS. The ring is ah-mazing, it's massive and girly and sparkly! The chain necklace with zebra, bird, snake and giraffe is unusual and unlike anything I own. It actually looks really expensive with the stones and colours.

The Worst Photoshop Ever?

I was recycling old magazines last night and briefly flicked through them to check it was all paper incase there were any sample sachets enclosed. I started laughing out loud at this major photoshop error which caught my eye. Surely this has to be the worst mistake to make and nobody noticed at any point during the editing process? Oh my! Can you spot it (below)?
and the answer is.............

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Vanity

I've made some progress tidying my room, although it's been put on hold this week, whilst I sort out my ebay parcels. I'm pleased to have finished my little vanity area, which was in a terrible state. I threw out loads of old things, sorted my hair clips and elastics into cute tins and displayed my fragrances better.
As you can see from the pics (the first image has some little notes), my everyday fragrances are Ghost, Lancome Miracle, Still by Jennifer Lopez, 'L' Gwen Stefani and my Harajuku Lovers (most used are L'il Angel and G). I wear YSL Elle on special occassions (it's quite overpowering) and occassionally use Lacoste Touch of Pink (nearly finished the huge bottle and fallen out of love with it lately) and Cacheral Anais Anais. I've just finished Love at First Glow (J Lo) and another bottle of Christian Dior J'adore. I used to work on a perfume counter so got loads of freebies there, the huge bottle of J'adore, Envy, Very Valentino and Organza are some I don't wear now (they're very old) but kept the bottles to display. Jean Paul Gaultier Fragile I got as a present whenever it launched. I purely wanted it for the bottle, which is like a little snow globe. The fragrance sucks and I was really annoyed when my friends starting using it as I wanted to keep it for decorative purposes and the liquid inside has gone down slightly : (
I have loads of the other JPG fragrances which I love the smell of (which aren't displayed here). I used to buy the limited edition bottles (that come in decorative tins) until I realised I was actually allergic to the scent! They are so pretty though that I like to just look at them. I also bought a beautfiul set years ago of 3 mini JPG Classique bottles which came with a silver necklace that had a huge ring which held the bottle inside, so cool!
I have some random glittery body lotions which I don't use frequently and Palmers body gloss which looks fabulous on tanned skin (I'm blue but never mind!) and Soap&Glory Glow Lotion which was my first ever S&G product and I still love it. Virgin Vie glitter hairspray, Pout tanning stuff which I haven't used for ages. The little Too Faced cosmetics bag contains some little random things I'm trying, like eye lotions, serums and lip balm, nail files etc. I also have some hair products here, my fave is the Batiste dry shampoo, I don't know how I lived before this!
My skincare products aren't too exciting due to my newly problematic skin. Just No7 toner, supermarket moisturiser, Soap&Glory Glow Job and eye gel, Lancome eye makeup remover and acne treatment gel. Under the shelf are a couple of boxes with face masks and other items. I have a ridiculous amount of hair clips, so I sorted (into the white Soap&Glory dish) the kirbi grips on one side and little clasps on the other. I have a little tin filled with elastics and bobbles and another tin with bigger, fancy clips. I sit and do my makeup in front of another mirror, so this is more a storage space rather than a dresser. As with all images on this blog, click to enlarge!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Topshop Unique Metallic Sandals

My gorgeous new shoes!

Dannii Looks Amazing

I was bored last night with nothing to do, so watched some of The National Television Awards. Bad, I know! For anyone outwith the UK, it's basically as tacky as you can get. A bunch of tanned, hair extension, wannabes flashing way too much flesh, so I definitely wasn't watching it for fashion purposes. I also don't watch any UK soaps (which dominate these awards), so it was definitely out of boredom that I tuned in. However, The X Factor won an award and I was screaming with delight at Dannii Minogue and her fabulous outfit. I know she isn't exactly sporting a bump yet, but this could possibly be the most amazing maternity dress I've ever seen! It was strapless, black and ivory striped and had this bustle detail which lifted the back skirt of the dress to reveal a huge, black net underskirt. She teamed it with asymmetric, red, patent shoes which perfectly complimented. I thought she absolutely nailed the fashion battle with Cheryl last year and she certainly triumphed again last night, just beautiful.
Someone who is looking terrible though is Heidi from the (now awful) Sugababes. What is going on, over-tanned and the hair? She looks 20 years older in this pic, eeek.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Primark Haul & Office Boots

I went shopping on Monday in search of 2 floral dresses I saw in magazines. Seeing as they were very spring like, I didn't expect to find them in Primark yet, but luck was on my side. They were changing the shop layout (again) and had hardly any dresses, so I was thankful they had the ones I was looking for. I also got this spotty pale blue summer dress, sheer black dress with 3/4 sleeves, a pair of brown leggings (£3!!!), this green beret (£1!!!) and a random pink ring which had lost it's price ticket and was the only one (£2). Not a bad lot for £62. The (£15) bright floral dress is fully lined (even the sleeves) and is quite stiff so sticks out all pretty. If anything, it's a little big on me. I'm really tempted to wear this to my friends wedding this summer. I adore that print with all the vivid colours. The blue floral dress (£13) is quite tight across the chest, but gives a tiny waist and flirty skirt. I have this dress in 2 other colours/prints already, so knew it was a winner.
I also tried on black lace leggings (£5), but they were too big, quite baggy and very long and just generally didn't sit right. I saw beautiful studded, peep toes (£19) in cream 'leather' or black 'suede' and honestly the shape was almost identical to Christian Louboutin shoes. The material didn't look cheap (even on the cream pair) and the peep toe, the size of the concealed platform, everything other than the red sole was Louboutin style. However the 5 were just too tight and the 6 were huge. I felt like my foot was going in a different direction to the shape of the shoe and you could see toe cleavage on my little toes but not the others and it looked stupid. I was quite disappointed because they looked so luxurious and not tacky like some of the awful plastic crap they had. I really wanted to check out their tights and thankfully they had the sheer polka dot pair (£2) I've been searching for. I bought a pair in Matalan months ago, but they are far too small. I also got these super, slinky floral ones (£4), some dark green and blue opaques (£1 each) and some stirrup tights (they sit half-way down your foot).
I also popped into Office because it wasn't busy and had a quick look at the sale stuff. I saw the bright pink, high heeled doc-martin style boots I'd seen online (£25), in my size, so bought them. They look tiny and my feet are doing that annoying thing when your toes curl under your foot when you slip your foot in (do you know what I mean?). I don't think they are too small though, I'll just try them with tights and hopefully that should stop it.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Irregular Choice SS10 Look Book

I'm really behind on posts just now, but couldn't go another day without showing you these images from the Irregular Choice SS10 look book. I could barely breathe when I saw them. Then the squealing followed and "OMG, I must have...". I don't think I've ever been so excited about an IC collection before and that's coming from someone who adores the brand!
Going back to their roots, the collection is filled with carved perspex heels, quirky prints, girly styling, an array of colours and absolutely everything I want in a shoe and more. Many people will be pleased to see 'Rockd' a fabulous reinvention of the much sought after pumps and wedges from years back (below). 'Love Games' (underneath that) are a surprisingly decadent looking court which I don't think I can live without! The luxe colours and that super high heel are simply enchanting and surprisingly elegant for IC. The same style is completely transformed in teddy print (a staple of this collection), but still utterly gorgeous. Then you can see Trinklettina, a super kawaii offering adorned with fun charms and again reminiscent of an earlier oversized bow style.
I had a sneak peak at Bambino a few months ago and started plotting evil things if IC didn't put this style into production! I love that there are obviously other people out there, like myself, who think a bright pink patent, suede and floral shoe with a giant pom pom and dolls head wearing a beanie is the coolest thing in the world! Furthermore IC are insane enough to come up with the design in the first place. I adore it and want the blue and black versions too, can't rave about them enough! Plus we get bags for our camera, laptop and shopping. Do you think buying a laptop in order to have a reason for the laptop bag is a little extreme? Lol
I'm pleased to see the basic shape of my green Oz in styles like Fantasy Flower (below) which is fully bursting with floral frivolity and check out the new Oz in looks-like-your-Granny-made-them tapestry style flowers. While the double platform 'Whitney' I loved so much from A/W 08/09 has been revamped in Kim Oh No with adorable polka dots.
Must also mention Itsy Bitsy Betsy (above), a great clomping pin-up style shoe with huge bow, peep toe, platform and available in lots of gorgeous prints.
images from Irregular Choice look book