Monster High Monday

Back in December (2012) I noticed how pretty Monster High doll face paint was and feeling inspired, wondered if it was something I could emulate myself. I photographed close-ups of my Ghoulia doll, picked colours that were a good match from the makeup I own and so Monster High Monday was born! Choosing a different Monster High doll every Monday, I try and recreate the look, matching techniques and colours to the specific doll. You can click each one below to see the full blog post with more pictures and the items I used to achieve that look.

29.  Roller Maze Clawdeen
28. Picture Day Lagoona
27.  Dot Dead Gorgeous Operetta

26. Ghouls Rule Clawdeen
25.  Dance Class Lagoona

24. Scaris Ghoulia
23. Toralei Stripe
22. Swim Class Venus
21. Ghoul's Alive Frankie
20. Ghoul's Rule Frankie
19. Gloom Beach Clawdeen
18. Roller Maze Lagoona
17. Dance Class Howleen
16. Swim Class Lagoona
15. Rochelle Goyle
14. School's Out Lagoona
13. Dawn Of The Dance Cleo
12. Venus McFlytrap
11. Robecca Steam
10. Skull Shores Ghoulia
9. Dance Class Operetta
8. C.A. Cupid
7. Gloom Beach Frankie
6. Physical Deaducation Ghoulia
5. Clawdeen Wolf
4. Home Ick Frankie
3. Mad Science Lagoona
2. Gloom Beach Draculaura
1. Ghoulia Yelps


  1. Hi, I found your blog while googling Irregular Choice shoes. I love the idea of Monster High Monday and some of the make up styles look amazing! I'm feeling quite inspired to give them a go myself.
    ~ Amanda ~

    1. Welcome Amanda : ) Thank you, I've been a bit out of a routine with MHM lately, but hoping to get back into it in the new year x

    2. Great, I look forward to seeing them :)

  2. That is so awesome!! I'd use it as an excuse just to buy the dolls, lol. I found you after Amanda shared your blog on fb xo

    1. Wow that's so cool, thank you both! Ha, yes I do find myself saying 'oh she'd be a good one to buy and copy'!!

    2. I've lost track of how many my daughter has now but she's moved on to Ever After High dolls this Christmas. They are the fairytale characters children and are a spin off from Monster High.

  3. I think Ever After are really pretty, but there's just something that's stopping me buying one. I'm quite disappointed that Cupid left for EAH, as I'll never get another MH version of her. I love the dress on the new Blondie locks, with the little's so cute.

  4. I looove these looks! Would be awesome if you'd make your version of Monster High Sweet Screams doll(s)!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. Unfortunately I've been unwell this year and unable to keep up Monster High Monday, but hope to restart it when I'm feeling better. The SS dolls are brilliant, I don't own any yet (want Ghoulia desperately), but will certainly tackle it if I get it.

    2. I'm sorry to hear :(
      I already have SS Ghoulia, but I think I need to get Abbey too! <3 Hopefully you start feeling better soon! :)


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