Monday, 22 August 2016

M.E. On: Life Right Now

So things have been quieter than usual on my social media and blogs lately and that's because I've suffered another downturn with my health. The hard thing about writing about M.E. is the fact I have M.E.! Yeah it kinda gets in the way of me being able to lead a consistent blog life. I've typed and re-typed this post dozens of times during this period, because I know I can waffle (!) and more so than usual my concentration is limited and words and sentence structure get really jumbled in my head and I don't want you reading rubbish, no matter how much of an accurate account that might be of the current situation! So I'm starting from scratch and re-writing this post one final time and leaving out a lot of chatter, so I actually get it finished this time. MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS banner
I've been plodding along as normal (well normal for me) until one day at the beginning of June when I had an appointment at home. I'd felt fine that morning, but after the home visit ended, I was way more shattered than I'd usually be. I slept where I was sitting. I haven't taken daytime naps for years (haven't needed to). Well I haven't picked up since. I am fighting the tiredness, battling to keep my eyes open on a daily basis (several times a day), struggling to sit up and finding even talking difficult. Sometimes I give in and sleep, other times I doze, not wanting to properly sleep in case I don't sleep at night (I always do though). The exhaustion is simply overwhelming and relentless, it just won't go away. I have zero energy, no strength to get up and do the limited amount of things I used to do myself. I wasn't getting outdoors or having any sort of social life anyway, but now I'm finding it difficult to get up the stairs at night and choosing between going to the kitchen to take my medication or the toilet, because I know I won't manage both. Showering was already a big deal for me, but I'm really, really struggling with that now. I've been ill long enough to know that this isn't normal for me and I don't have any plausible explanation for having done too much and therefore gone backwards from that.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Irregular Choice: Green Savan Swan Heels

irregular choice green gold savan
Hello lovelies, hope you're enjoying the warm weekend. I did a little bit of al fresco meditation earlier. Trying a double boost of Vitamin D and mindfulness in one go. Actually if you don't already, follow me on Instagram, as I'm getting into this new "stories" malarkey and pop videos and things up on that as well as my main posts (but you need to be a follower to see the stories bit-in the carousel across the top of your screen, if you haven't seen it already and they magically disappear after 24 hours). Ok, in my previous post I showed you the pink Savan swan heels from Irregular Choice (well actually they are called "white") and I mentioned I was waiting on the green/gold version to arrive. I was to choose between them and keep only one pair, so read on to see how I got on.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Irregular Choice: Savan Swan Heels

Hello lovelies, a special Irregular Choice post today with the first character heel of the new season! You know I always get so much more excited by A/W stuff than summer styles (not sure why, it's just always been the way), though these are a very good transitional or all year round shoe I suppose. "Season neutral"!  It means a new sole, inners and box too, so there's lots to see in this post. irregular choice pink savan swan heels aw16

Monday, 25 July 2016

Irregular Choice: Starry Night Bag

You might recall I mentioned in my Irregular Choice handbag collection post back in May, that a new addition had just arrived (seriously it happens every single time I take a group shot). It was the elusive Starry Night from AW15. Elusive to me at least. My priority last season, was to get Forest Fantasy and Swan Lake and the universe never really aligned for me and this bag. Anytime I had cash, it had sold out. It would come back and I either couldn't afford it or pondered if I really needed it (bigger bags are never top of my list) by which time it had gone again. Naturally once it had gone for good, I realised I did really like it and it would've been nice to have in my collection. A couple of months ago after yet further misses (seriously!), I managed to get my hands on a brand new one from eBay. irregular choice starry night aw15 handbag

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Irregular Choice SS16 Sale Shoes

irregular choice ss16 sale shoes
A couple of weeks ago, the summer sale began at Irregular Choice and I took the opportunity to pick up a couple of items I'd had my eye on all season.


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