Thursday, 30 April 2020

MAC Bronzing: Haul & Swatches (Summer 2020)

Post does not contain gifted items and contains some affiliate links.cosmetics on glitter backdrop, limited edition
I took a bit of a chance ordering the MAC Bronzing collection earlier this month. It's not launched in the US yet, I believe it came out here (UK) first and for me anyway, it was out of the blue as I hadn't seen any teasers and for some reason MAC don't email me newsletters of new releases (yep, I've ticked the box to allow it). I used to buy (direct from them) regularly and I think at some point the emails just stopped and my interest waned as I didn't stay on top of new launches like I used to. Marketing, take note!  As I've been saying on the blog, I'm really enjoying the MAC limited releases again. The second I saw this, I was intrigued with the packaging. It reminded me slightly of the water droplet (aka the best packaging ever) Alluring Aquatic range from summer 2014, so I ordered some bits. There were no social media photos or swatches anywhere. MAC describe their shades, but I don't find their arm swatches helpful...they're just a bit uninspiring and rarely accurate. Anyway, I was overall happy with everything I got and guessed my colours correctly! So settle down for lots of pics and swatches... limited edition makeup collection mac bronzing summer 2020

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Irregular Choice Lightning Bolt: Galactic Thunder (IC Exclusive)

Post does not contain affiliate links or gifted items.irregular choice lightning bolt shoe with metallic moon on rainbow unicorn background
Onto the second of my lightning bolt heels and these, Galactic Thunder, were another Irregular Choice exclusive colour. They also came in a bright, multi colour or a darker combination, but I was drawn to the pink leopard print. pair of shoes from above in pink leopard print with pointed toes and star detail

Monday, 13 April 2020

Comparison Swatches: MAC Gold Glitter Lipgloss

Post does not contain affiliate links or gifted items. 4 tubes of MAC limited edition packaged lipgloss in gold glitter
I keep mentioning that I've gotten really into MAC makeup again and I've been buying quite a bit from their limited edition releases. This used to be my method all those years ago, I can easily be swayed by pretty packaging! I've been very aware lately of always opting for the sparkly gold gloss in releases, so I've put together four of my most recent ones, including one from the new Bronzing collection for Summer 2020. I love that release by the way. I popped a quick pic up on my Instagram stories last week, but I'm waiting to take proper photos as I still have one item on it's way to me.

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Irregular Choice: SS20 Box Design

I've been promising you a proper look at the Spring/Summer 2020 graphics from Irregular Choice and here is the fabulous box. irregular choice ss20 shoe box

Friday, 28 February 2020

Irregular Choice: Luxovious (Super Fan Collection)

Post does not contain affiliate links or gifted items. blue space themed boots with gold star heel on dark planet background Probably shouldn't begin a post with a negative, but I'm not entirely happy with these photos. You'll see a couple of different backdrops; I started with this planet one, but the colour and material of the boots wasn't shining like it usually does, so I switched to the other background, but it didn't improve much. I was photographing a lot of items this day, so didn't have the time to try again and as always my energy is low, so I just have to do what I can and I'd rather review them than not at all. The close-up photos are alright and I'll go into detail about the material anyway and am including an extra photo at the end so you can see them in all their glory.  I'm more disappointed that I haven't done the material justice because it and the boots are better than they look here. shimmering blue mid calf boot on planet background