Saturday, 2 May 2015

Would You Wear...?

Back with my new feature which made it's debut last week! That time, the cropped culottes/jumpsuit/crop top/cape thing seemed to have us all fretting about spilling something down it, clumsy lot we are! 73% wouldn't wear it, 13% would and the same amount were on the fence (no idea about the odd 1%). Read on for this week's Would You Wear...? and yet again I'm questioning "what is it"?
ASOS dip dye crochet cape

Friday, 1 May 2015

SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears Bag

SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears Bag Header
So much for a more organised week, it's been very hectic so far and I've fallen behind with everything. I'm aiming to catch up tomorrow, but massive apologies for neglecting you all and my complete lack of blog commenting (I've missed reading what you're up to, so will get up to date this weekend). Anyways, I promised 'proper' photos of my SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears bag £28 and the reason I'm posting today, is because it's back in stock. Yes, go, go, go! It went quickly last time, so if you really want it, then don't dally.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Would You Wear...?

Hello, I'm back with (hopefully) a new weekly feature! I'm going to choose a random, but somewhat questionable fashion item and ask you what you think, if you like it and whether or not you'd wear it. I myself buy things that my sisters wouldn't dare and they look at things in shops, I wouldn't even notice, so it's like a thinking out loud thing and I want your opinions, for fun! I am partnering up with my other blog The Shoe Girl Diaries to ask the same question, though there it will be specifically footwear we're discussing. So pop on over to see a strappy, pointed toe, mule this week, oh yeah! I'm going to embed a poll within the post (if I know how) so place your vote, but I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comments section too, especially if you opt for the 'maybe' category. Next week, we'll see whether you rated or slated this item. warehouse cropped jumpsuit

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

SkinnyDip Milk Carton Bag

skinnydip popcorn unicorn tears ice cream milk carton bags
You know I love my kitsch handbags and I added another to my collection at the weekend. Well, actually I almost didn't, because I'd forgotten my package was coming and we didn't answer the door (thinking it was someone selling something or campaigning for the election, plus he looked totally shifty, but that's not the point). Anyway as 'wild man' walked back down the path, I noticed the polka dot packaging and the penny dropped that it was my Topshop parcel. Mum ran outside with no shoes on (!) but he'd already disappeared. Then she bumped into him and he said he'd left it next to the wheelie bins around the back of the house (i.e. chucked it over the high fence). Thanks mate.  Drama over and thankfully my milk wasn't curdled.  Joke.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Schuh Unicorn Dream Boat

Argh, I say I'm back, then totally flake on you again, sorry! Best laid plans and all that. My nephews were here again (which I forgot about) and there just aren't enough hours in the day, as I'm sure you know. I've also been out of sorts with a sore throat which turned into a cough and cold. My voice bore the brunt and let me tell you none of this is a good look on a girl! It started with a Dean Winchester level of low (that's like hella low), then I annoyingly sounded like I permanently needed to clear my throat (think Sophia Bush). Then came Madge Bishop (not good), which progressed into Marge's sisters in The Simpson's (really not good), then Voight in Chicago PD (seriously Channel 5 get subtitles for that programme, Jason Beghe cannot be understood without them). Then came wheezy and barely there, like the scary dog that chases Babe (but turns nice) in Babe: Pig In The City. It's dropping to Dean levels again along with the wheezing which seem to sit below the level of human hearing, so I have to say everything 3 times until somebody notices my lips moving and asks what I'm saying. Between that and stopping to cough, blow my nose, drink Lemsip, suck throat sweets, feel sorry for myself and y'know try and actually breathe, I've been struggling to get much else done. I got new shoes today though and stuff like that just can't wait. Schuh unicorn Dream Boat slides and SkinnyDip Unicorn Tears bag


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