Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mid Week Must Haves

Mid Week Must Haves (Framed Bags)
Mid Week Must Haves time again and this week it's the turn of structured handbags and oh, it's a goodie. Whenever I spotted this high street honey, I just knew it had to appear here (along with The Shoe Girl Styles It later in the week). It's called Hana by Therapy at House of Fraser £45 and is just new in. Therapy actually have a ton of lovely new season bags, but I love the Hana style the most. That beautiful rounded, framed, structured shape and pretty 'knobbles' are right up my street! It comes in several colours (I quite like the tartan insert one too) but this white leopard print one is definitely my favourite. There's more than a touch of the Cruella DeVille about it, don't you think? It's going on my wishlist for Autumn for sure. So then I looked to one of my favourite accessories designers for my high end hottie and found this glorious Lulu Guinness 'Pollyanna' £350 (exclusive to HoF). I've spent many a weekend completely enthralled in QVC when Lulu is on with her wonderful bags and accessories and it's my aim in life to someday own a LG bag! The Pollyanna has been on my wishlist since I saw it on the show and it comes in different colours and sizes, but my sister can't understand how I could fall in love with such a 'plain bag' (her words not mine). My Mum is totally with me on it though, it just oozes class and quality (honestly the photo here doesn't do it justice) and I adore the shape. It's both practical and beautiful and this red patent version with monochrome stripes is even more eye-catching than the plain colours.  I want them both!  Do you like?

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ice Cream + Free Flip Flops

I wish I was writing this with appropriate themed weather, but we had the loudest, most violent thunder, lightning and rain that I've ever seen or heard earlier. I was actually super excited! Anyway I wanted to share this offer of free flip flops, but first I can't keep the bargain of the century to myself.
I've ogled the Karl Lagerfeld/Melissa ice-cream cone heels for ages. Really ages. I've come close to buying them before, but thankfully didn't-because I spotted them on Daniel Footwear last week reduced from £120 to £36. Yes, really! It's the cheapest I've ever seen them (I think ASOS had them around £60 and even discount sale sites haven't had them so low). Obviously I didn't hesitate and bought them right away. They arrived today and are just fabby.
Daniel have four colours (different prices) and the glossy black were the cheapest and happened to be the ones I liked most anyway. Don't worry, I didn't get the last pair, as I'm typing this, all sizes are in stock. The glitter heel comes wrapped for protection, but there is some serious glitter fall-out on other parts of the shoe. I took a wipe over it and removed the majority, but the odd bit of escaped glitter doesn't really concern me.  I can't get over how life-like that cone is! 
Size wise, they are a snug fit, like most closed-toe Melissa shoes. I opted for my regular size though and they don't feel uncomfortably tight. A longer wear would be necessary to confirm that, but certainly I wasn't wincing wearing them for 10 minutes. They have the bubblegum scent and come with a dustbag.
Now for an extra bonus, Daniel are currently offering all customers a free pair of flip flops worth £19.99. They come in four different colours (pink, black, orange and gold). I got the gold pair (for my Mum) and all that is required is you pay for postage. So you could buy them without placing an order (p&p is £3.99), but you may want to add them to your basket along with the ice cream heels! Just click my link here, add the required colour/size to your basket and then sign into your account (or make one) and add code 'upkeep' at the checkout and £19.99 will be taken off your order (you'll see it discounted before you pay).
I'll leave you with the rather strangely worded booklet that comes with the Melissa shoes for a lol. Did you know Karl was one of the most designers in the world? Most of what, I'm not quite sure, hmmmm!
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mid Week Must Haves

Hola, how is this week treating you so far? I'm pretty wrecked, but plodding along. Whenever I saw this High End Hottie in an email, I instantly knew it had to be included in MWMH. So I racked my brains trying to find a High Street Honey worthy of sitting alongside such a magnificent find. I spent ages...then it dawned on me, I had the perfect pair already on my wishlist*. Waste of time, silly me!Mid Week Must Haves
The high street are Iron Fist 'Change Your Spots' sunglasses £14.99 (sale). I love the whole leopard print collection they brought out for summer. There's a gorgeous cardigan with studded shoulders and a little dress and shoes and boots. Anyway the sunglasses are just brilliant, big round frames and a lovely leopard pattern and every so often there's a little skull in amongst it. Pretty cool. The high end pair are new from Miu Miu £212 and actually come in five different shades (no pun intended). I think this pair are my favourite, but hey, I wouldn't say "no" to any of them! I'm not even sure I want to wear them particularly, I just want to look at them and marvel at their design and colourful patterns! The pink velvet case they come in is pretty rad too!  You know how much of a sunglasses fan I am, but do these take your fancy?    

*Wishlist is in my head and my head gets easily confuzzled and forgets, no matter how badly the wishlist is wanted.
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Shoe Sale Alert (Under £30)

I hadn't planned this post, but whenever I spotted the sale prices this morning, I thought it only fair to share! It's not often you find Irregular Choice heels for £26 after all! Starting with my 'under £30' picks, there is A Night Under The Stars (Irregular Choice) sequin heels with 60% off at £26 available in both colourways. The black courts are Kristina by Ravel and also £26. The pink floral wedges are Eden Eflora £28.80 and I'm sure you can forgive me for not quite being under £30, with the Unicorncopia platforms by Iron Fist, 60% off at £30.40. Another couple of pairs of Irregular Choice worth a mention (but not pictured) are the Bowtiful (knitted bow) courts in red with 60% off at £32 and floral Ozzy (perspex bow) in navy for £33.80.
In my under £25 lot, there are three pairs of Iron Fist flats with 50% off, Distant Memory (studded peep toe) £24.50, Grave Dancer (pink bow) £24.50 and Sweets For My Sweet lollipop covered pumps for a fabulous £19. The Madden Girl Cappe wedges are half price at £24 while the coral Mellony are reduced to £24.30. There's also a glorious pair of No Photos Please by Irregular Choice for £20.40 with 60% off.Sale Shoes (Under £25)
It's free delivery on everything and there's limited sizes available, so don't dally.  Anything here take your fancy?

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mid Week Must Haves

Graphic bodycon dresses for Mid Week Must Haves this time. My high street honey is this adorable but slightly crazed Disturbia 'Bunnies' dress £31.99 from Pulp. The print comes in several pieces for summer and I really love those crazy-cute buns. My high end hottie is this House of Holland 'Cock Tale' dress £125. Henry Holland has turned cult movies, such as Cocktail and True Romance into slightly disturbing prints for his pre-fall collection. Just look at that print close-up, who doesn't want a googly eyed Tom Cruise all over a dress?! Too kitsch? Is there even such a thing?Mid Week Must Haves

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Monday, 30 June 2014

Bought & Thought

I don't know what happened to Bought & Thought last week, I missed it! I've not been keeping to my schedule as well as I'd like, but I'm not going to dwell on it. So, I bought these dresses a while back when I had a discount code. If you follow The Shoe Girl Diaries then you'll know I'm fond of the ASOS wiggle dress! I've bought them in every print and colour that has fitted (and sadly sent back several that didn't). As much as I love the style, one thing that I'd sometimes like to change is the longer length (it's just past mid-calf on me).  You have to consider which shoes to wear with it proportion-wise. So I was mega excited to see some 'mini' versions of the style. They looked really short on the model, but then the longer version looks shorter on them too (I'm not exactly model height), so I assumed they would be a little longer in real life. The middle and right in the photo below are the shorter lengths (sorry for the plastic, I excitedly took this photo when they were still in their bags).
The pink I've kept, the white I sent back. I loved the 'embroidered' look (it's actually not stitched, it's just printed), but it didn't feel right on me. I'm not sure if it was the lighter colour, but I was uncomfortable in it and had one of those "get it off, I can't breathe" moments! The pink one was better (though to be honest all clothes feel uncomfortable right now so it's hard to tell). The length is just above my knee (roughly the same as it looks on the model or maybe an inch lower), I'd have preferred on or slightly below my knee. I'm not sure I'd personally wear it bare legged as it might ride up a little, plus there's the split at the back, so it felt quite short. I was slightly disappointed-just a couple of inches lower and it would be perfect. However it's a nice alternative to my others.  The dress on the left is another slight modification on the original as it has a V-back rather than the high neckline. I'm completely head over heels with this one. It's a lighter crepe (the others are thick stretch cotton), the pattern is so lovely and it's got all the same qualities as the original.  Pockets too, love pockets! It had sold out and I luckily got one when they restocked, but it's gone again. I think I have another two or maybe three prints I haven't worn yet too, so I can't wait to get these on when I'm back to wearing clothes.  My motto is always "if you like it, buy it in every colour", so I'm living by that with this wiggle dress!  What do you think?

I like this quote (below), because I've had a lot of "what if" moments in my life, where I think if I'd done something differently it wouldn't have led to the 'bad' or 'wrong' path.  It's a bit like "every cloud has a silver lining", you just have to deal with having taken that route and find the good in it.  Sometimes it might seem like the wrong thing, but then something of worth comes out of it which wouldn't have happened otherwise.  It's there, if you look hard enough.  This is our thought for the week!  Can you think of an instance this has happened to you?   
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Friday, 27 June 2014

How To Wear: Bags

So I'm supposed to be looking at shoes on the Sarenza site, but I notice a bag in the sale that I like, then spy another pretty bag and another....! We all know about my shoe obsession, but one that comes and goes is my bag obsession. Over the years I've gone through phases of buying handbags non-stop, then not liking any of the 'trends' and therefore buying none. Lately though, all I see is pretty bags!  You'll recall my Irregular Choice unicorn and cat bags. My first 'mid week must haves' contained guess what? Two cute bags! However I keep finding more I want to share, so I've put together some of my favourites in this post and also how I'd style them.
Starting with this Irregular Choice 'Adora Adorned' which I've had my eye on for a while. It caught my attention again when it popped into the sale. Despite the bold colouring and busy print, it's the 'doctors bag' shape that really appeals to me. I love the partly structured frame and yes, that print is certainly a showstopper. I wanted to wear this for a day out shopping, as it would be big enough to pop little purchases in. So I styled it pretty dressed-down (well for me) with jeans and a T, multi-coloured friendship bracelets and plain sandals, with the focus on the bag. How do you think you would style this bag?Styling Bags: Irregular Choice Adora Adorned

Ahh Moschino Cheap & Chic no wonder you are called 'Love Me'. This is such a pretty little jewelled thing. It's not going to fit a massive amount inside, but is ample for me in a day. Again I love the shape (and that big knob) and I'm wondering if my fluffy heart peep toes would look good with it? The red heart is maybe too bright on my shoes.  Anyway, I wanted this look to be smart but not overly formal. As this bag is the type that would make any outfit look polished and well presented, I didn't opt for the more obvious simple peep toes or courts and instead chose chunky platform boots with monochrome polka dots and glasses. I think it looks fabulous, what about you? Did I mention this bag has a massive 40% off right now?Styling Bags: Moschino Cheap & Chic Love Me

I spoke about Barbara Rihl in my Mid Week Must Haves last week and I was struggling to narrow all the styles down to one (or two) for this post. I chose this weekender as it was different to the other types of bag I've picked here. Blair in New York (I love the names almost as much as the bags themselves), would be the perfect getaway bag for a weekend with friends. I therefore wanted a fashionable but casual outfit to reflect that. Easy to wear trousers and cami with a kimono, long necklace, some sunglasses and colourful flat sandals. Spa here I come!  Is this something you could see yourself in?Styling Bags: Barbara Rihl Blair in New York

Another sale bargain, is this little red Apollo clutch by Vivienne Westwood. This is the type of bag that would be great for a night out or as I've styled it, a 'holiday night out' because it wouldn't take up much room in your suitcase and would be just big enough for the essentials on a night out. It can be worn with a little strap for hands free dancing or drinking too! I paired it with this floral jumpsuit, cool sunnies and flat sandals. Do you like this look?Styling Bags: Vivienne Westwood Apollo

Finally, another Barbara Rihl bag in the shape of this Gisele in Capri tote. I like this soft blue colour although it also comes in bright turquoise or orange, which are just as lovely. Gisele does indeed look like she's having a wonderful time sunning herself on her hols, judging from the snapshots on the front and you will too with this matching crop top and full midi skirt. Sharp cat eye sunglasses are a must and I love the contrasting flash of colour with these metallic courts. Is this your favourite look?Styling Bags: Barbara Rihl Gisele in Capri
Plus from today, buy any two sale items at Sarenza and get an extra 10% off with the code EVENMORE, it's valid until the end of June.  Do any of the bags here take your fancy?  Also, you can click the links under the Polyvore images for more info on the clothes and accessories.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mid Week Must Haves

Hello, hope you're well? For my 'mid-week must haves', I turn my attention to shoes. Well it was only a matter of time really, wasn't it? Wedges in fact. Starting with the 'high street honey', which are by Iron Fist. I've had my eye on the Buns N' Roses range since before it launched and have made it my mission to own almost every item in the collection. Not only do I love the name, but florals and "bunicorns", hello!! So at the weekend I ordered a top and three pairs of shoes directly from IF (including these wedges), only to be slightly disappointed with my order when it arrived (super speedy delivery, I'll give them that). The top was fine, the shoes I really wanted were out of stock and the other pair don't fit, grrr. This pair were ok-ish in fit, I'm actually starting to think my feet have grown in the past few months of non-shoe wearing (gasp, say it isn't so). I'd have to pierce another hole in the strap and there's a little bit of a bulge over the vamp, but I think I'll keep them. I can't really be bothered with the hassle of sending them back. So now I'm on the search yet again, for the other two styles and I'm not sure if it's my feet or these are small made (my experience with IF in the past were, they were true to size). Any IF ladies help me out with your knowledge? Plus despite the hefty discount code I used, I still found these wedges cheaper here for £41 with 37% off afterwards. So altogether not a very successful order, though I continue to love the print and style and think they remain worthy of being in my mid week must-haves!  Mid Week Must Haves (Wedges)

My high end hottie, aren't completely 'high end' but quite expensive for the high street. I'm totally besotted with these Jeffrey Campbell 'Icy' ankle boots and have wanted them for ages. I actually prefer the female 'Barbie' head version, but any of the dolls are really hard to find in UK. I know I said last week, my 'must haves' weren't exactly 'musts', but no, I must have these. I need them.  Proof of this came when a girl I haven't seen since Primary School (some ahem 20+ years ago) posted the pink suede version on my Facebook page and said she could imagine me wearing them.  Indeed!  They've currently got 24% off at Zalando with the link above, so are a much more respectable £160 (several sizes still available).  Would you 'stomp' on these poor, trapped dollies?  Which wedge do you prefer? Let me know.

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mid Week Must Haves

I can't believe it's the third day of my new routine and I'm so far sticking to it, ticking off what I have to do each day.  Just shows how much you can get done when you are focused!  So this is another new feature and it's pretty self explanatory.  They aren't exactly must must haves, I mean we aren't going to die without them are we? However for alliteration purposes 'must' sounded better than anything else! It's aimed as a mid-week 'pick me up' really and will include two items, one from the high street and one designer. They will be loosely themed (as in 'shoes', 'dress' etc) but are not intended to be 'dupes' or replicas of each other. They are just two bags I thought were cute!Mid Week Must Haves (Bags)

I'll start with the 'high street honey', Oasis printed clutch bag £30, which was new in at ASOS yesterday. I don't know what it is with me and bags just now, but it's getting to be quite an obsession. I love the print on this one and the shape is totally my style. It does come with a chain strap if clutches aren't your thing. Isn't it gorgeous? My 'high end hottie' is a bag brand that's new to me, Barbara Rihl. I kinda wish I hadn't discovered her, because I literally want every single thing. Her bags combine fashion illustrations with a little humour, not unlike the 'Charming' Love Moschino bags I'm so fond of. This one is called Kristie in LA £117.50 and I think I like it so much because it reminds me of my three Uni flatmates. I'd have to be the blonde one (as I was back then) although she's dressed a little plain-I think I'd wear sunglasses and polka dots too! It's plain (orange) on the back and comes with a little clip on strap. Do you love it?

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bought & Thought

The first of my new 'Bought & Thought' posts featuring something I've purchased recently alongside an inspiring or encouraging quote to perk us up.  I've been using this Clarins Lip Balm Crayon in My Pink for a couple of months now and didn't think anything could rival my beloved Instant Light, Natural Lip Perfector.  However this just might.  It's a non-sticky crayon that moisturises like a balm but has a little sheen and colour (depending on which shade you get).  It's obviously not as glossy looking or feeling as the tube stuff, so if gloss isn't your thing, actually you may prefer this one.  It's one of those products you can apply in the dark and I love the no mess, twist up application.  I thought the name of this shade was a little strange, until I realised this is the one colour in the collection, that actually reacts to the pH of your lips to create a unique shade for you.  Hence 'my', duh!  This is why when I've swatched it (full haul post coming next week), it looked colourless, yet is actually quite pink at times on my lips.  It's already one of those products that I feel I need multiples of, to leave all over the house, in bags etc, so I'm never without it!  Have you tried this or any other brand 'lip crayons'?    
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Blogging has very much been forced to take a backseat this year, while I deal with my health issues. Though I'm nowhere near 'better' right now, I'm keen to have something to concentrate on and that means getting back into blogging. How much I can do or how long it will last, I don't know. I spent a lot of time on the computer yesterday, to the point that I thought I was going to be sick and couldn't move or speak, I was utterly exhausted. All that, just from sitting reading and typing, nothing 'physical' whatsoever! As I lay there aching afterwards, I felt all the plans and hopes that I'd been working on, just fizzling out. Clearly, I'm not capable of coming back full-time, so do I admit defeat and give up altogether or continue taking a step back, in the hope I heal? It's tough to know whether to push through it or take the time off. It's something I've struggled with (blogging aside) for the 12 years I've been ill and going too hard was how I got into this mess in the first place.
Blogging is not an easy thing to give up though. I was thankful that it was something vaguely in 'my field' that I was capable of doing whilst ill, as I'd had to give up on so many other hobbies and activities. So, I've worked my butt off on my blogs over the years. Of course I've pushed myself, keeping up both blogs, meeting deadlines, working when I wasn't feeling 100%, it's been damn hard, but I love it. It's exciting, it helps me interact with others (when I have very little or none of that in real life), it covers topics I'm passionate about and it's given me a 'purpose' and something to focus on, when my own life is a mess. I think about blogging every single day, whether it's an idea for a new feature, something I want to photograph or something I see online. I don't find it can be switched off, even during the last 5 months of 'bed rest'. I'm a blogger. I want to do it and I love to do it.

It's fast moving though and taking time off or blogging less frequently has consequences. Readers switch off (understandably so, when there's nothing new), opportunities dry up and statistics, no matter how much I try to wriggle out of dealing with, matter. People need something tangible to measure, your passion and sometimes content are irrelevant. I suppose it's a bit like dieting without weighing yourself. Some 'feel' lighter or tell by how their clothes fit, but you're never really going to know how much you've lost. When someone asks, how can you tell them, if you don't know the figures? You need a word or number, something factual. So this whole week (pre knackered incident), I got my blogging hat on. I've been writing lists, sending emails, thinking up new features and forcing myself to look at what the stats say. I'm talking 'targets', 'time management', 'goals' and 'planning'. Words I seriously used to hate. My mind is constantly ticking and I've even taken a notebook to bed, scribbling notes as I'm falling asleep. Like I say, it never stops.

So am I back to full time blogging? Well, I just feel I've worked too hard on building my blogs up, to sit back and watch them crumble now. Statistics or not, of course I've taken a beating over the last few months. Anyone would. In my favour though are some amazing and loyal readers. Yes, you! You've checked back time and time again in the hope of a new post and been straight in there to comment when I do. You've emailed, left blog comments and sent messages on Facebook asking if I'm still alive (!) and so I feel I owe it to you and to myself to keep going. Much like a movie musical-montage moment, I wish I could be all "I'm stronger than this, I'm going to beat it and come out the other side, rah-rah-rah", but the reality is, I'm just not sure if it is something I'm physically and mentally capable of right now. Only time (and a blood test on Friday) will tell.

I'm definitely going to give it my best shot though and that means being more responsible when it comes to managing my time and scheduling in necessary breaks, so I don't become overworked. Therefore the planning has to be spot on. I'm making up a weekly planner as we speak (it's like old-school study plans which I always had more fun making than adhering to), detailing what has to be achieved each day. It may sound silly to "list makers" but I tend to be a 'wing it' girl, doing what I want, when I want. That's only going to make me more stressed and that's the last thing I need. Hopefully (although it may take a couple of weeks to fall into a manageable routine), I'll get it down and be able to stick to it. So what does it mean for you? Well, I'm probably going to play around with the blog layout and add new components. You'll already see the social media buttons below each post, meaning it's easy to share posts or pictures you like from my blogs through any of the channels, in one click (or maybe a couple)! Once I figure out my techy HTML shizzle, I'll then see what needs neatened up, what can be lost altogether or what else to add. It might not all take effect immediately, it's a work in progress. There's also going to be some new features, seeing as my beauty ones are unachievable for me right now (makeup free, ill selfie in this post as proof of that). Basically a refresh, more streamlined (I think) and I want it all (blogging, social media, readers, sharing) to be more interactive with one another (imagine me doing finger locking actions to illustrate my point).

The Shoe Girl Diaries is going to see the biggest change, as it's completely come to a standstill during my time in perma-PJ's with no shoes! The thing is, I've always been so sure of the format of TSGD and exactly how I wanted it to look, only changing it once since I began in 2009 (with the introduction of full outfit/head shots) and even then, I wasn't sure I wanted to change it. So I thought long and hard about how it could or if it should evolve. Did I really want to mess around with my 'baby' and stray from the 'diary' style? Well it's move it on or lose it completely and thankfully those that visit TSGD are usually there for some shoe appreciation and there's definitely going to be plenty of that. For sure, there will be more frequent updates, once weekly shoe posts (old-school TSGD style) and even a new feature that involves my readers (stay tuned for info of that). I was almost at 1000 days of shoe posts before my break and already thinking ahead to how the blog could develop, so this has just given me a much needed push in the right direction.

If I'm serious about blogging, which I always have been, then I need to act like it. I can't be the scruffy surfer dude, that drives a colourful camper van, sometimes sleeps on the beach and refuses to get a haircut but actually works a 'respectable' 9-5 office job where he has to wear a suit but wonders why he is the laughing stock. If I'm doing the do and want to be taken seriously, I need to fully embrace it and that means sticking to schedules and keeping one eye on the 'boring' side of things, so hopefully I don't fall into the trap of long breaks or stopping blogging altogether. In theory anyway. Just when I think I'm getting somewhere with the blog, out of the blue there's a technical or health issue and I feel like all my work up until that point is forgotten and I have to start afresh again. I've put too much into it at this stage to allow that to keep happening. So the 'fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants' approach is going and the more structured technique is hopefully going to be my saviour. One thing that won't change is my enthusiasm and passion for writing about things that I love. I've always had that and the day I don't, is the day I give up blogging.

I've taken a lot from the past few months. I've learnt I'm very determined and don't give up easily, which I honestly never knew. I would never make light of how my health has been this year, because really I've been bedridden ill (and am not out of the woods yet), but blogging is so important to me that I'm hoping I've found a way to make it work and can build on it as my health improves. I always say I'm 'keeping it real' and showing that bloggers are real people with real lives and real problems and I like that I can show that more vulnerable, unglamourous side once in a while. It's perhaps a unique approach as many prefer to act like they just walked out the pages of Vogue, where everything is wonderful all the time and there's never a struggle to figure out what that HTML code means, tea stains on that white t-shirt, shit lighting for taking photos or something outwith your control that has meant you've lost 4 hours when you should've been blogging. Yes a blog should be a happy, inspirational place and not a daily moan, but there is this far from perfect life away from the hundreds of lipsticks and high heels that I don't want to ignore. I haven't left the house since March, I have 5" of roots in my hair, I can't walk up the stairs without getting breathless, I take more pills a day than meals and I'm only able to shower once a week.  If that is a turn-off for some, then so be it, I will never pretend to be perfect or someone I'm not.  If anything I'd hope that this will put an end to that 'perfect blogger' myth.  Life is cruel sometimes, but you've just got to roll with the punches.  Thanks again for the loyalty and welcome to any new readers that like my fresh take on blogging.  Like I say, you can share this post via the social media buttons below, if you think your friends/followers would like it...let me know if there's something missing there that you'd like me to add (I tried to pick the most popular ones) and I'll see what I can do.  Onwards and upwards folks, new outlook starts now!! x x x

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Irregular Choice: One Who Charms & Magic Pony

A picture heavy but chatter light post today, because I'm absolutely pooper-scoopered, but thought you'd want to see the wonderful new arrivals.
My One Who Charms unicorn heels arrived from Schuh on Monday. I was very impressed with the quick service and I think had I ordered them on a weekday other than Friday (ie. not to arrive on the weekend), then they'd have been here next day (they were sent Express 24). Good going for free delivery. I'm glad I sized up because they feel really snug, all over. You'll maybe recall originally I ordered two sizes in the star Eternal Friend unicorn courts (and kept the smaller pair) but took a chance just ordering the bigger size in the cream OWC. I haven't actually been well enough to wear any of them, but I tried on the cream ones again last week, just to double check they were a good fit. I haven't compared the two colours, but certainly the size up (6/39) felt like they 'just' fitted me and no more. I don't recall feeling that way about the cream, but it could just be that because I haven't worn shoes for months now, it felt weirdly restrictive. Haven't worn a bra either, so that'll be interesting when that happens (wee overshare for you there)! 
Anyway I'd recommend sizing up personally. The strap again, 'just' fits. Had it been a fiddly button, I'd have been struggling I reckon. It's just secure enough on the base Velcro, but it's almost as 'wide' as it can be. Thankfully the Velcro is black, so it's not noticeable that I'm not fully covering it. I probably didn't take as many pictures as last time, you might find it helpful to look at that post if you need to see the toe shape and froggy soles etc. The unicorn heels are exactly the same.  The only difference I can see other than the colour/fabric is the zig-zag design done in sequins last time, is instead a meshy pattern with gold metallic thread on a black background.  You can see it best on the toes in the photo below.    
Then my coordinating Magic Pony bag arrived from Irregular Choice yesterday (again using free delivery). It's so beautiful, like really lovely. The fabric is rich yet kinda muted or is subdued a better word? It's just gorgeous. It doesn't feel as stiff as my other one to open and also the actual bag itself feels a bit less rigid. It's the same inside, so check this original post if that intrigues you and I forgot to take a photo of the strap. It's turquoise metallic on the underside (the same as the base) and then the floral pattern on the other.
Despite the busy background, the unicorns are still quite clear and again the colours are just so lovely. Can you spot the mistake though? I noticed right way, but I all but spelt it out to my sister and she still sat for 10 minutes trying to find it.
Only one pony has an embroidered mouth. Collective "awwww"! I'd never send it back for fear of losing it altogether (they sold out on Friday), plus it's not something I'm particularly bothered by. I actually think I prefer it without the mouth.  It just makes mine even more unique doesn't it?
What do you think? Do you prefer the originals or like the new colourway better? So much for the chatter-light approach too. It appears even on my death-bed*, my tongue (or typing fingers) never halt (* major exaggeration on the dying part).  In other breaking news, I have named the unicorns on this bag "Smiley" and "Shyley", no prizes for guessing which is which.  You'll maybe recall I wanted to name the animals on my other bags too, so after far too much brainstorming, the original unicorns are "Galaxie" and "Cosmo" and my Purfect Pose cat is "Dolce".  It's becoming clear why I've never been blessed with children isn't it?  Muahaha x

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