Sunday, 29 March 2015

Day 29 #BeRealMarch

Did you remember to put your clocks forward an hour? I always get muddled this time of year, trying to work out what was, what is and what on earth is going on! My Dad collects (literally hundreds of) clocks, so changing them takes weeks and we always discover one that was missed a few months down the line. Of course it's much easier to wind it forward an hour (you should never really wind the hands backwards) rather than in autumn, losing an hour. BeRealMarch selfie

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Day 28 #BeRealMarch

Hello! I've been so terribly lethargic these past couple of days. I slept until ridiculously late yesterday, got up, felt a bit sicky after breakfast, then went into the conservatory which was all nice and sunny and warm and shut my eyes. Bad idea! I didn't want to wake up, but had to, because I had loads of blog stuff to get through. Sometimes you have an unexpected post crop up (in this case, the blind cleansing milk trial), that takes priority and you have to ignore other things you've been desperate to do. I've been much more relaxed about blogging lately though and not gotten myself worked up when I've missed a personal deadline. BeRealMarch selfie

Escentual #CleansingMilkTrial

Remember a couple of years ago, I took part in the blind micellar water trial set by Escentual? Well they got in touch again and asked 100 beauty experts (moi) if we wanted to blind trial cleansing milk this time. I had loads of fun before, so definitely wanted to do it again. We were sent 7 cleansing milks, dispensed into plain glass jars and labelled "sample A" etc and only knew the brands involved, but nothing more. Escentual Blind Cleansing Milk Trial sample jars

Friday, 27 March 2015

Day 27 #BeRealMarch

I got the latest issue of ASOS magazine in the post this week. There was a page in it regarding their #AsSeenOnMe feature. I took a look and was reminded exactly why I started #BeRealMarch.  I mean obviously they are going to pick the 'best' photos and I'm only singling ASOS out as an example, but it's fair to say most sites with "customer photos" are guilty of this. The photos were all professional. Every single one, looked like a professional photographer had taken it and was styled and shot in such a slick way, that I can only describe it as "unnatural".  Now I realise this may come across as some sort of personal attack on those who have been featured in that article and that's really not my intention.  I'm trying to say this as tactfully as I can, but I do have a strong opinion on it (and granted, that's perhaps not shared).      BeRealMarch selfie

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Day 26 #BeRealMarch

I have no idea what that tiny red spot is next to my nose...I can't really see it in the mirror! Made all the more obvious by the white patch because I'd just taken my glasses off. Isn't it strange how some things are amplified in photos and others become less noticeable? Anyway, I can't really think what to say today! As much as I'll miss these posts, some days I'm winging it and waffling! BeRealMarch selfie


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