Saturday, 27 May 2017

M.E. On: The Gallstone Journey

I haven't kept you updated on the (possible) gallstones thing like I promised, because I've not been able for blogging and I keep half writing M.E. On posts but never find the time or energy to finish them (there's so much I want to say though!). I'll go into more detail about what's been going on during this time, but this post will summarise the process and appointments I've been to since I was first referred for my ultrasound scan (which follows on from my last post on the subject).  I initially wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, but it's taken until today to finish, so I've edited a couple of dates and also added an update at the end.  myalgic encephalomyelitis banner
I did indeed wait just over 6 weeks for my ultrasound (story for another post). I worried a lot during this time. What if it isn't gallstones? What if it is, but it doesn't show up on the scan? What if they find nothing at all and after all these months, I just get sent home? What if they find something really sinister? It's just natural I suspect, to have all those thoughts flowing through your mind. Having gone through months of these 'mystery' attacks, I wished my life away to hurry that scan along! It eventually came and involved a good 10 minutes of contorting myself into strange positions, realising my boobs get in the way of everything (right on the bra line is where she needed to get into and it wasn't budging for anyone)! She wasn't particularly chatty, but did say she saw some small gallstones and that this would be passed onto my GP, who could then proceed to the next step. My GP had initially said wait a week before making an appointment with him, but I didn't see the point. We had a definite answer of what it was, so why not get the ball rolling?  Getting an appointment with my GP these days is like getting blood out of a stone, so there was a lot of faffing about and eventually (after popping out for breakfast and back again) we made a phone appointment with a random doctor (because that was all I could get). I'm struggling to get out of the house, so it's silly to physically go back to say "have you seen I've got gallstones? What next?", that could be done over the phone (especially as I was going to be waiting about 10 days for a face-to-face appointment, still with a random). I'm so pleased I chose this, because I was shattered after the scan. It must have been the awkward positions, but I was really sore for about a week afterwards and generally more tired.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Irregular Choice Disney: Sherbet Ice Cream

I'm so excited to share my first pair of heels from the new Irregular Choice Disney collaboration, Mickey & Friends. The collection is live right now and at this moment I'm in the queue online (hopefully) buying the rest of my wishlist! irregular choice sherbet ice cream shoes

Irregular Choice: Disney Mickey & Friends Box

The Irregular Choice collection we've been eagerly anticipating is out! Mickey & Friends is the latest collaboration with Disney and if you're already an avid IC fan, you'll be aware of the little extras that make buying a pair of their shoes so special. If not, then let me tell you that the soles, insoles and boxes are often just as fancy as the outside! With each new season or special release, such as these Disney collaborations, we see new fabric linings and patterns and pictures on the soles and boxes. I've already mentioned the linings in my teaser posts over the past few weeks, but I can tell you the images on the soles vary between styles (like we saw with Alice). For now, I have photos of the box. irregular choice disney shoe box minnie mouse
Collectors of either brand, I'm sure are going to love this design. The box has a glossy finish with tropical (gorgeous) Minnie on one side on a lilac and white background. I'd totally wear that whole outfit and you know it!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Irregular Choice: Mickey & Friends Preview 4

It's here, your final teaser before the launch of the Irregular Choice Disney Mickey & Friends collection tomorrow. Details at the bottom regarding online and in person shopping, but before that let's see the first heels of the collection. irregular choice disney mickey and friends limited edition preview

Friday, 19 May 2017

Irregular Choice: Mickey & Friends Preview 3

Hi, I'm back with your favourite Friday post, another Disney teaser! The limited edition Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends collection will launch next Friday (26th May) at 12pm and will be available worldwide, online and in stores. The preview this week is Minnie inspired... irregular choice disney limited edition preview teaser


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