Thursday, 4 February 2016

Review: BioTrue Rewetting Drops

Bausch and Lomb BioTrue Rewetting Drops box
For the past couple of weeks, I've been using these Bausch & Lomb BioTrue rewetting eye drops*. Not a product I normally use, but I'm finding them invaluable and could be converted! They are a fantastic product for bloggers or anyone that spends a lot of time concentrating in front of a computer screen. Indoor heating, air condition systems and outdoor wind can also play their part in drying out your peepers. These drops are designed to instantly sooth and hydrate eyes, which is exactly what they do. Like I say, it's not something I've previously used, but I do find my eyes get tight and dry (I can feel it beneath my eyelids) and after a drop of this, they feel refreshed and the tightness has gone.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Irregular Choice Roseus Flamingo Heels

Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo heel boots
Following on from my post last night, I have the second pair of Irregular Choice flamingo heels I bought, black Roseus. Firstly, I was really excited to see an ankle boot in this range. It's unusual we get treated to anything that goes further up the foot than a shoe-boot in character heels!  I picked the black because I thought they were a 'go with anything' type boot and I liked that the flamingo heel was a stark contrast against the uppers.  At times in these photos you'd be forgiven for thinking the boot was heel-less as your eye is drawn to the uppers while the flamingo blends into the backdrop!  They definitely have a very different feel to the Blushing Bird courts (not better or worse, just different).

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Irregular Choice Blushing Bird Flamingo Heels

It's time for another character heel release from Irregular Choice, the first (of many) this year. I had no inclination of what they were going to be, but IC picked one of my favourite things, flamingos. The graceful, pink birds were the heel of Roseus, a floral mesh ankle boot in black or cream, Flamenco a patterned mary-jane in black or gold and Blushing Bird a floral court with lace bow in orange, grey or turquoise. I bought the black Roseus and turquoise Blushing Bird, with the intention of returning the pair I liked least or that didn't fit. Tonight, I'm looking at the court shoe. irregular choice turquoise blushing bird flamingo shoes

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ikea Synas With Irregular Choice

The second part of my shoe room post (after accidentally deleting it) on The Shoe Girl Diaries is coming (I promise). The room is taking longer to put together than I thought it would (which is quite discouraging) and is constantly changing, making it that bit harder. Between the work involved and my poor health, it's tiny bits at a time and you just get into it when it's time to stop. With new buys, I've had to rearrange previously completed sections, so yeah, it's a constant work in progress. I did have all my special character heels in one unit (though they've since outgrown this), with the heels facing outwards, but these Irregular Choice 'Glissade' just weren't quite right. They were lost and not shown off to their best, so I'd been on the look-out for something better for them. ikea synas lighting display shoe box irregular choice glissade

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Behind The Irregular Choice Posts

Last year I introduced my "guaranteed Irregular Choice" every week posts on both blogs, which I'm continuing in 2016.  However it was also the year I really got into elaborate settings for shoe haul posts. It's something I (and you) enjoy doing (and seeing) immensely, so I thought I'd take a look back at those posts and discuss my reasoning for them and what I thought worked well (or didn't). Where possible I've included 'behind the scenes' type photos or images I haven't shared before, but I'll also link to each individual post for you to see the original photo sets.
irregular choice shoes behind the scenes


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