Monday, 24 October 2016

Irregular Choice Alice: Who In The World Am I? (Stripes)

irregular choice who in the world am i? striped ankle boot
Hola chickadees! Sad news. Well not entirely. This is the last pair of Alice shoes I have to review from the second Irregular Choice collection. Boooo! Fear not though, I have news of more (at the bottom of this post) along with links to all 10 (yes, really) posts so far and guess what's happening on Friday? Cinde-freaking-rella launches. Whooop! Sorry I'm wired just now, I had a good day yesterday where I got out (shopping), wore makeup (hell yeah) and actually enjoyed myself and we all know that's been years overdue, but anyways, shoes. Last week it was the sequins version of these Who In The World Am I? boots (please let me shorten to the only slightly less complicated WITWAI? from now on) and once more, I'll reiterate that I see absolutely no reason why you can't own both and not in a greedy-moo way. If you like and can afford both, then it's not something I'd feel 'guilty' about. They are different colours, different finishes, same style but really different in style if you get me.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Irregular Choice Cinderella: Sparkling Slipper

irregular choice disney cinderella sparkling slipper preview
Today I have the final teaser for the Irregular Choice Cinderella collection.  A couple of weeks ago we saw a cat and mouse chase with Lucifer and Gus. Then last week, Bibbidi Bobbidi captured the magical moment where the Fairy Godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage.  Today is the turn of Sparkling Slipper inspired by the famous glass slipper. A monumental moment in the movie, this is the only remaining magical object after the clock strikes 12 and the one that takes Cinderella from rags to riches, as she proves the shoe fits.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Paperchase Purr Maids: Filing Units

paperchase purr maids stationery haul
Last week I began showing you my giant Paperchase haul(s) and I'm back with another Purr Maid product for you today. The filing units £10 took a while to come out online, but my sister had seen them in our local Paperchase and said I had to have them. I saw a couple of photos of them promoting the Purr Maid range and they did look rather fabulous. I eventually got them online and they are currently back in stock if you're interested.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Irregular Choice Alice: Who In The World Am I? (Sequins)

irregular choice who in the world am i? boots
Alongside the Lost Your Muchness knee high boots from the second Irregular Choice Alice collection, was an ankle boot, in two colourways. Now if you thought the green My Cup Of Tea were too similar to One Lump Or Two? from the first collection, you'll have no such inner quarrel with yourself over Who In The World Am I? You could easily wear both, without someone noting "don't you already have those?", they are just so different to one another. The style is identical, but because of the materials used, they are like chalk and cheese. I actually liked both, so got the two and today I have the sequin version to show you. irregular choice who in the world am i? green sequins

Irregular Choice Cinderella: Bibiddi Bobbidi

irregular choice disney cinderella Bibiddi Bobbidi shoe preview
Following on from the preview last week of Lucifer and Gus, I have another pair of shoes from the forthcoming Irregular Choice Cinderella collection to reveal.


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