Friday, 19 July 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Mulan Teaser 2

I have another preview for you this week of the Disney Princesses collection launching at Irregular Choice on Friday 26th July at 12pm. Both the Mulan and Snow White ranges will includes adults and kids styles, along with accessories and this week we're taking another peek at Mulan. irregular choice disney mulan pink handbag on white background

Friday, 12 July 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Teaser Snow White

After the teaser of the beautiful Be True To Who You Are Mulan boots last week, I have an even bigger reveal this time for the Irregular Choice Disney Princesses collection. We already know there will be six princesses overall, however I can tell you two will launch on 26th July and alongside Mulan, we're going way back to the original princess from 1937, beautiful Snow White. Like Mulan, this collection will feature both adult and kids styles along with bags/accessories. I have four styles to get through today, so let's get started. woodland cottage style ankle boots with wool trees

Friday, 5 July 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Teaser Mulan

On Wednesday Irregular Choice announced the latest in their Disney collaboration portfolio, the Princesses collection. The first launches on July 26th, but there will be further collections throughout the rest of the year. Today, I have the first of the previews of what to expect at the end of the month and the first princess is Mulan. blue Disney Mulan themed ankle boots on white background
Be True To Who You Are (already loving the name), are a jaw-droppingly beautiful ankle boot. The detail and materials used in these is just stunning.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Irregular Choice Family Reunion: Old Versus New Character Heels

Following on from my post last week on the changes made to the dinosaur heels, I've photographed the rest of the Family Reunion heels I bought and compared them to their predecessors. It's less technical and more about cosmetic changes this time. Starting with the bunny heel, Hunnie Bunnie. purple embellished shoe in hand with fluffy toe and neon detail, shoe shelves in background

Monday, 3 June 2019

Irregular Choice: Dinosaur Heel Comparison

So it turns out I didn't have a long wait for my Irregular Choice Family Reunion order as it arrived yesterday (Saturday), almost 24 hours after ordering. DPD said they didn't have many parcels that day so took some extra, I suspect he wanted rid of the box that was the size of a house!  Either way, I'm delighted.  I've had a quick try on, but I've been really sore and knackered this weekend, so I want to properly look and try them all next week. I wasn't disappointed with anything though!  I did immediately find the dinosaurs easier to walk on, so grabbed my old pair and it became apparent there's been a couple of big adjustments to aid this. two different dinosaur heeled boots sitting on side


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