Saturday, 31 December 2011

Shoe Haul (Topshop & Kurt Geiger)

I never got the chance to show you my recent shoe buys.  Remember I placed an order with Topshop before Christmas?  I buckled and bought the Louboutin alike pair as a treat and by luck noticed the Lillie cherry platforms that I'd spoken about before had gone into the sale.  At the time they were full price, they'd sold out in my size, so it was surprising to find the red velvet in a 38 and the black in a 39 available for me to buy.  Just as well I got them when I did, as they disappeared in all sizes before the Topshop sale officially started.  I used next day delivery so I'd get them in time for Christmas and got an email to say there was a "delay"  but thankfully they arrived the next day, Christmas Eve and I wore them immediately!  You can see me in the black pair here and on Christmas Day in the red.  Both are extremely gorgeous although some might argue I didn't *need* them both, I certainly didn't plan on buying the red or either actually, but when they were there in front of me, in the sale and I had the funds it seemed like fate.  I had a pair of Unique dalmatian shoes and  glitter mary-janes in my basket that I also toyed with purchasing but thought that was an overindulgence!

First up the full price 'Supreme' extreme nude platform courts Topshop, £88.  Ridiculously high, ridiculous.  Make your pins look amazing though and I apologise in advance for the rather rushed photo-shoot in this post, with my jammie bottoms rolled up, strap marks and the like!
'Lillie' cherry black velvet and green perspex heel peep toes Topshop, sale price £40 (£65).  A size bigger, the ankle strap probably fits me better, but they're a little large in the heel.  I wore them with thick tights though and there wasn't any 'slipping' when walking.
I just love the cherry detail of large pearls covered in black net.
'Lillie' cherry red velvet peep toes Topshop, sale price £40 (£65) in my regular size, the ankle strap on these shoes in general is very small, but the last hole fits fine for me.  The heel on this pair are gold metallic and I tend not to buy red shoes (although they always attract me) because of my pink or turquoise hair, but these were too beautiful to resist and were just the perfect shoes for Christmas.
This next pair I purchased when Mum and Dad took me to Edinburgh just before Christmas.  When I was at Uni, I used to be in the capital almost every weekend, last time I was there though was for a bridesmaid dress fitting for my sisters wedding 7 1/2 years ago!  I haven't been "proper shopping" there in 10 years though.  The whole trip was just to see if I could manage it and to let me see the German markets (was raining and too busy to even attempt that actually) and all the pretty lights.  It was a bit of a disaster, although exactly what I expected to be honest.  Too busy and Edinburgh is a complete nightmare (as is my hometown) for anyone disabled.  Wheelchairs do not go well with busy streets, cobbles, small shops and indeed there are many places you just can't get into with steps or rotating doors (Topshop, Jenners etc).  It was nice to go though and I did enjoy browsing the designer goods at Harvey Nicks and the sale in Kurt Geiger which is where I got these shoes.  'Active' wine patent platform mary-jane's Carvela by Kurt Geiger, sale price £49 (£100).  These shoes are the type I absolutely would never have purchased online.  The online images didn't entice me at all and they are very plain and just not really the type of thing I would even look twice at.  My Dad spotted these though and in my hand they were just so shiny and so metallic that I couldn't put them down.  When I tried them on (convinced they have magic mirrors in there), they looked ahhhmazing, just really gorgeous and I had the money, so thought why not? I don't think they come across as quite so magical here, so if you ever get to see them in person, definitely give them a try.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful time over Christmas-just the dreaded New Year to go (have a strange hatred of Hogmanay). I had a great time with my family, we went to my sisters house with all my nephews running around like mad things. I overdid it though as I ended up sick on Tuesday, literally. Well almost...if ever there were an award for the sickest person who manages not to throw up, I'd win! I think it's because I haven't been sick since I was a kid, so I just imagine it to be really horrid and will do anything to talk myself out of it (not that anyone actually enjoys being sick, but I really can't stand it). I had this friend though, who would get really drunk, feel sick, go to the bathroom, throw up then come out and get back into the party! I would feel like crap and be willing myself not to spew, in turn probably making things worse for myself, as I was the other night...sitting on the cold bathroom floor, head down the toilet, hand over my mouth refusing to vomit, not giving in then it would hit me in another wave, ohhh it was dreadful.
I'm still not feeling 100%, although I'm slowly getting my appetite back, drinking plenty of tea and water and strangely I only ever feel like eating shortbread and hula hoops! Anyway I won't bore you with the details. I've actually enjoyed the past couple of days, just lazing around with a big fluffy blanket and my little sister while we watched all sorts of movies on TV and I haven't forced myself to worry about what I wasn't getting done during that time. Aaaaanyway, some pics for you, all taken on my phone because I'm back to using that as my sister took her decent camera back and the lens is once again refusing to extend on mine. I can't afford a new one right now or anytime soon, but there's always money for new shoes right? Strange how that works! I have zero spending money right now though, so I'm trying to not even look at the sales, Irregular Choice I'm weeping : (
Here's some Christmas pressies I got, just some random things.
Cutest stickers from my sis, notebook and pen from my friend below
This is actually a storage tin with a mini sewing machine and dressmaking stuff on top, how cute?
Some Ddung pens from my sis
Another pen from my sis and it actually plays the Monster High theme tune, I love it!
Quite eager to try these sponge heart shaped curlers from my friend which I reckon are going to require at least 3 hands to do!
A Hello Kitty/Liberty purse from another friend, some bow and butterfly stickers, a surfing mermaid My Little Pony (as you do), dolly keyring and "blind bag" glow in the dark, sparkly horse and mermaid all from my little sis - a bit gutted about the mermaid, because I only have one other and it's the same one : (
A sewing machine necklace with little scissors!
Best gift ever from Santa, massive unicorn mug!!!
Nail art pens from a friend with little jewels and stuff.
Yes the mug is big and yes the diary is tiny, honey I did not shrink or blow up the kids!
I feel this next watch/necklace is very apt, given our new buddies at Edinburgh Zoo.
Some birdy print Floozie jammies which I picked out with Mum months ago!
A lovely pearlised cameo pendant.
This is to hang from my bag, a little leather birdcage mirror and I quote my Mother "because you look at yourself all the time".
These necklaces you'll have already seen on The Shoe Girl Diaries because I wore them at Christmas, my piggy and rocking horse.
Metallic leopard print nail wraps from my big sis, along with a magazine subscription.
This next one ties with the unicorn mug for best gift ever, again from my little sis (she insists on getting me loads of things because I'm so easy to buy for), a freaking Lady Gaga paper doll, dress-up book!!  It's insane, it has the meat dress, the egg, loadsa different hairstyles and everything!
I have loads more phone pics, but this is all the energy I can muster up today, my blanket calls...!  Let me know what you got, hope it was good x x x