Monday, 28 February 2011

Inspiretty #41

I assumed today's Inspiretty would feature an Oscar gown. However from a quick look at the pics this morning, there wasn't any stand out person or dress that really floated my boat. Infact the entire awards season has been a little bit of a disappointment for me this time around. Or perhaps I'm just getting old and have seen it all before! Afterall, there's only so many glittering gold gowns I can handle (why do women insist on dressing like the actual academy award?). Anyhow, I bypassed that idea and found this image of Bordello shoes on weheartit. I absolutely LOVE Bordello shoes, I've been meaning to purchase a pair for ages, but there's never enough money left at the end of the month. I was reminded of these rhinestone heels after the image I posted of Beyonce in her Louboutin Daffodile sparklers last week. Gorgeous!

I Want This...(So Badly)

I haven't done one of these posts for a while have I? Well I really want this, really want it, really need it, must get it! I've been waiting to see what the wonderful Harajuku Lovers brand would come up with for their next fragrance and this is pretty neat. 'G Of The Sea' (love the name) is Gwen in mermaid mode with yet another limited edition scent for summer. I've always supported the HL fragrances and this is just another fantastic release. I love mermaids and G is super sweet with her long, flowing locks and fishy tail. It appears the other HL girls have taken a time-out for this release (my bank balance thanks them)-although my sister is already dreaming up various dress-ups for the girls to accompany G including a crab, seahorse and puffer fish! Yep, I'm thinking that would be super cute too with their little faces peeping out!
The scent itself is essentially floral with citrus top notes and a lingering woody scent. It's currently available in 10ml or 30ml from Sephora and better get it's butt across here, so I can get my hands on it. The bottle that is, not anyone's butt!

PPQ For Office

I hope you're all very proud of me-I haven't purchased anything online for over 2 weeks! I've even paid my sister back for all the money she lent me last year. I'm still repaying Mum, but getting there. Only problem is, this week sees the release of so many fabulous collections. I've been avoiding MAC like the plague in preparation for Wonder Woman and Viva Glam Gaga 2. Then there's Glamour magazine with their 10th birthday issue and a free Clinique item with every issue (10 different types to collect)...the mag is only £2 a copy, but £20 if you're wanting all 10 like me! We have the Pearl Lowe/Peacocks range in April and a hot new designer/high street the form of PPQ for Office.
The black and gold embroidered heels and wedges (above) were first spotted on the PPQ SS11 catwalk. They have a definite Moroccan feel, as most of the collection does. The wedges in particular have such an unusual design, with an almost 'cut-off' feel along the top. The giant platform and 14.5cm heel on the peep toe sandals will have you walking tall, but the rubber sole should put to rest any worries about toppling over!
These Tiziri sandals in either red, green or black may look simple in design, but upon closer inspection you'll note they were created from one piece of suede with no seams-pretty impressive. Again they have a towering heel with the large rubber grip sole.
Another stand out piece from this range for me, was the Amina platform court or Amina pump, if sky high heels scare you. They're instantly recognisable as PPQ with their colourful harlequin embroidery accented with sequins and jewels.
For an unmistakable, classic summery feel, go for these Menna bow sandals. In either pink/orange or green/blue stripes, I love the little bows and am definitely adding them to my wishlist.

There's another 4 styles in this collection which I haven't shown here, so if you'd like more details pop over to the Office site now, where all items are available for purchase.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Animal Rings Collection Part 1 (Topshop)

I very quickly made this little video the other day. I decided I would just film my entire animal ring collection, rather than taking individual pics which was too time consuming. The video was too long, so I've split it into two parts. The first includes all my Topshop animal rings. I'll try and get the other video up as soon as I can-just putting the finishing touches to it. You may need to turn the sound up quite loud to hear me (my camera sound volume isn't great). I absolutely cringe whenever I hear my voice on a recording, I sound like a baby...just the Fife accent I'm afraid! Nail polish for anyone wondering (I'm sure someone will ask) is the gorgeous Posh (taupe) from Eyeko.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Inspiretty #40

I love a shoe with a statement heel and they don't get much more 'in your face' than these Goddess heels from Christian Dior. Sadly, they were completely out of my budget...but I can still dream about them!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Inspiretty #39

This is my current wallpaper and possibly the reason I wore purple eyeshadow the other day (see post below). It's cute as a button Bernadette from the Diet Coke ads....I really can't put into words how obsessed I am with these girls!

Review: Rimmel 'State Of Grace' Glam Eyes Quad

Today sees the launch of the new TV ad for Rimmel Glam'Eyes eyeshadow. I haven't spotted it yet, but I was recently sent the 'State Of Grace' 021 quad to try out. I was pleased with this shade selection, as they're totally 'me colours'. There's a very deep purple and pale greyish silver plus a pretty light aqua and bright sky blue.
The compact comes with instructions on the back if you're stuck for ideas. It also includes a double ended sponge applicator which I've found useful for the purple shade especially. I found all 3 colours to be well pigmented, but the aqua was a little more sheer than I would've liked. All of the colours were easy to work with and have some shimmer, but not big glitter chunks.
The first day I decided to try out all the shades together and here's where I have serious envy for those girls that can take super cool eye shots and fotd faces! I'm not so good and the flash has a tendency to make everything super shimmery but without it you can barely see anything, so bear that in mind and ignore the shiny forehead below! I used the silver as a highlighter along my brow bone, the purple as a liner underneath my eye and along the top lashline using the smaller end of the sponge applicator. The aqua and blue you can't really tell apart in this image, but I think the aqua was more toward the lashes (but on the lid) and the blue more in the socket. The lipstick is MAC Pink Friday (which I don't think I suit) and the blush was Pout (can't remember which one off hand).
The next day I wore the deep purple alone, just up to my crease for a more dramatic but simple look with thick eyeliner and Rimmel The Max Bold Curves mascara (review for that coming soon). I used the larger side of the sponge and found less eyeshadow falls off the brush this way and the colour is much more vibrant sponged on rather than brushed on. I always wear a base under eyeshadow (usually Too Faced Shadow Insurance), so all my shadows last throughout the day, so I can't really specifically comment on how crease resistant it is without primer.
Finally, a really rubbish pic (and sorry for the mysterious purple lump that is just seen in the first pic). I wanted to create a really exaggerated socket and from the 2nd image it doesn't really look how I planned (it did in the flesh though). I used the silver Rimmel eyeshadow over most of the lid with a Dior one in the crease. The silver can be super white, which I like because it really brightens the eye. Again I found the sponge was the best applicator for the job.

Overall it so far seems to be a really versatile palette and I can't fault the shades within it. They work well together but can also create lots of different looks as I've hopefully shown. This palette is £6.99 and currently on 3 for 2 in Boots.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Faith Lace

Just a quick post to show you the new shoes I bought yesterday (pics taken in my jammies before bed, so I'm surprised they actually worked!). I can't tell you how long it's been since I walked into a shop and bought footwear...I mostly rely on buying online these days. We were walking past the Faith stand in Debenhams and there was one random lace boot sticking out and I just had to try it on. It was actually rather troublesome trying to find someone who worked there to get the other shoe. They were a size 6 and although I'm usually a 5, they fitted ok-ish, maybe a little large, but I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of asking if there was a smaller size. They were half price at £30. I really miss Faith footwear, so it's great to see Debenhams have kept the brand going, even although there are no stand alone stores or the website now.
You gotta love a shoe that has it's own glow!

Inspiretty #38

I saw this image of the Girls Aloud girls at London Fashion Week (Vivienne Westwood) and my first thought was 'ooh, I like Sarah's darker hair', second was 'who is that bending over at the side...gorgeous dress, cute shoes'. In all honesty those comments may have even been the other way around! I usually like Nicola Roberts outfits, but this one doesn't even rate a mention in my books (and Sarah looks waaay better in her Westwood dress and nude courts). The girl bending over happened to be Jaime Winstone, who along with all of Girls Aloud, I'm really not that keen on. However I have to admit, that girl can dress...well sometimes. Ok, so she looks a bit bedraggled in this next pic, on closer inspection of a few hq images-she has bruises all over her legs, needs to blot her makeup, the dress is see-through and she isn't wearing bra and her toes are...strange (pointing in opposite directions to what they should). That said, the dress is all puffy and crazy and there's a mish-mash of colours but I like it...I actually like it and the shoes for a cool colour pop! So Jamie gets to be my Inspiretty today...oh and those rumours in yesterdays gossip mags about Sarah Harding's boob job were true I guess, she definitely didn't have those before!!

Inspiretty #37

I try to hate Louboutin shoes, merely because it's such a cliche to like them, plus I think some people get carried away with 'oh they're Louboutoonns, have to like them, have to have them!" and they couldn't actually care less what they looked like. So, I wouldn't go as far as saying anything with the signature red sole gets the thumbs up from me-there are pairs I dislike, some I like and others I love (the same with any brand). This pair though, I love. I can't help it, they are just so fantabulous! I also adore how Beyonce just chucked them on with jeans, as you do, then decided to wear them to an NBA game, as you do! It was probably the best place to wear them actually, the floor was so shiny, you could see their sparkling reflection, bonus! Freakin' fabulous!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Primark SS11 Part 2

So did everyone get the Primark 'beach dress' and all the other items they wanted from the spring/summer stuff I previewed last year? Either way, you better prepare for the March drop of purse friendly fashion hitting stores! Personally I'm feeling a little hard done by with Primark. Their recent sizing changes should have been for the better, but I used to fit their 18's and now my boobs are too squished in the 20's! I've had to return so many dresses lately that just don't fit comfortably. Then there's the fact that the Dundee store get a crap selection...poppy skirt? No. Beach dress or skirt? Nope. Not even these cute shoes Char showed me the other week...grrr! Here's a rundown of the best bits...
You may recall I really wanted these glasses. Has anyone seen them? In my store they have a sunglasses version, but not clear lenses...I really wanted them for £2! Plus here's a much bigger pic of the shell dress I showed you last time, dress £9, bag £7, shoes £18 all end of March.
and a much bigger image of this gorgeous dress-I love it! Although there doesn't look like there's much boob room, so it probably won't fit. It's £21 (but worth every penny) due the end of March.
These shoes remind me of Victoria Beckham throwing that ball...was it baseball? Who cares! We were all too intrigued by her high heeled wedge trainers! These aren't due until the beginning of May and are £20 (quite expensive for Primark I reckon).
This cork pair are £18, beginning of April.
Floral shorts £10 beginning of March.
Gorgeous dotty palazzo pants £14 beginning of March.
Halter dress £15 should be instore already.
Rust shirt dress £15 beginning of March.
Leopard and lace dress £15 beginning of March.
Ooh someone's been watching Louis Vuitton very closely! Glad to see this ladylike, voluptuous trend take off. Dress £15 due at the end of February.
You saw this dress on the model last time...£17 due the end of this month.
A couple of straw hats, £3 each also due this month.
There's lovely colours in this floral dress £15 beginning of March.
This red dress should be instore now, £15.
Finally this jumpsuit £16 is due the end of March.
Anything you fancy from this lot?

images owned by primark

To See Or Not

At this time of year, Topshop Unique always unveil their latest spring collection and it's usually the shoes I'm most interested in. On the runway, models wore sky high perspex wedges adorned with tassels, buckles and knotting. I wasn't overly gaga on the shoes or sandals, but really liked the boots.
In reality though, Topshop have been a little lame and replaced the see through heel with a normal leather covered wedge. A bit disappointing as it was really the contrast of modern, sleek plastic with this rustic looking, rough leather that appealed in the first place.
I'm not sure why they changed their minds or thought it wouldn't work for the high street. Each of these shoes retail at £145, so for that price you would expect they could afford a bit of moulded plastic in the costing! I actually bought a pair of perspex wedges from Miss Selfridge around 10 years ago when I worked in London. I was working unpaid, but fell in love with these shoes the first day I arrived (as you do) and spent (I think) around £20-25 on them (which was practically my weekly budget)! They were peep toe mules with just a strip of plastic for uppers and a skinny perspex wedge heel with wooden foot bed (I actually found a pic of me wearing them below-although you can't see the heel). I wore them to death-several times! The heel tip fell off after a few weeks, so I got them re-heeled, then it happened again and by the third time I realised it wasn't worth spending more on replacement heels than what the actual shoes cost! I did love those shoes though...
models feet image, shoe image, Topshop Unique shoes from top tan or red, black and white, available online now priced £145 each.