Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Boots Haul

I had a very busy schedule planned for this week, but after falling down the stairs-it was all put on hold. My parents are going on holiday soon, so there were lots of things I needed to do before they left. However these things happen and I'm on the mend. One such outing for me was to Boots, the offers changed last week, so I was keen to do a little haul. Remember the Glamour Glosses I mentioned previously from Too Faced? Well, they happened to be doing a little GWP and my local store don't stock the brand, so I've been chomping at the bit to get to a larger store to purchase them! I was going to buy online, but I also got some Boots vouchers in the mail (double points etc), which needed to be used instore.
So my Mum kindly went for me today (list in hand), she didn't have a very successful time though. There was no sign of the Too Faced GWP and no offer on the brand at all-I don't know if this is the case for all stores. The online gift is free when you spend £20 and you get this leopard print makeup bag with mini Shadow Insurance, black Lash Injection and Totally Toasted eyeshadow duo.
The second gwp I was looking for was the cute little 17 'Wish You Were Here' box which is free when you spend £6, it contains full size Ultimate Volume lipgloss in Pink Ice, Pink Grapefruit nail polish and a mini waterproof mascara. I asked Mum to get a couple of the new Mirror Shine On lipsticks which seem to have so far passed me by. I was looking for swatches a couple of days ago and realised they have been very popular in the blogging world since their launch. I suppose because I don't get a good look instore very often, I sometimes miss new releases! Anyway they didn't have Beehive, which is the nude one that I really wanted. There wasn't even a space for it or it's name on the stand. However she got me Belle instead and Nudist Peach. These lippies are £4.49 each, which although is still pretty cheap, I reckon it's a tad too expensive for this brand. I wouldn't expect to pay nearly a fiver for a 17 lipstick, good quality or not. Anyway, this gwp is proving popular as there were only 2 boxes left after Mum got mine.
Finally when you spend £7 on Soap & Glory (did I really need more S&G? evidence here), you get this cute little vanity bag free. Again I don't think this offer is on instore, because it wasn't in my local and wasn't in the larger shop today either. It keeps selling out online but they keep restocking, so check back. So all in all, I got the 17 gift and didn't even completely get what I was after-not cool!

When Mum got back, I decided to just purchase the rest online. It meant I couldn't use my vouchers, but at least you still collect advantage points-oh and the 17 lipsticks have an offer of 100 points with them just now too. So I've ordered more Hand Food and Heel Genius (both items I love) from S&G. Beehive lipstick from 17 and I decided to try another one which I haven't seen swatches for or seen in real life (obviously), called Cookie. It looks to be dark brown, but these are really sheer, so I'm hoping it has just a hint of colour. I also got Glamour Glosses in First Time and Pillow Talk from Too Faced-my order should be with me next week, can't wait!


  1. I saw the too faced gift in the Boots at Bristol, didn't get it though because my skin hates makeup so I only wear it maybe 3 times a month :3

  2. Aww, that's a pity. I love the new TF glosses, they are gorgeous. The bigger Boots near me seems to be delayed in getting gwp's, which is handy if I've missed out online, but not so good if you go there specifically for it.


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