Thursday, 8 July 2010

Jewellery Haul: Topshop + Miss Selfridge

I mentioned that I've been purchasing a lot of jewellery lately and as you can see I really wasn't kidding! Mostly from Topshop or Miss Selfridge, some sale, some not. The things I like on jewellery (or in general sometimes) are-cameos, pearls, bows, keys, eiffel tower (or landmarks/buildings), dolls, fairies, teacups, teapots, birds and bird cages, horses, unicorns and poodles and more recently animals in general. I like the girly and kitsch and Arcadia have been pandering to my needs recently!
My typewriter necklace isn't shown here because I received the most appalling order from Toppers this week. It was in an atrocious state-I don't know what had happened to it or where it had been and I expect better from them. The chain had broken on the necklace, so I've had to send it back. I also have to place a new order as they can't send out a replacement, which is extremely annoying. My sister went shopping in Edinburgh today and she just sent a text to say she saw it in Topshop and bought it though, so I don't need to re-order it. My monkey ring isn't quite as scary as I thought, although he seems to photograph scary, he's actually pretty cute in person. One of the stones is chipped, but I didn't want to return this too seeing as it was the last one in the sale.
Also shown are my bird nest ring, swallow on a branch ring and bug ring. When I was in Topshop in Debenhams recently I saw this really cute envelope necklace which opened and had a little 'I Love You' note that pulled out-I didn't buy it but instead got the ring version online, it's pretty adorable.
Now for my sale purchases; I love this birdcage necklace, the cage is flat and wooden and the little gold bird (and pearl) sit on top. A teapot pearl bracelet and cameo, lace hair bow, and this floppy, blue hairband with big bow. I've just realised I've forgotten to photograph my two fascinators that I got as well, oops!
I've also had a couple of Miss Selfridge orders that I've had to return because of broken items-although they have wrapped them especially well, they are just particularly fragile pieces. Again you have to return them and place a new order, which usually results in me spying more things to buy-now I think I know their secret! Mostly sale stuff like this large bouquet ring (saw this instore and then bought it online when they reduced it, because I couldn't stop thinking about it), the flowers are metal, ceramic and fabric-it's really huge on the hand.
Teacup and teapot rings (cuteness), small hat hairclip and slightly bigger straw hat hairclip, bicycle necklace (non sale-although I think it's in the sale now), seagull brooch-at first I thought this was pretty naff, but I'm totally in love with him now, so crazy.
Long flamingo pendant to match my flamingo pearl bracelet and large skull cameo pearl bracelet and necklace. I also like anything to do with sewing, so got this pendant with large scissors (non sale I think).
Finally I bought a floral shift dress in the sale from Evans and got this ring too, but had to send the dress back (was too big and just not right). I love the little jewelled frog on it!
I've also just had my sale order delivered from River Island which contains more jewellery (gorgeous), can't wait to show you!


  1. Wow you weren't kidding indeed haha! I'm totally jealous though because not only had I wanted the monkey ring I'd also wanted the bird on the branch ring and both were gone before I could get them :( So lucky you got them!

    Today the delivery guy came with the dress from remember, that American webshop?

    Well it better be a utterly fab dress because customs got me again! Argh! So unfair! :( Now I have to pay €20 extra...boooo! Don't think I'll order from the US anymore...with exception to JC shoes if Office doesn't have the ones I'll be wanting this winter (Pixie boots)...been getting customs charges almost every time now, it sucks! :(

    I got your message on facebook btw...Peacocks is really fast! Hooray! :)

  2. The branch one is lovely-I missed out on it first time, but they restocked-lucky me!

    I totally need this one, new in today
    my sister says they didn't have it in edinburgh and I can't really justify spending £4 to have it delivered-although I'm sure it will sell out fast.

    Oh you ordered that dress? It's gorgeous-too bad the large wouldn't fit me. Yeah I really want those JC wooden heel boots or else the Jessica Simpson shoes which Victorias Secret have, but I can't afford the shipping+customs just now.

    Yes, was very impressed with Peacocks, very fast. Oh and I got the parrot maxi dress! There was one size 18 this morning and I just bought it as quickly as I could, haha! It probably won't fit me now-that's all I need!

  3. LOL! No way! I was just looking on Topshop and wanting that bird ring! haha! Our tastes are so alike it's scary haha! ;) How about justifying buying 2 and we split the shipping and you ship mine (size M) over together with the Peacocks dress...? haha! Just an idea, but kinda a serious one :P

    Hooray for the Parrot dress! I think it'll fit...or at least hope really hard it'll fit :)


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