Friday, 23 July 2010

The Shoe Girl Diaries: Extended!

The Shoe Girl Diaries challenge is almost up-I've managed to last an entire year and only have a few more styles that you haven't seen yet. Two new pairs of shoes arrived this morning though, so the blogs life has been extended by another couple of days!

A Zandra Rhodes for Strutt Couture pair that I haven't photographed yet. I was really excited to see Zandra launch a footwear range and not just because we share the same hair colour! It wasn't a massive first collection, but there were some lovely colours and textures. The preview of the autumn/winter range looks fantastic too.
Plus, I finally got my hands on the Feud Beetroot slingbacks (above) I've wanted for so long. I was a little disappointed when they arrived...the colour is much darker than it looks online and they are a smidgen too small (well on one foot anyway). I've been pretty obsessed with them and probably put too much faith in them being my dream shoes. I don't have anything like them in my collection though and the heart peep toe and large bow are making it hard for me to dislike them! They also have that amazing carved heel and concealed platform that my Feud boots have.


  1. wow those shoes are AMAZING!!

  2. Thank you-had my eye on them for sooo long!

  3. where did you purchase them.. i can not seem to find any!! and i looove them!!

  4. This is an older style called 'Beetroot', so they are more difficult to find now, you can get them in pink from here
    or here

  5. Aw thats a shame i cant seem to find them anywhere, and i dont like the pink ones at all :(


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