Friday, 23 July 2010

Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint

Boots are currently offering a free Limited Edition shade of Barry M Nail Paint, when you spend £6 on the brand. Seeing as I couldn't make it to my local Boots myself (annoying when you can't swatch and look in person), I searched through online images to help make my 'list', so my sister could get them for me. I completely forgot about it until this week though, but finally decided on a nail polish and lipstick (Mulberry 73). She called me on Monday to say the stand didn't stock that lipstick, so I gave her another 2 possible shades. They didn't hold them either. Grrr. So it was back to the drawing board. I need more nail polish like a hole in the head (not that I need lipstick either but...), because each is £2.95 that would mean purchasing 3 rather than 2 (10p short), plus another free one-so I wasn't keen to do that.

Then I noticed they have a few new shades of the lipgloss wands. Bronze Shimmer looks like my kinda gloss except, you guessed it, they didn't have that either. They did have the pink one (is it milkshake something?), however I would prefer to see it in person before buying it. So I ended up getting 3 nail paints after all that!
273 Raspberry, a dark raspberry pink shade which didn't photograph well here (my camera picked up red rather than pink).
303 Bright Purple, a mid tone pink purple.
292 Navy, as the name suggest navy blue with subtle shimmer-I always need dark nail shades like this.
The free one has a gold lid (cooool) and is a really unique shade (that's why I wanted it so badly), a pinky lilac, kind of dusky colour-not as light as it comes across in the photos (most like the first image below).


  1. My first nail paints were Raspberry and Navy! I really want to get my hands on this lilac!

  2. Thanks for commenting-yes the lilac looks really pretty, loving the gold lid too!

  3. I own a few Barry M nail polishes (check my blog for my comments on some of them
    I own Bright Puple and like it a lot. Maybe I should but more stuff to get the LE color which looks quite cool actually.


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