Monday, 19 July 2010

Review & Swatches: Rimmel Vinyl Gloss

Rimmel have relaunched their Vinyl Gloss and you'll find the new formula in stores now, available in 14 shades. First of all, the difference in packaging compared to the old one is it's a slightly bigger tube with perspex section on the end of the lid. The doe foot applicator is smaller than before but the wand longer. I found the sponge to be a little too small as I needed several dips into the tube for one application. I also found it a little messy, which is surprising given that the sponge should be more precise. Perhaps that's just me! I also missed the cute, candy scent of the old gloss-it was such a unique and lovely smell, it's a shame the new version doesn't have it.
The colour I received was 550 Lovesick which unfortunately was not to my taste at all. It's a medium pink that sometimes looks a dirty red, coralish colour with very fine silver flecks. I felt it was difficult to remain objective when I really disliked the shade. Nevertheless, I tried to look at and feel the gloss rather than the colour.
The shade is actually very sheer when applied to the lips which is surprising given the swatch on my hand above, where it looked quite opaque. It promises up to 80% more shine, but I still didn't find it shiny enough. It's reasonably glossy, but not with that super shiny, glassy look. It has an ever so slightly sticky feel to it, but not much, so I didn't find it long-lasting at all. As it's supposed to be super shiny, it should make lips appear fuller but I don't think my lips look any more plump than before.
Good points are; it felt smooth, slightly moisturising and the glitter didn't feel gritty or very noticeable actually once on the lips. Verdict; it's a nice enough everyday gloss, but nothing to shout about. Perhaps if I try a nice nude shade like Take A Chance or the browns Born to Bling and Paparazzi, then I may look on it more favourably.

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