Monday, 26 July 2010

Monster High Dolls

I'm a proud doll collector; it started with Sindy, progressed to My Scene then Bratz with a few Barbies and Blythes thrown into the mix. You really struggle to get decent dolls in the UK now though, Bratz are 'no more' after their lawsuit (although I notice they are back in the Argos book that came out on Saturday), My Scene still exist although they aren't stocked in the UK (and they became pretty naff) and the only Barbie dolls you ever see are pink, cheap looking and/or with that dog that poops!
I'm extremely (actually ridiculously) excited by the new Monster High dolls from Mattel though. Not your usual 'plastic fantastic', these high school sweethearts are Draculaura (daughter of Dracula, due to celebrate her sweet 1600th), Clawdeen Wolf (15 year old werewolf), Lagoona Blue (the sea monsters daughter, age 15 years), Frankie Stein (15 day old daughter of Frankenstein), Ghoulia Yelps (nerd girl, daughter of the zombies), Cleo De Nile (Egyptian princess, daughter of the mummy, age 5842) and her green haired boyfriend Deuce Gorgon (a 16 year old, born to Medusa). Vampires, monsters and zombies with webbed hands, green skin, neck bolts and fangs! Not a pooping dog in sight! They look absolutely adorable, I love them. They are fully poseable too and from the images on Flickr, it seems that they come to life with a few tweaks here and there. Their hands have wonderful slender fingers and I love the exaggerated shape of their legs. The attention to detail on each doll is astounding, the clothes and shoes are amazing, then you have to take in the 'monster' details. Each doll comes with it's own pet; bat, fish, cobra etc, notebook and doll stand (great for us collectors to display).
Cleo is sold in a pack with Deuce and for some reason Ghoulia hasn't been made into a doll yet. They have their own cartoon, which as far as I'm aware isn't shown in the UK yet-perhaps Ghoulia isn't as prominent as the others, but you can view some funny clips on their website. The humour at times seems more suited to an older audience-I'm not sure kids would always 'get it', which suits me fine. The dolls are available from Argos and I'm not kidding when I say I have to have them all. Unfortunately my nearest store have zero stock though and I've heard those that do only have Frankie Stein in stock. I reckon my favourites are Clawdeen and Lagoona Blue. It's just so refreshing to see such colourful dolls and I've also found a preview of the Dawn Of The Dance collection (below) which will be released in autumn in the US. It's absolute hotness! Clawdeen has cropped lime green hair, Cleo is rocking an 80's look complete with amazing shoes and Frankie Stein looks great in her pink fishnets, could I love these girls anymore?
You also get plush versions of Clawdeen, Frankie and Draculaura (all adorable) and the cutest cameo keyring charms, which I'm dying to make into a necklace. Once I manage to track these dolls down, you'll see lots of photos I promise! Would you be happy for your child to play with these 'monsters' or do you think they are strictly for adults?


  1. oh I think they look quite cool! But I'm guessing they're pretty expensive so probably not that suitable for kids that'll ruin em in seconds haha...but if they're reasonably priced, then sure kids can play with them! They might be monsters but they look pretty friendly to me lol

  2.!! I love Lagoona Blue, she's definately my favourite!

  3. Actually they are just regular price (around £15). I've heard they come apart quite easily (supposed to), so perhaps they aren't the best for little kids.

    Lagoona is gorgeous, her little freckles are sooo cute!

  4. I heard just the other day that Mattel is planning to come out with Goulia Yelps and Jackson Jekyll dolls in the spring of 2011.


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