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Hello, I'm Gemma aka Pink Haired Princess.  A Scottish, plus-size blogger, in my 30's, living with M.E. (or Post Viral/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) since 2002.  While I would've loved not to lead with that statement in my introduction, my world changed completely after that diagnosis and I was no longer able to live the way I wanted to.  So I have to be honest and admit it dominates and evidently plays a huge role in what I'm able to do (or as is more often the case 'not do').  I've been passionate about fashion from a very young age, designing and making my own clothes and probably the youngest ever subscriber to Cosmopolitan!  I studied and gained a BSc (Hons) in Clothing Design & Manufacture and experienced working as a fashion assistant for a monthly magazine.

Since falling ill, I've been unable to continue with any of my interests, but then blogging came along, like a little lifeline!  Initially (June 2008) I began Pink Haired Princess as a 'promotional' tool for my MSN Group (remember those?) named "Celeb Style", but very quickly the celebrity aspect fell by the wayside (and MSN Groups ceased) and I concentrated here on style, fashion and beauty.  I was looking for a platform to share my views and more importantly a manageable hobby to keep me in touch with the industry whilst I recovered, albeit in the virtual sense rather than physical.  Admittedly at times, I've struggled with the workload, but I'm very determined and enjoy it too much to give up.  The community aspect of blogging; meeting like minded readers and fellow bloggers, was unexpected, yet I've developed many strong friendships despite never meeting in real life.

So that's the serious stuff, but you're probably wondering what I post.  Well I have an extensive shoe addiction collection, so that features heavily (looking at you Irregular Choice).  I like to mix Primark with Prada (keepin' it real) and don't exclusively cover plus-size fashion.  I regularly post shopping hauls, reviews and the like.  I hate being pigeon-holed into one style because some days I want to dress like a French maid, the next day I might be more kawaii or 'sweet lolita' then comes vintage rockabilly!  It's usually pretty feminine anyway and I do like alternative, kitsch, pinup styles, with a weakness for quirky prints, polka dots and florals.  I'm obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and Ulyana Sergeenko has become my ultimate style icon.  Every week you can find me asking in a light hearted manner, "Would You Wear?" a rather 'questionable' looking item!  Plus there's a quick review of a newly bought item alongside an inspirational quote in Bought & Thought.

I'm also a beauty blogger, which again has been a long-time love of mine.  I blog hauls, reviews and plenty of swatches.  My most popular posts of all time include my comparison swatches in the quest for the perfect pale foundation, YSL Forever Youth Liberator review and Rouge Pur lipstick swatches and of course my review of Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Ultra Brights.  As you can see from the photo above, I like to dye my hair 'alternative' colours and began this blog when it was bright pink (hence the title), but have since hosted a myriad of shades (here's a typical year of colour) on my head.  My battle with adult acne has been well documented throughout the years and my most favourite beauty pieces each month are highlighted in Beloved Beauty Bits*.  Once a week, I like to experiment with emulating the look of a Monster High doll (Monster High Monday*) and in a bid to reach those neglected lippies in my vast collection, I began my Lipstick Challenge* a few years ago.  Wearing a different lipstick each week, without repetition.

It's not all beauty and fashion, sometimes I'll post about my doll collection (mainly Monster High), toys or collectibles, anything about mermaids or unicorns (obsessed), TV shows, decor/lifestyle and of course there's a mention of what's going on in my personal life and living with an illness/disability (I try not to dwell on that side of things though).  As a new(ish) plus size woman, I eventually embraced my new body (you can read more about that in You Are What You Are (Beautiful) here) and I project a positive body attitude (whatever your size) throughout my blogs.  In March 2015, I felt compelled to speak up about the pressures and unrealistic expectations placed on women in society today and in a bid to prove women/bloggers don't look perfect all the time, I began my #BeRealMarch campaign, blogging untouched, unedited, no makeup selfies every day for a month.  It's something I feel strongly about and hope to re-address in the future.

If there's anything I missed, you might want to check my FAQ page for answers or if you wish to contact me, I'm available by email (green envelope button below).  You can also leave comments under each post or get in touch via social media (Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook etc below).  You can follow this blog via Bloglovin' (blue heart below) so as not to miss another post.  I also run The Shoe Girl Diaries (est. 2009), if you're keen on shoes, you'll love that blog!  For PR opportunities, please click here, where you can also view my disclaimer policy.

Please note blog features marked with * have been temporarily suspended due to ill health, but I hope to resume them soon.  

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  1. Hi Gemma, just came across your blog whilst looking for Irregular Choice shoes for a wedding, sounds like we have a similar addiction there! You look amazing, I love your taste in clothes. I don't normally do this but when you mentioned ME, I felt I had to send you a very quick message. Here again we have something in common, I have suffered from ME for around 20 years, as well as other health complaints. It has been my mission since then to find away to heal my body and two years ago I came across Marlene Watson Tara, she is based in Glasgow at the moment, I'm Scottish as well,, (another thing we have in common) and has changed my life. She basically advocates a whole food plant based diet, I went on her Health Coaching course which blew me away. Check her out MarleneWatsonTara.com I'm sure you will find it interesting and helpful. I am not complete,say cured yet, working on it though, I started from a very bad place. I still have an occasional bad day, but I have lost weight, improved my skin, hair, and generally feel 10 years younger not to mention my mood has improved dramatically. I have read loads since meeting her from like minded people like Dr John McDougall, T Colin Campbell (you should read the China Study, it's fantastic), Dr Caldwell Esselstyn and many more. If you check it out I know it will help, it's not the easiest thing to do but hey if it gives you your life back it's got to be worth it. Good luck and good health. Diane


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