Friday, 18 March 2011

Yipeee, New Shoes!

Muahaha, I'm so excited, I've just bought these Blythe 'Babi' Irregular Choice boots! You may recall I owned the gold Chini Blythe wedge ankle boots, but I eventually sold them after never wearing them. They were a little too big and I didn't like that my foot was flat inside (too used to high heels), so I've always been a little sad that these heeled boots were never for sale in the UK. I've occasionally seen them on eBay, but they always sell for much more than I can afford.
I hadn't been checking Lets Buy Shoes as regularly as I used to, but last week I noticed they had these boots in blue, but only a size 39.5 or 42. Cue mega excitement, then disappointment! I'm guessing they are sized similarly to the 'No Pain All Gain' boots (let's not remember that tragedy) which are true to size, so the 39.5 would be too big. I've been stalking the site every day just incase they added more sizes, I don't even know if they originally had a 38 that I missed or not. Then today I notice the 39.5 has changed to a 39!! Strange but one size bigger I can handle! They may be a little roomy, but I've ordered them anyway and we'll see! Actually, I've just noticed they don't have a zip opening, so I would probably need the 39 anyway.
They will be added to my other Blythe/Irregular Choice shoes. I own the red Dice ankle boots, black Akemi pom pom shoes, the blue and red wedges which I've forgotten the name of and I also sold the black patent Subeetsu because they were too tight and low for me. It's a shame they never made this pair (below), I was absolutely in love with them.


  1. what a shame they never made the pink and grey ones, i want them!
    and i am wondering if the 42 will be too big for me, i'm usually about 40.5 or 41.....
    but i want them, i only have 4 pairs of blythes so far :S

  2. Get them, get them! I needed the bigger size for pulling them on because I'm sure I wouldn't get past the ankle of the boot with my heel. They are quite roomy inside once on tho.


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