Monday, 28 March 2011

Boots Haul (No7 Poppy King & 17)

As I mentioned earlier, I went to Dundee at the weekend to go to Boots. On Friday I wasted my day by going into town only to realise they didn't stock the new Poppy King/No7 lipsticks, so it was off to a bigger store on Saturday. I had three of those £5 No7 vouchers to use by Sunday and wanted to get these lipsticks before they sold out! So this was my little haul. I bought the No7 nail polish separately along with one of the lipsticks (to use the vouchers), then bought the other two lipsticks together to get the free gift (when you spend £22). So I'll start with the freebies... A nice little wallet with some skincare items, a mini Lash 360 mascara, cute as can be eyeshadow compact and a full size Sheer Temptation lipstick in 40 Lovely. Then the Poppy King lipsticks. You really have to go and try these for yourself because the colour in the tube can be very deceiving. I can't say I was overly enamoured with any in the flesh, but once I swatched them, I realised they were more my style. There is also coordinating lipglosses, but to be honest, I found the colour of these a little too strong (more like what the lipstick looks like in the tube) and so I didn't get any. They are a little more pricey than the regular line (£12 each) and I was convinced they were smaller (there's barely anything to twist up) but the weight is similar to most other lipsticks so I guess not! I got shades Number Four Seduction, Number Five Intrigue and Number 6 Confidence. They tend to go on much more sheer than they look here. I'm sorry I didn't have time for swatches, I will do at some stage, I just rushed these pics on Saturday to get them up here. Then I needed something else to get with another voucher and didn't have a clue...a quick look at the nail polish and it was between this or a dark jade. I went for 62 Night Silver and I hope it comes out the dark pewter shimmer it looks in the bottle. Once I got it home, I realised it was perhaps more sheer or clear with sparkles-I hope this isn't the case as I've been looking for a shade like this for ages. Then I got some 17 things. They had sold out of the new Barry M Instant Nail effects colours, so I opted instead for the new 17 Crackle Top coat. It's a really lovely antique greeny gold shimmer in the bottle and although I quickly topped it over Eyeko Vintage polish it still gave a lovely effect. Usually I would try something with more of a contrast, but this is actually subtle and quite pretty. I would say first impressions are I actually prefer it to Barry M! It seems to give a more uniform, neat pattern and doesn't feel as bumpy as BM. You never know what you're going to get with BM, but this seemed to go on easier and I like the finish. I also picked up a couple of their new nail polish colours (3 for 2) Supreme Shine in Wave (turquoise) and the other shade was for my Mum. (yes I realise my wrist looks like I've been on the autopsy table in CSI-it was the pearl bracelet I'd just removed)!


  1. i reallly like that bluey shade of nail polish, i don't wear lipstick enough to make it worth buying new ones, maybe i should get into that habit.

  2. -thank you, they've been crap at growing recently and I broke 3 of them yesterday!

    -Ooh, I love lipstick, can't be without it!


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