Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Not As Expected...

A similar image of this dress has been on the New Look homepage for weeks now. Along with a plain nude version it read something like 'spring dresses from £9.99'. Every time I spot it, it reminds me to look for it on the site, because it's such a lovely looking dress (although every time you clicked the image it didn't lead you to the dress which was annoying). Last week however, I spied a similar one in the 'new' section...not identical but too similar to be a different design. Then I got an email with the above image and it took me to the dress (below) and indeed it was the same one. First things first, the dress was out of stock by then, so a waste of time promoting it and it's almost £20 more expensive than the initial promotion (I know it said 'from' but showing two of these dresses leads you to believe...). More importantly, I was so disappointed, this wasn't the vintage, thrifted look summery dress in the image above. Just shows the power of photography-either that or the sample above was much nicer than the one they gave the model to wear.
To break it down, it's waaaay shorter than it looks on the hanger (more of a tunic top than dress). The floral print placement seems slightly different (there's a border of green around the hem on the hanger one, the flowers almost reach the hem on the model), the colour is lighter (and 'cheaper' looking to me as is the fabric which is more sheer), the neckline looks completely different and there's no belt. I wouldn't have looked twice at the dress on the model, yet I love it on the hanger. There's no way I'd risk buying it and finding out it wasn't my preferred style. Damn you New Look!


  1. I was tempted by this one too! The amount of difference between the promo and dress is just amazing, wow.

  2. sooo annoying, I want the other one!!


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