Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Inspiretty #47

Talking about my Harajuku Lovers fragrances the other day reminded me that I've always planned on photographing all my babies together. So that's what I did today, voila here's my 25 dollies! I forgot about my solid compact heads until afterwards, so took pics of them later. I'll do a more in depth post once I get round to sorting through the pics.


  1. holy moly! they are so awesome. i need some new perfume soon so i might go out and smell some of these beauties :) You have a great blog :)


  2. Hi! Could you tell me do the new editions smell the same as the originals? I <3 the original Baby!

  3. oh they are so cute!
    i really kind of want one!! :)

  4. Cute post! I love your collection! x

  5. I love them too, I got two for christmas and have to stop my son (his only 1 and a half) from playing with them haha. Love your blog BTW xxx

  6. Francesca-thanks!

    Mia-The winter ones (Snow Bunnies) smell the same as the originals. The summer ones (Sunshine Cuties) smell different and then the latest, Wicked Style smell different again and G of the Sea is the new release and she's different again.

    Char-I cannot resist them as you can see!

    NikNak-thank you!

    Vintage&Cake-awww cute, I'm sure my nephews would love them too-they seem to love all my girly things!


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