Friday, 18 March 2011

Get Cracking

Hot on the heels of the news that Models Own are to produce their own crackle nail polish (Smash Up £6) in several colours, Barry M have finally released 3 new shades of Instant Nail Effects to add to their original black.
You can pick up White Frost, Blue Print or Pink Fizz (for £3.99 each) to crackle over whichever colours you please!
Just an added fyi,
Nails Inc. have 3 shades (purple, black and pink) of their Special Effects polish £11 each.
After the success of 'Black Shatter' (above, £10.50) from the Katy Perry collection, OPI will be releasing a silver version as part of their Pirates Of The Caribbean range, I believe it launches in May.
Meanwhile China Glaze have a collection of 6 Crackle Glaze paints (£12.99 each), so there's plenty of choices for you.


  1. maybe i need to try some other colours, but i didn't really like the black crackle polish from barry m :s

  2. yeah you can get a softer effect if you use a lighter colour like white, grey, turquoise or lemon with pink etc


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