Thursday, 10 March 2011

House Of Holland Fluffy Earrings

Ok, so I'm totally in love with these fluffy earrings from House Of Holland! I first saw them months ago in a magazine showing some SS11 catwalk photos and thought they looked quite cute. Then my eagle eyed sister spotted one model was only wearing one (I thought it was a fashion statement), turns out the other had fallen on the ground and we spotted it in the background of another photo, which we both found hilarious (we can be very immature together). After this, the earrings kind of took on a personality of their own and this just made them all the more desirable to me!
Ever since then, we've been on the hunt for these earrings or something similar for me to diy. I figured I could make a fluffy pom pom and attach it to an old earring fastening. My l'il sis isn't into fashion at all, but she's taken a huge interest in this purely because she likes to make up little stories about the fallen earring and how hilarious it is! She was telling me that there's an H&M pom pom keyring that may be suitable to customise or I've seen hair bobbles in Miss Selfridge.
Anyway, the earrings struck me as a runway accessory that would never make it into the retail world, but I was wrong. They are for sale on the site £100 in either turquoise, green or lilac. I think the lilac is my favourite, although the turquoise would make a stunning contrast with my pink hair. In reality the earrings are made from marabou feather rather than a traditional pom pom which I didn't realise. You can buy this trim by the metre, but I'm not sure you could create one loop that would look quite as plush as it does on the models (where they are super large and fluffy). Given that I don't have pierced ears (although I don't know if the HoH pair are clip-on or pierced), I suspect I would have to make my own, sadly.
There's a video on the HoH site of the SS11 show, which my sister and I have watched far too many times and actually another model loses an earring (as you can see from the pics above), so there's two to avoid on the catwalk! So funny! There's also furry belts and cuffs!


  1. do you think £100 is a little toooo much for earrings which fall off?! I get pissed off if i lose a primark earring lol
    love the thought of you and your sis making up stories about the lost earring, sounds like the sort of random conversations my sis and i have when she's home from uni - miss her! :)

  2. did you ever manage to get a pair? :)

    1. Yes I did! I got the green ones here ( they are HUGE!


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