Friday, 4 March 2011


I really need to do something this weekend with my hair. This is it's current state and might I add, nothing like it looked a couple of weeks ago. The lilac has completely gone, just disappeared and not down the plug hole (as the water runs clear when I shampoo). It's strange and crap, because I really liked the colour. The roots are now ashy yellow (didn't know there was such a colour) and the rest is light and bright pink (remembering I left the ends pink). I'm past the point of being able to wear a hat every day to cover up the mess as it's getting warmer and I look stupido! It sucks that I can't have the dreamy hair I want simply because those types of colours aren't long lasting. Someone really needs to invent budge-proof pastel hair colour and let me know! The soft focus of this image (it's not by accident believe it or not), was captured with an old trick-the sheer tan tights over the lens trick that is. It actually works! Heehee. I took tonnes more pics, but am being lazy today and can't be arsed sorting through them!! What should I do next? Just go back to pink all over or I still have a tub of turquoise...maybe I should try that?


  1. Turquoise, turquoise!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What hair dye brand do you use?

    I had pink hair for 2 years and I think I tried EVERYTHING on the market only to find it washed out within days or weeks.

    I then stumbled upon 'special effect's hair dye from Atomic pink was an amazing dye, I used to leave it on for as long as possible, sometimes over night. It would last 6 weeks sometimes, only having to be re done when my roots got too long to be appropriate.

    Give that a try if you' haven't :)

    Laura x

  3. Kezzie-ooh, I may well do, it'll be a big change though, just hope I like it!

    CPH-Yes, AP is what I usually use and nothing else lives up to it. I just fancied a change, but can't be bothered having to re-do it every couple of weeks if the dye doesn't last. The turquoise I have is Atomic Turquoise by Manic Panic and I've heard that is maybe stronger than the Mystic Heather which barely lasted a week!


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