Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Waiting For MAC

So how are you all going with your MAC purchases? Wonder Woman has been up on the site since yesterday but so far I've bought nothing. It's also been available from Selfridges for a couple of weeks and I've managed to avoid that too. The main reason for it is I'm hoping to purchase from Debenhams, who have started selling MAC online. We all know how much of a rough deal you get ordering from MAC and although I appreciate the free delivery, you have to spend £50 for it and have I ever seen so much as a postcard or free sample? Nope! With Debenhams you get beauty club card points, although their system always seems so much more complicated than the Boots one (but any sort of loyalty reward is something I suppose) and you get free delivery and I think they usually include some samples (not necessarily MAC, but fragrance or something). Plus they have 10% off beauty just now. For the thousands (and it's literally been thousands) of £'s I've spent over the past few years on MAC, I've received for free a half deflated Hello Kitty balloon, a tartan drawstring gift bag and some Disney postcards (which the girl 'evilled' my sister for taking). That's crap service if you ask me!
It's just nice to have another option as I don't have access to a MAC counter anywhere here, so have to solely rely on the website or having someone visiting Edinburgh or Glasgow at the right time. I'm in a slight panic that Mighty Aphrodite blush is 'sold out' already at MAC as it's on my wishlist-but hopefully I'll manage to snag it from Debenhams when they get the collection (I'm hoping tomorrow on it's 'official' release). The colours of WW aren't totally my thing, so I'm being very reserved (not like me) especially as the range is so much more expensive than usual. I'm hoping to get that blush (was very strict with myself to only get one blush and avoid the MSF's at £5 more). Spitfire lipstick and Emancipation lipglass are also on my list, I probably would usually opt for Marquise d' lippie but already own that.
Then there's the new Viva Glam Gaga 2 release, much more up my street, so I'll be getting that lipstick and gloss. I'm not even looking at Jeanius and the other releases because that little lot (5 items) will cost a whopping £79! Ouch!
Oh and does anyone understand the Pow ring competition? I had a quick look at it yesterday and couldn't understand what was involved or what it was about!


  1. i've never really understood the big deal when it comes to MAC makeup..that said, i'm not really a make-up girl..

  2. The Mighty Aphrodite sold out in the morning, but you prolly already know this! :(
    Did you manage to order what you wanted? x

  3. Char-me neither, didn't get the hype until the Barbie collection came out and I couldn't resist any longer, then it just kinda sucked me in!

    NikNak-yeah thanks, managed to get everything I wanted after getting up early to purchase (couldn't sleep all night worrying they'd sell out)!


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