Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekly Summary...

My 'specialty' is apple slices over peanut butter on toast, but today I added a dollop of PB to apple quarters and it was so yummy! Seeing as apples can sometimes taste gross, this is an incentive for me! It sounds disgusting but totally works.

I've almost finished this jar of Nick Lowe moisturiser I started last year. I get such satisfaction finishing skincare/makeup items! Think I'm going to try Catch A Wrinkle In Time by Soap & Glory next, seeing as my skin is semi-behaving. Speaking of S&G, I've also just finished my second round of 21 Day collagen overhaul using Wish Upon A Jar. You use this cream morning and night either under or instead of your usual moisturiser for 21 days straight, once per season. One jar is supposed to last for one treatment period, but as you can see, I still have a little left after using it twice (perhaps I'm not using enough?). It smells lovely, like marshmallows!
I'm still trying to figure out which Harajuku Lovers-Wicked Style scents I like. Seeing as I own every HL fragrance, it's difficult to keep track of them all. I mainly alternate the original G and L'il Angel (the latter I love to death and have proudly finished a 10ml and 30ml over the years). However Baby in the WS is gorgeous-I've worn it twice this week. It's not a scent on paper I'd usually like as it's musky and woody, but it has a softness to it that I like and it's very long-lasting, oh and did I mention the bottle is adorable?

I've been busy unwrapping all my new Monster High dolls this week. I finally got my hands on Lagoona Blue as well as Clawdeen, Draculaura (amazingly cute) and Frankie from Gloom Beach that I wanted. I'm going to splash out on ordering the Dawn Of The Dance trio from the US as they aren't available here and I have the gorgeously geeky Ghoulia coming soon too!

I've been watching American Idol on and off these past couple of days. I never fully watch any series of that show, I don't know why, I either don't get into it or do too late. I was drooling over J-Lo's makeup though, sometimes her classic smokey eye/nude lip combo can get a bit boring or isn't quite right for her, but it looked slamming and inspired... to wear MAC Test Pattern lip liner with the gorgeous, super pretty Runway Fave lipglass (which varies in light as you can see from pinky to more beige) but it's essentially a glossy beige nude-hotness!
Is it sad that tea is my favourite drink? Ok if pushed I may say J20, the orange and passion fruit/mango? Whichever one! I do love my cups of tea, I try to limit it to 2 a day, 3 in winter!
Ok, I'm saying this because the UK have no chance of ever winning Eurovision, despite using 'established' boyband Blue this year (not sure that's a good move for them, because they're going to get laughed at but anyway). Nobody likes us in Eurovision circles, they don't and they won't vote for us! It's so political that we could put Lady Gaga up there and we still wouldn't get votes. Ireland on the other hand are liked (unless the bankrupt/bail-out thingy has changed opinions), so they have a good chance with this. Yes with Jedward, I'm saying it! They annoyed the hell out of me on X-Factor-I thought they were arrogant so and so's until a couple of weeks into the live shows and I thought they were the best thing on it. They can't sing, I'm sure they know that, but they're fun and so annoying but in a sort of good way. This song is absolutely addictive after a couple of plays and could be just the type of cheese that could win it for Ireland. Although I'm expecting a Gemini style microphone/sound disaster! Oh and yes, that's the cute red haired Irish girl from Belle Amie as a backing singer!

I'm preparing for what to do next with my hair after the lilac (shown top below-Mystic Heather) disappeared far too quickly! I might be brave and tackle the turquoise (hope it doesn't come out like the colour in the jar as I don't like it). I don't really want to bleach my hair again so soon, so might just see if it works over the top of what I've got just now.
I've been paying back my mum and sister, so the big shopping sprees and parcels through the door every day have halted. I decided to allow myself one treat only but had to return it! I've been waiting for these gold River Island shoes to go into the sale since they launched on the website last year! RI finally did so, along with free delivery the day I ordered, so it was unfortunate that the shoes were far too tiny when they arrived. I suppose I'll get round to purchasing the larger pair at some point.
I keep stalking the Miss Selfridge site for all the animal rings I want and I'm convinced they'll sell out before I purchase them, but I want to wait for them to be on offer! I really can't justify spending £65+ on more rings! I also spotted some gorgeous Topshop rings including this cute unicorn which I have to have but refuse to pay £14 for (£10 plus £4 p&p).
I used The Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory in the shower this morning for the first time. I've used Flake Away lots, but never tried this one before. It's a massive jar and smells so yummy, you'll want to eat it! It's got banana, honey, oats and almonds and a maple syrup scent-to me it smells like cookie mixture and caramel, yummo! It washes off completely unlike FA which leaves behind a residue (which I actually like). So far I'm loving this scrub though, my skin feels silky smooth and that unique scent is fab.
Have you heard the new Jennifer Lopez song? On The Floor samples the lambada in the chorus and I've had it on repeat all weekend, so addictive! Wonder if she'll follow it up with the macarena?


  1. Oh my goodness that Jeward songs offends my ears. When the feck are us Irish gonna learn to not put utter idiots on Eurovision!!!

  2. Can't get worse than that annoying turkey! What was his name? Dustin?


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