Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Animal Rings Collection Part 2!

Muahaha, here's part 2 of my animal rings jewellery collection video thingy. Please comment or subscribe to my YouTube channel and do let me know the type of vids you'd like to see from me in the future. Fyi, no freaky items! Only saying that because I met my first freak admirer through YouTube the other month. Ahem "she" got off on looking at my nails (toes or fingers), cue me being totally freaked out and disgusted!! They hounded me for some "private videos" and needless to say the thought of someone getting cheap thrills from looking at my fingers is enough to make me vom! It also completely changed my view of what I put on the blog or videos I make and how they could be twisted into something seedier. The thing is if someone can get their rocks off to something as innocent as a jewellery haul then where do you draw the line? This blog would be a much more boring place without the jewellery and shoes and manicure images and that's why I make such posts. So I'm not going to let one freak deter me from doing what I do! Just wish I could block that person from ever viewing my videos-blocking messages and subscription to my channel doesn't seem enough.

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