Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Inspiretty #57

I loooove Jessica Rabbit. I don't actually think I've ever fully watched Roger Rabbit the film though, because I tend to lose interest in it pretty quickly. I'd rather just watch Jessica sashay and smoulder with those wonderful curves, than some stupid cartoon rabbit speaking to a real person! It's funny how she can become so iconic and inspiring with only one outfit and look! She's very Angelina Jolie in this pic isn't she?


  1. Oh I love Jessica! Sexiest cartoon character ever!

  2. I LOVE Who Framed Roger Rabbit! The whole thing, I love it! Seen it about 5 times I think, it was such a groundbreaking movie...I even like the story. But I studied film and know a lot of animators so maybe that's why I think it's fascinating. As a kid I thought it was quite scary though, with the "acid" eating the cartoons! Specially the scene with the little shoe(?) above the barrel of acid...! I also think Jessica is fabulous, love her dress lol ;)

  3. I collected the sticker book or something that you had to collect for- was only about 6 and I remember being soooo pleased to solve one of the clues in there. Jessica is cool. However, mMy favourite part of the film is when they go into the animated land and all those sunflowers with faces and mini versions of the cartoon characters come rushing up to them! That was magic!


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