Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Out Tomorrow

Gee that's been a fair few posts I've managed today! That's what happens when I don't have The Shoe Girl Diaries too! I didn't make it outside today because I was getting my hair bleached (finally) and it's been been raining mostly all day so I couldn't be bothered getting soaked. Just a reminder that Pearl Lowe is out at Peacocks tomorrow. It's usually up on the site by 9am, so I think I'll get up early for it, although I'm still not sure what I want. Click here to familiarise yourself with the preview, the red dress is out for me as is probably the gingham one. The floral I really want and the bow one probably. The other one we hadn't seen and I finally found an image of was this one above. I think it's based on the blue/white spotty one which remains my all time favourite. I do wish the spots were larger on this and/or it was white on black rather than the other way around (purely because I don't feel comfortable in white). It has the same sleeves, belt and little nips and tucks like the blue one, although it doesn't seem sheer to me and they've added some buttons down the front which is a nice touch. The dresses are supposedly £40 which I'm a little miffed at. This range started off very affordable and over time has become more and more expensive and the quality doesn't always reflect that. It used to be great because you could afford to buy the entire collection, but now you have to be more choosy. Plus, some of these dresses do not look like they are worth £40, so I'm really hoping I get a good surprise tomorrow.


  1. Whaaaat????!!! £40?!! I was planning on buying a few but I think I'll just get one dress if that's the case. I hope the NUS 20% works with the range.

  2. DId u manage to ordr any? I looked, they are all £40 and I wasn't that taken with any of them - maybe the red one but would rather see it properly first..So i didn't order!

  3. Roo-it should work...I was tempted to buy an nus extra card as it costs £11 and I would be saving £40 on 5 dresses. I didn't know when I'd get the number through though, so just used PEAC10 for 10% off. Wish I could order more though, boo for the prices!

    Char-yeah there's only 15 stores selling it this time round which sucks.


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