Wednesday, 2 March 2011

All The Glamour/Clinique Gifts Here!

So as I mentioned the other day, I was on the look-out for the 10th birthday issue of Glamour which had free Clinique items with every issue. There were 10 different ones to collect and after the past few years of trying to buy (at most) 3 variations, I thought I had no chance. Sad or obsessed as I am, I decided I would stalk every newsagent in town on the day of release, preferably before lunchtime, so I could snap them all up before anyone else. The release date is tomorrow and I was going to write a list and mark each off, as I got it. The thing is, as any of you who have participated in past years will know, more often than not, the 'selection' each shop gets is actually 'x of the same gift' and they don't get variations. So I got a text from my sis at lunchtime to say she'd spotted Glamour in WH Smiths already and which issues did I want. I told her to get anything she could (not being able to remember off hand which gifts I wanted most). She then texted back to say she asked the guy in the shop which issues he had and he gave her all 10! All freaking 10!! This is how you get treated when you're 4ft 11" of cuteness obviously!
Apparently they usually get around 30 copies and this time they only got 2 boxes and she reckons one box contained 10 issues. So I bought half their stock-sorry to anyone who wanted to buy them there! It's just such a relief, as it was going to be a major hassle to go everywhere to try and find all 10. Thank you sis, cuteness will get you everything (plus I bought her 2 Bibi's cupcakes as a thank you). So what do you get? 30ml tubes of Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula.
30ml bottle Take The Day Off Makeup Remover (love this), 5ml jar All About Eyes (like this too).
Then for makeup items, High Impact Mascara, Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in 10 Grapefruit, Long last Glosswear SPF15 in Air Kiss and High Impact Lip Colour SPF15 in 17 Rosette which I've completely smudged the top of, trying to get the sticky glue off the back (go me!).
Altogether the collection is worth £80, so getting it and the mag (10 of) for £20 is pretty cool. I want to do something with my spare magazines though, seems like a waste to just recycle them. Perhaps the local hospital or dentist would like them for their waiting rooms? So did any of you manage to snag any? Stressful or lucky like me?


  1. Oh, good for you! I go ballistic for free stuff too (like, literally)! Hmmm, I wonder when these babies might be released in Ireland, I might pull the same stunt as you and start hunting!!!

  2. I spotted a few in Tesco today, but they didn't have the lipstick :(

    So I toddled off to Morissons and they had 1 left, so I snapped it up. I'm so glad I did as it's a gorgeous colour. I might even buy another one if I see it!

    Well done on getting all 10!

    laura x

  3. whoaaa so many goodies to try :)!! love the 7 day scrub cream <3!

  4. LUCKY YOU! Id say! Will look out issues at my local WH Smith, but Im sure they'll be gone! :s lol

  5. ArtDonatella-yeah get in there fast!

    CPH-fab, glad you found what you were after!

    Jennifer-haven't tried this one before ; )

    Char-yeah she's a good 'un!

    NikNak-hope you find some!


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