Friday, 25 March 2011

Inspiretty #60

Meet Tessa. The gorgeous new wedge from Charlotte Olympia for AW11. Kinda insane and totally gorgeous. Want!


  1. LOVE her shoes. However, on my budget, it's a covet situation for now...

  2. Crazy. I saw a girl wearing something similar in Edinburgh today and she had to walk like a geisha.

    Have you been in River Island recently? They have these massively high platform peep toes (though not as high as the Charlotte Olympias!):

    Love the blog!xxx

  3. lol @ walking shoes like this on the streets of Edinburgh XD brave girl!

    I like these...but very impractical ;)

  4. Llara-I like to stroke my one pair-pure love!

    A Cardigan Girl-pmsl, I could just imagine, it's like the cobbled streets here, a heel wearers nightmare! I'm loving RI for shoes right now-fabulous. thanks, glad you enjoy the blog.

    Marlein-impractical is my middle name!


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