Friday, 18 March 2011

Pearl Lowe Peacocks Spring 2011 Collection

Write this date in your diary right now, March 31st is the day of the next Pearl Lowe at Peacocks collection! I've been waiting until I could find some pictures for you but Peacocks haven't been very forthcoming with any info this time (you'd think by now, they'd realise I've endorsed this collection every season from the start). I know many of you have written to me saying you found this blog from Pearl Lowe/Peacocks searches, so I try and bring you as much information as I can each season, because you love the range as much as I do. Anyway, I finally found these... I'd heard murmurs that the ivory dress with black lace bows (from Christmas) had been redesigned in black with cream bows and here it is. It looks gorgeous and I must admit, I always feel a little self conscious in mine because it's such a light colour so I'm sure I'll be much comfier in the black.
The range consists of 6 dresses and as usual is vintage inspired whilst picking up on favourite looks from previous collections. I absolutely must have this floral one, yummy! I will possibly be able to resist this red one because of the colour clashing with my hair (See that? That's called willpower!).
I don't know what the skirt of this dress looks like, but the top is strappy which I usually avoid too (because with big boobs you just have to wear a cardi over it and it kinda defeats being a 'summer' dress).
On the Telegraph site, they also said "an update of last season's polka-dot dress, in a romantic black-on-white pin-dot". Now there wasn't a polka dot dress in last seasons PL collection as far as I remember, the one that immediately springs to mind is my all-time favourite, the sheer blue with large white spots (fyi I would looove that in another colour or two), which is very old from the 2nd or 3rd collection. The description sounds more like a small polka dot though and I don't recall one like that. Hmmm. Without images, I'll just have to speculate and by my calculations there should be another mystery dress too which I couldn't find pics of. Not long to go now though! Do you think you'll be picking up anything?

Images by Rankin from source


  1. I've never really liked any of the Pearl Lowe collections. There's always something a little off about every dress that makes it not to my taste :c

  2. I love the gingham bow there, and that floral dress could be pretty in real life, but i don;t own any of them as yet,have always been a little put off by them in the flesh. Daisy is beautiful, though!

  3. Hmmm not to taken by these yet...I'll have to see them on the site first to get a better picture of lengths and stuff. That floral one looks quite long, I do want some longer dresses for the summer (is it just me, or are all the summer dresses soooooo short? As a result I always wear leggings under them because I feel way to exposed if I don't...!) but if they're over the knee they don't suit me because I'm so short they make me look shorter, specially if it's a really full skirt (which I happen to like). So they need to hit right on the knee or a little above.
    Anyway, I do need dresses! I've only been buying shoes lately and no clothes at all!

  4. Rai+Char-These dresses have always been my weakness. The quality and/or fit has been a little iffy on some of the more recent items though.

    Marlein-I totally agree, I own very few dresses that I would consider wearing with tights or bare legs as I feel far too exposed in many of them. I don't want to wear leggings all summer, but find sometimes the more summery the dress, the shorter it gets, so I have to! I just hope the floral one isn't too light cotton like the navy bird/floral one. I just prefer a heavier, hanging fabric, whereas the navy one always clings to tights and feels like I'm wearing a slip sometimes rather than a dress.

  5. Oooh so exciting! Thanks for the info (as one of your Pearl Lowe search followers!!!) I love the floral one and the gingham bow one!!! Not so sure about the red one and didn't like the material of the bow one before! I really like her dresses and the ones I managed to get in the January sale (£9 each!!!!) all fitted perfectly so am tres excited!!!!

  6. Any idea what time these go on sale on Thursday? I need these dresses in my life!

  7. Just found your blog! LOVE IT BTW.

    just wondering about the sizes in the bow dress? I'm in between a size 14/16 and was wondering if the dress gives a bit as they only have the size 14? Think I'd cry if I ordered it and it didn't fit!

    Lotty x

  8. Lotty, I usually find the Pearl Lowe dresses quite generous, I can be between an 18-20 but I find the bow dress quite small I'm afraid. I actually had to size down to a 16 in the lace collar one from last seasons collection and usually her 18's are a little big, but the bow one is a snug fit.


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