Sunday, 13 March 2011

Irregular Choice Flick Flack

I've been putting together a piece on the Irregular Choice SS11 stuff and it's taking a lot longer than I expected, because there are just sooo many styles! Everytime I think I'm finished, I find another item I've never seen before. Then I realised there's a ridiculous amount of Flick Flack and Flicker Flack shoe-boots...I mean really ridiculous. I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it and boy has this style been rehashed in every colour, print and fabric possible! So it's probably surprising that I don't own a single pair. I loved them at first, but then I think the more I see them, the less they appeal, do you know what I mean?

Anyway, I've gone through all my IC links and put this separate post together purely for FF styles or 'Alphabite' as Schuh occasionally name them, so you can refer to it for which styles are available and where. So here's all the 29 variations currently available for purchase in the UK (there's 36 separate listings on Amazon alone!) and where to buy them.
This first lot tend to be called Flicker Flack (the newer variation), but sometimes you may find them as Flick Flack. They include new season-bright green with polka dot and floral flap or the same in red or a dusky pink. Available from Irregular Choice (green and red), Shudoo (green), Amazon (all) and Javari (all). Javari also have an exclusive on the black brocade look with berry floral print. The tapestry looking trio in brown (gold heel), black or burgundy are from last season available from Amazon (black), Irregular Choice (brown-although they call it black), Letsbuyshoes (burgundy) and Spoiled Brat (black) and Schuh have an all gold pair.
The gold and floral Flick Flack styles above are mostly new season. The golds have a slight variation on the flaps, the paler looking of the two is available on the IC site as part of their wedding collection, the other is available from Javari, Roots, ASOS and Bittersweet Clothing. The striped florals in either pink or black are new season and available from many places including Irregular Choice (both), Amazon (both), Javari (both), Spoiled Brat (pink) and ASOS (black). The black, red and blue suede with floral fabric are last season and available from Shoe Envy (all), Roots (red) and Amazon (all).
Now we have a mix of older Flick Flack styles, metallic uppers with green metallic flaps in purple, blue or red still available from Amazon (purple or blue), Tinfish (red) and Letsbuyshoes (purple). The red knit pair are available from Cloggs and the brown knit Tinfish, Collard Manson and Amazon.
Finally (can you believe there's more?), the patent styles. The sequin trio in red, blue or black are widely available especially in black, from Branch 309 (black), Letsbuyshoes (all), (black), Amazon (black) and Javari (black). The main black floral pair are a Schuh exclusive and they also sell the grey with pink stripes/blue floral. The green metallic pair are available from IC. While the original patents with spots and stripes in black, red or burgundy are available from Collard Manson (black), Roots (black), Irregular Choice (all), Tinfish (black), Cloggs (red), Shudoo (black), Amazon (red or black) and Javari (black).
Remember you can also find lots of variations of the coordinating handbags. There's the large 'Kettle Bag' (above) which is available in the new green, red and pink floral/spots combo as well as the black or pink striped florals. It's the same for the clutch bags, available in all the new patterns and some old styles too. My eyes are going googly by this stage, so I'm not writing up where each bag is available from, but Amazon, IC, Tinfish, and The Handbag Fairy have a wide selection. The metallic variations are slightly harder to find; available from The Handbag Fairy (purple or bronze clutches and kettle), Amazon (purple clutch and kettle), Tinfish (purple or bronze/turquoise kettle). I hope this helps, if you're wondering exactly which styles are still available or what's new! More to come from the heavenly new collection soon!


  1. sososoo in love with everything from IC!


  2. I have the black fabric ones with the goldy tapestry foldover and I must admit to absolutely loving them. A lot of the colourways and designs just don't do it for me. I sense I could be persuaded by the new black and white florals though and I've still got my heart set on the blue/teal sequinned ones...

  3. i have to admit, your comment about the more you see of them in diff colours, makes you less inclined to get any, is exactly how i think i feel about the style! alex's colour are rather lovely, but there aren't reeally any which i would want over something else..

  4. MJLS-yep, they make fab shoes!

    Alex & Char-yeah, I was soooo keen on them to begin with and although I applaud IC for trying out new prints on styles we love, sometimes it dampens my love for them!


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