Thursday, 31 March 2011

Pearl Lowe/Peacocks Haul

Unfortunately the reports were true girls, the Pearl Lowe at Peacocks dresses are £40 each : ( I know compared to some high-street stores this is still relatively inexpensive, but for the reasons I mentioned yesterday it sucks! What's worse is there's no free delivery on the site, which I think is really rude when you're placing an expensive order. Every time I've bought PL before, I find they have some sort of discount the next week-so I was torn with whether to get burned or wait and risk the styles I like selling out. Firstly, the gingham dress isn't there (although I'm not too concerned with that). Shown above are Enid (pale pink butterfly) same style as my black with green flowers. Joy, the floral one I really wanted and Mable which is like my beloved blue polka dot one. Below you have Greta (black polka dot and butterfly), Rainbow which I was never keen on and new version of Honey (the colours were reversed last season). Initially I added all 5 to my basket (minus the red), but that's costing me £200 (oh and don't forget £3.95 delivery). While I have that money, I'm not sure I want to spend it all on only 5 dresses. I ended up taking Mable out of my basket because I'm worried I'll look massive in white, although I love the style! Then I did my usual checking the stock thingy and the pale pink and floral are the ones with fewest stock, so I made the massive decision to delete both the black ones and leave them for when I can hopefully get them a little cheaper. It's going to stress me out because I can already tell I'll be checking the website like crazy every day and I do really want them. I also wanted the Peacocks boat cardigan I featured a few weeks ago, so there were only two left in my size so I got that too. I did manage to find a 10% off though which you're welcome to use, it's PEAC10. I have no idea when it expires, but it's better than nothing. What did you get? Or were you put off by the prices too?


  1. Well done on waiting for some of the dresses, I get dead annoyed when I fidn something I 've only just bought goes down on promotion (like the Laura Ashley ones!)
    I want that boat cardigan too but am not wanting to pay the postage cost just for that! :)

  2. I got the Marble Polka Dot Dress. Can't wait. Though I still really want to find a Size 8 of the Blue and White Polka Dot Dress. How do you check the stock levels??

  3. That is a shame they put the prices up, I dont have any myself but went with my sister in law to be so she could get some of the last range. The were lovely quality for the price I am sure they were £20ish.

  4. Hi,
    I have purchased some dresses this morning then saw your discount code and was going to r-urchase but it isn't working! :0( where did you find it?

  5. Char-yeah I'm trying to be more cautious with my spending-causes more stress in the long run though ; )

    Anon-it's sucha lovely, flattering shape, I'm sure you'll love it. Just add something to your basket then update the number to something ridiculous like 100 and it'll say 'sorry we don't have that in stock' and change it to 24 or whatever they have-quite handy!

    Jazzy-thanks, they're lovely.

    Pearl-yeah they've definitely put the prices up and sometimes it's not worth it. Plus it means you can't be extravagant and purchase the whole lot, as I'd like to!

    Ribena-oh no! Found it on a discount code website and it opened the code in a new window and I just typed in what I saw in the window I already had open. I've just checked back on the forum and someone else used it this morning on Pearl Lowe. Actually just tried it myself again and it still works PEAC10 all one word in upper or lower case and it works (the 10 is numbers).

  6. I bought the black Honey dress this morning but was actually really disappointed in this collection. I loved the look of the Joy floral dress on the promo shots I'd seen but the closeup on the Peacocks website makes it look quite tacky, especially in polyester material.

    I suppose it's better for my bank balance though.

  7. Hiya,
    It works on the basket section but then when you go through to checkout it disappears for some reason :(

  8. yeay I got it to work that's £150 gone quickly and lots to return!!whoops!

  9. I'm actually really disappointed with this collection - and this is coming from a HUGE Pearl Lowe fan.

    I went into the shop today and bought 'Greta' and 'Mable' (which is lovely, but will never overtake my favourite blue-and-white polka dot from 2010).

    I tried on 'Floral Joy', which was the most beautiful fit (I'm a UK size 16) but the material was awful. Crackly polyester, and for £40 I'm not prepared to overlook that, no matter how lovely a fit :(


  10. I don't like any of them...thought I wouldn't! I really love that green PL dress you got for me from one of the last collections, and I wear it a lot but it does seem the collection has gone down hill. I wouldn't buy any of these, there are so many other really nice dresses out there and there will be many more over the season so I wouldn't spend my money here! I hardly know who Pearl Lowe even is anyway XD

  11. Ella-wish I could return my ivory Honey for the black! they should do a trade-in like they do with old mobile phones, haha!

    ribena-glad you finally got it to work!!

    Natalie-me too, love the blue one! Gah, I'm getting really annoyed with them for poor fabric choices. In the beginning they used better fabrics and that's when they felt 'worth' paying that little bit more for (when in reality they were much cheaper than now). Hope I don't have to return it, because I love the colours and print.

    Marlein-that reminds me I need to get my green dress fixed, it split down the side of the bust (the fabric just frayed away) and I'd only worn it 2-3 times. I'm hoping I can do something with it because it's so lovely.

  12. £40 is ridiculous for these dresses, the whole thing about Peacocks is that is affordable and by having this range it defeats that ideal :(
    Hope you get what you like though and that they turn out nice! Rubbish that they do not do free postage!

  13. I was pretty disappointed with the selection and the prices. Only bought Honey. I did get 20% off with my student discount though which wasn't so bad I guess.

  14. Yes, doesn't seem worth it for £40! There's a nice stripy dress in the main collection that I quite like that would go beautifully with my sailor cardigan!
    Thanks to Natalie for advice also - not particularly keen on crackly polyester so I'll just take floral joy out of my basket!

  15. I've just come back from the Metrocentre store today and sadly everything I feared is true. The Joy is a really nasty stretchy shiny jersey material. I have no idea why. The print is lovely and if it had been on a decent weight cotton it would have been my failsafe summer dress for years. But who wants to wear sweaty shiny manmade fabrics in summer?

    The Mable is the same as the blue polkadot, but I reckon the material is too thin for it to be convincingly flattering in such a pale colour. Really didn't like the black butterfly and the rainbow dress is more of a salmon coral type colour than the red it appears online. If it ahd been red I would have probably bought it as I think that it might end up being the most flattering dress - however salmon and I just don't go well together.

    I think I was probably right to go for the back Honey but even so I am so so disappointed with this season's offerings.There doesn't seem to have been the mad scramble for dresses as they sold out this time either so I don't think I'm alone in thinking the selection's pretty poor.

  16. Kezzie - no problem! It's such a shame, as it's a lovely fit. But honestly the most awful material. I agree with Ella; it's that sweaty kind of material that really doesn't lend itself to summer! I also agree that were it in another fabric, it would be a really beautiful dress. Shame.

    I also agree with Pink Haired Princess' point that there seems to be a bit of a disregard for the consumer - i.e. the increase in price and decrease in quality. How they can justify £40 for a material you can find in one of those chavvy 'All On This Row £5' shop is beyond me!

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  18. Hi!
    I bought Greta and honey bow ones as I wear dark colours often. ( I like pretty bright colours,too. but it doesn't suit me)

    I like the ones I bought a lot. and the Honey one is much better than the cream honey one from the last collection, easier to wear, maybe? cos it's black.

    The other ones remind me of Kimono a lot.( I'm japanese.)

  19. I have been besotted with PL's dresses for peacocks for ages. I have the black lace from the last collection, the red dress with the little blue flowers and both the bird dresses (one navy, one with green bits and black lace neckline) . I adore them all. I've been eagerly awaiting this new collection and must say I'm thoroughly disappointed. I don't particularly like any. I though 'Joy' would be nice but looking close up it's a bit curtain-ish. The White with dots is a lovely cut but the pattern and colour I feel would make me look enormous. Real shame. Quite disappointing about the price hike too. Despite bring lovely lovely dresses usually, they're not always the best quality.


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