Friday, 25 March 2011

Which One?

Hi chickadees! I was super excited that there was a new range of handbags from Helen Rochfort featuring Sindy. The bags are a postcard series and show Sindy in destinations around the world, with a handwritten postcard on the back of each bag. There's a fantastic opportunity to get any HR bag half price until midnight tonight and I've decided I'm definitely getting a Sindy one, question is which one?
I've ruled out London (not that I don't like the city, I'm just not as keen on the image), but I'm torn between New York (left) or Paris (right). Pretty wonderful places to be torn between though! Usually in my compulsive shopping routine, I would see half price as meaning you could get 2 for 1, but I have to be strict these days, so which one will it be? Help me decide (I think if anything I'm leaning more towards Paris). Fyi, if you're interested in picking up one yourself then visit the Helen Rochfort site and enter the code SPRINGFLASH (there's only 200 of each Sindy bag available and the code runs out at midnight).

Ok, do these two pics change anyone's mind?


  1. Sindy in Paris,them bags really are fab!

  2. I've seen Helen Rochfort's bags before and there so stunning. I really wanted the 'Wonka bar' one for ages and ages.
    These are so cute, I love Sindy, I would choose Paris xx

  3. oh i've wanted a HR bag for ages, but can never decide which to get
    and of the sindy's i like paris better...

  4. Thanks for your comments, think paris is winning so far!

    I've had a couple of styles before, the Wizard of Oz ruby red shoes and the guitar (although I sold that one). They're pretty heavy without anything in them, so they're not really an everyday bag unfortunately.

  5. Oh that is hard to choose between! I would pick NY but that's because I don't like Paris...+ you see all things paris everywhere these days so it's overdone...AND the doll is bigger on the NY one :P Sorry if I made you doubt more now!

    I still haven't sold my HR bag...someone did contact me if I would ship to Russia but I'm not going to, I don't really understand the customs thingies haha so uhm...all you girls wanting a HR bag, I'm selling mine (Eat me/Drink me) on Ebay and I will ship to the EU :P

    *please excuse my shameless advertising on your blog* ;)

  6. Need to stop being so easily influenced! I've had a good day so just treated myself to the sindy in Paris one. Hope it's just as nice in real life x

  7. Definitely the Paris one. I had a cupcake one a few years ago and it broke pretty quickly :( I'm a sucker for a bargain though so i might just treat myself to the owl one.x

  8. can i just say, i actually LOVE you right now! i've been after a willy wonka bag FOREVER! love, love, love you!!! :) haha!

    p.s the paris one :)


  9. whyyyyyyyyy have you done this to me!!! haha I have wanted one of these bags for ages but thought they were quite expensive for the size - now they are very appealing at half price - would you say they were worth the money?

    To the lady who wanted the owl one, looks like that one is half price here as well:

  10. Glad I inspired you all to purchase, I should be on commission! Hope you managed to get the ones you were after with the discount.

    I eventually chose the Paris one after changing my mind a million times. I loved the horses in it and the eiffel tower, although preferred the Sindy outfit and the colours of the NY one.

    They are worth the price I think-although they are quite heavy,so I personally wouldn't use it every day. they come with a dustbag and are lined in pink satin. They do feel good quality and are so quirky!


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